[March 16, 2013] Operation: Reclaim (Columbus, Ohio)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DevioxAnon, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. We are interested in your flyers. Where are we able to find one?
  2. DevioxAnon Member

    Great! Thanks so much for taking interest. I'm getting involved with Amerisec so hopefully we can all contribute to the US wide OpJuly4th. Mainly we will be doing along the same lines as the July4th Op in Marietta, Ohio. Let's let them know we aren't done fighting corruption!
  3. DevioxAnon Member

    Well the OpJuly4th flyers are all over As for mine, I literally just made them in word, made them flashy, as I have no clue how to actually make a good flyer not using word.
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  4. Also, We have the need to buy A guy Fawkes mask. Where can they be found? There is no way the Government can stop us as long as we are protesting peacefully. We sent you a request on skype. We wish to chat sometime to find out more about the March 16, 2013 protest. Good day to you. We are Anonymous. We are Legion.
  5. DevioxAnon Member

    You can buy them locally I assume, but I bought a couple of mine from eBay.
  6. What about Amazon? Do they fit any size?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes, and yes.
  8. Okay. We just ordered some last night. They should be here in a couple of days. Are they soft or hard plastic? Just wondering.
  9. Our masks just got here 5 minutes ago. We are really excited about them.
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. AnonKengskie Member

    Hi, im an anon supporter from philippines , :) i want to become an hacktivist someday heheh , im using HOIC and LOIC.
    I have an Guy Fawkes mask brought here :) its so cool ..
  12. DevioxAnon Member

    Operation Reclaim is being delayed until HopeSec is fully functional. Expect the Op to take place near to two months into the future, due to Amerisec having extreme internal issues.
  13. I'm glad that I saw this now... I was planning on coming up to Columbus on the 16th. I'm glad that I checked today.

  14. We do not participate in hacking. Wrong website lol. Maybe you'll have luck somewhere else
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  15. What's the newest scoop with opReclaim?

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