March 12, Gold Base LRH 100 + Ida Megaraid, Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Resistance Is Futile, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Enjoy your cookies. Anyone know how to I can wire my jaws shut? <groan>

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  2. pooks Member

    No but keep walking Garry. The more the better.

    Hugs to you for all you do.
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  3. adhocrat Member

    SoCal is full of awesome. Las Vegas too.

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  4. Zak McKracken Member

    NorCentral CA is full of awesomer!
    Thanks for sharing some with us commie-socialists <3
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  5. You guys who do the Gold protests are badass. I love you all.
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  6. adhocrat Member

    Happy to, since you shared with this fascist libertarian (did I really just say that?)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The clam in camera was the best. LOL
  8. Anonymous Member

    Las Vegas anon is full of awesome. They spent 3 hours on the road one way getting to Gold (albeit driving 90 mph). Smurf said he was in a van for 2 hours sitting next to Tory and was driven fucking insane.
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  9. anonymous612 Member

    I thought this might be relevant to your interests:
  10. Anonymous Member

    Photobucket &lt;/3 Cawk
  11. ObamAnon Member

    One of the best raids I've ever been to. Special thanks to the Vegas Anons who drove &gt;9000 miles through the desert to get there. Also great Mexican food and delicious cake at the after party.

    The cult was seriously enturbulated. We were able to wave at a few of the victims. I bet they were not supposed to be looking at us. The security staff was hilarious, watching us from the doorway of what Smurf told me was the security building.

    An Anon told me that one of the (private) security guards told him that the Sci's were disturbed by all the cars and trucks honking in support, so that's why they deployed the Gold Note tech. I guess the Gold Note is soothing to Scilons? Apparently, white noise is not good enough for Scilons, so they developed &quot;Gold Noise&quot;. I really hope that all Anons will have the pleasure of experiencing the Gold Note someday, I really think it is one of L Ron's finest compositions. I wonder if there is an &quot;unplugged&quot; version?

    Also, when I got hit by the Sprinkler Tech, I turned with my camera and caught a pretty rainbow.

    Then I went home and had a milkshake. The End.
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  12. Mark Cabian Member

    Wonderful photos! Please post media lings when they appear!

  13. LRonAnon Member

    Awesome raid. You earned the bells and whistles, and the prized gold-tone.

    Happy Birthday LRon!
  14. Smurf Member

    Why? Orman (his first name) is a clueless dweeb.

  15. exOT8Michael Member


    (Had to do caps to be louder than gold note ;-P)
  16. the anti Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    I am still working on a complete video, but wanted to get this online asap.
    It has the Gold Note and sprinklers, but also the goons blocking Tory when she tries to go up to the gates to symbolically ask for her money back.

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  18. anonymous612 Member

  19. RightOn Member

    To all COS members still trapped inside Gold:

    &quot;Somewhere over the rainbow...
    Bluebids fly....
    Birds fly over the rainbow, why or why can't I?
    &quot;if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow.... why or why can't I?&quot;
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  20. K O M B A T Member

    Touched down at Gold soon into the day with Barb, TVWheels, Zak, the Mexican, and George, numbers already high.
    Dressed up like a penis after my /fa/ outfit popped a button, ha.
    Felt like I was getting a lot of resentment from the OGs and LAanons, haha, fuck that noise.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Some OGs are tarded when lulz are being had. And I only know one non-ex critic from L.A. who had a problem, but he is usually a buzzkill. He doesn't count. There were not that many actual anons from L.A....mainly OG and exes, so keep that in mind.

    I am from L.A. and thought your outfit was delightful. I was sorry I was out of memory on my camera to capture images of you at the guardshack.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    I approve of you.
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  23. adhocrat Member

    You found how to be a dick in a good way.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Caption &quot;We got your dauntless, defiant and resolute right here bitches!&quot;
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  25. Sponge Member

    Smurf accidentally a whole flamingo (the evidence of the undigestible feathery remains still in his left hand).
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Every now and then in life, a good friend, a good penis, a good feather boa, and a good honk all come together and make the world a better place. Not even Scientology handlers can argue with that.
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  27. Optimisticate Member

    I'm sensing a new theme
  28. Smurf Member

  29. Smurf Member

    Why? I didn't see any of that. I thought the costume was hilarious.. though I figured you'd get heat stroke wearing it along Highway 79.
  30. Um, no.

    Seriously, just no.

    OG moonbats loves us some failfag retards. It's a well known fact.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Come to San Francisco. You will be loved here and fit right in.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I heard from someone who in the past was inside gold while the cult note played, and they said "you think it sounds bad outside, it is WAY worse coming from inside. You cannot think, you cannot speak, it is horrible"
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  33. Smurf Member

    Hey, the Las Vegas anons belong to us. Get your own fags (as if you don't have enuf running around there).
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  34. Smurf Member

    Actually, you can think & speak on your own if you enjoy spending 15 hours a day cleaning out the shit ponds.
  35. the anti Member

    yes, LA needs more!
  36. Anonymous Member

    If you Glibby and Rif come up it will be a visit by our 3 Queens.
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  37. adhocrat Member

    All right then, you come to San Jose. Bring friends. Sign Post and the SFags can shag ass down here. We've got three orgs in a twenty minute drive of my place here. (Los Gatos, Stevens Creek, Mt. View) Then we shag ass up to SF, just an hour away.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Is this the Genesis of a "Bay Area MegaRaid" ???
  39. Smurf Member

    I'm up there every September for Folsom.
  40. adhocrat Member

    we could do a Peninsula Weekend. Stevens Creek, Los Gatos, Mountain View, then to San Francisco for the big blow off and dinner.

    Now, who do we get to organize all this..?
    Ah, remember how XenuBarb did it? Posted it then let someone else do the work. That woman is so crafty. Gotta love her. And the quickest wit west of the Mississippi.

    Also, we need a theme. Gotta have a theme.

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