[March 16, 2013] Operation: Reclaim (Columbus, Ohio)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DevioxAnon, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. DevioxAnon Member

    It has become apparent to me that it is time to hit the streets and protest for our rights at home. As far as I'm concerned, I've not seen too many Op's in Columbus, and I want to make a difference in my community. On March 16, we will be handing out constitutional packets to make sure citizens know verbatum, their rights. Obviously will be peaceful, and I sent the police cheif an email already, to make sure this Op is successful. I have a decent following from individuals in the area, but I'm reaching out to you guys to really make a difference. We've also been contemplating handing out USB drives with some form of an anonynimity program so anons and non-anons can search the web freely. This will be in Downtown Columbus, in the middle of one state building and the local court building. Working on a website to get details out, but would really like some feedback from fellow anons due to this being the first Op I have ever run, and I woul like some guidance. Thanks guys, and continue raising awareness!
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  2. DevioxAnon Member

    Obviously let me know if any of you can agree to attend and bring copies of the constitution.
  3. DevioxAnon Member

    I'm horrible at these flashy flyers, if someone could throw one my way, I would much appreciate it.
  4. I hope there isn't a age requirement.
  5. Anon2282 Member

    Great work, Deviox. This is what I like to see! I'll do some scouring for some Columbus Anons that might be able to join you there.
  6. DevioxAnon Member

    Thank you anon for all the support. I've already posted my flyers to many public places in my area, and I wish I knew how to make better looking flyers, but whatever. Any and all support will be gladly appreciated!
  7. Are we subjected to railings or are we full out marching on the property?
  8. RightOn Member

    Go Columbus!
  9. DevioxAnon Member

    There is no age requirements, just maturity requirements. If you do stupid shit to get us in trouble i will be upset. I haven't decided if we are fully marching or subjecting ourselves to railings, but I feel we will travel around to other parts beside the courthouse and government buildings to get other public non-anons aware.
  10. Hey! New to the site, but already love what I see!

    Im in!

    what time? mask? rations?
  11. DevioxAnon Member

    Still in planning, but I can answer your inquiries.
    Time - 12-9pm (In between getting food and whatnot)
    MASK IS DEFINATE. Anything covering your face anymore than that would be great, but not needed. Just cover your face.
    Rations - Not really sure. Haven't ran a rally in Columbus yet, but I am willing to bring food for others, I would say just bring as much as YOU can and others would expected to be prepared as well.
    Weather - Please don't pass out from your arteries failing to function because you're wearing a tee shirt. Always prepare for the worst I always assumed. Ask away guys, thanks for the questions.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Suggestions from an old protest fag if you don't mind.
    12-9 is a very very long time to protest. Depending on what you are doing, schedule maybe 2 hours tops.
    Check the laws in your state. Since we've seen masks in other protests in the state of Ohio I assume you'll be fine, but there could be a local law or code that you aren't aware of. Find out.
    Also check to make sure you don't need a permit and do a little pre event PR with the local police
    to let them know what is up. Getting them on your side from the start is always a good idea.
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  13. DevioxAnon Member

    Yeah I've looked up the municipal code, and there is nothing saying it is illegal. On the time, my bad, I'm quite tired today. It honestly depends when individuals feel good with protesting. I think 12-2pm could work.
  14. I would say whatever is going to be the busiest time. you dont want to be there and hand out three flyers and two hours after we left 200 people pass through. I will be coming in from another state, so I cant say what would be best. But since its a saturday perhaps whatever time ppl are most likely to visit shops and what not?
  15. Hello i am new to anon and i was wondering if there is a Toledo Ohio op ?
  16. I can not believe that the invasion of privacy is gone so far that you can not talk on skype without knowing who might be listening to you
  17. DevioxAnon Member

    Nico, most of the "hackers" found and arrested were due to infiltration's of p2p programs. As long as everyone is using anonymity programs, I have no problem with talking with people on skype about this. My skype is Deviox Anon. I would assume the busiest times would be between 12-2 as that is lunch time, and or time when individuals start to head out to their businesses of choice in Downtown. Not to mention, Downtown is extremely populated, all of the time.
  18. I appreciate your comment is good to see that more people are interested in important issues such as these
  19. but now I've been hearing rumors that the FBI can stop if they suspect any illegal action not only if you made
  20. ChefXenu Member

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I can help you get in touch with the Detective you need to talk to, when we were picketing the downtown org before we made a habit of keeping him in the loop and it definitely helped keep things on the up and up and relations with the Columbus Police largely positive. If OP would like I can send you his contact info via PM. IMHO It is about time Cbus Anon resumed our entheta activities ;)
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Chef!!!!! Where you been??? Good to see you back.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. DevioxAnon Member

    There is ALOT I need help with, due to this being the first Op I've ever ran. Definately want to keep the police in the loop, and would love any tips an Op organizer could provide. Looking to setup after this Op, a large group of local anons for protests every month, to show the community that we aren't done. I have skype for contact, and you could PM me as well. Once again, thank you to EVERYONE that is supporting this is some manner, it really makes all the doubters comments dissapear.
  24. ChefXenu Member

    Good to be back, 99% recovered from the shattered clavicle I got back when the drunk driver tried to kill my roommate and I (but only succeeded in killing my car and putting me pretty much out of action for a year and a half). Back now and eager to meet all the new staff and execs the org has brought in from out of town... but more on that and pics later...
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  25. aNnoy Member

    DevioxAnon, wish i was still in Ohio to help, this is going to be a great protest. why are we not doing this in other locations around the same time ? Im sure the media coverage of something like this would spread awareness very fast. maybe even a monthly protest to keep the public informed of the rights that we have to fight to keep?
  26. DevioxAnon Member

    I will be trying to get monthly protests going if we can get the people to come.
  27. DevioxAnon Member

    Contents to be displayed during the protest are listed below.
    DoJ Memo for Drone Strikes on US Citizens
    Facebook pictures and profiles being sold to governments


    Obviously, we are covering incidents happening now that all citizens should be aware of. If you feel we should cover something different that I have not listed, feel free to PM me, or just post in the thread on why we should add this. Thanks once again for all the support, the police have been notified that this protest will be happening so we will have the police on our side at least.
  28. DevioxAnon Member

    Yeah that's what I meant by DoJ memo notice.
  29. Anonymous Member

    What's this one about? Link?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Facebook profiles being sold to governments? When most of the time they can get them for free? How much they paying? I'll sell them mine.

  31. DevioxAnon Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. DevioxAnon Member

    If you read in other articles, many state that a government group pays large sums for profile information on masses. If you want the information, look it up.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Nonsense. Dox or GTFO.
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  35. DevioxAnon Member

    Cool. Back to the subject of the op, I'll be handing out flyers locally until the actual op, if you wish to as well, feel free. Thanks for the help.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. We believe you have a great idea. We are in Ohio also and wish to participate in such a demonstration.

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