March 12, Gold Base LRH 100 + Ida Megaraid, Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Resistance Is Futile, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Please tie the fucker up & toss his pasty body into Clearwater Bay with a boat anchor. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Anonymous Member



    just snagged these from ESMB.
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  4. Touchstone Member

    Clearly, there is a mole within Golden Era productions, cleverly accomplishing two distinct goals at once: simultaneously helping out the protesters while appearing to further David "Slappy" Miscavige's agenda. Sprinkler tech and the 'brown noise' both *appeared* to be obedient anti-protester actions, but were in fact great helpers. The Brown noise helped 'make a little noise' and let those on lockdown know for certain that something enturbulating was going on. Furthermore, it helped show the press just how wacky, vindictive and downright stupid Scientology could be. The sprinklers similarly demonstrated to the press that at least some of the claims of outrageous behavior by Scientology were demonstrably true. Thanks, mighty mole! Furthermore, it was a warm day, especially for SciMonsters wearing hot tentacular masks. Without those nice, cooling sprinklers, SciMonster couldn't have hung out nearly as long as he had. Such a kindness to the protesters, even if it was otherwise a disgraceful waste of water.

    Much horn love from passersby. Amazing caek. Lulz aplenty.
    I'd like to think we did right by Ida.
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  5. Smurf Member

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  6. My advice would be to setup tarps with anti Scilon slogans on both sides, to protect from sprinkler tech as well as reverberate the gold not back in on itself either destroying it or enturbulating Scilons with their own trick, and you can save all that water from flowing into the street!

    Great work Anonymous, Excellent Raiding!
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

  8. adhocrat Member

    Great fun. Thanks for sharing
  9. Sponge Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Glad you made it home safely buddy. Long drive is long.
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  11. Sponge Member

    Running circle is gone? When did that happen?

    Anonymous is at cause.


    Next: Tax Exemption.
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  12. Mitsu Too Member

    That old guy digging.....kinda sorta looks like Heber if he had lost a lot of weight. Could it be????

    Great jobs guises and gals. Ida would have been proud!
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Would have loved to have been there! Nice work, all.
  14. conatus Member

    Anons are on that shit like a squirrel on a nut! GJ folks, great turnout.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    I have learned that it's a Good Thing to bring lots of props for photo ops. I brought squirrel and Ron head. Somebody (probably OSA) squished my cake but no harm done. I could then blame its ugly on that, rather than lack of caek skillz.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Needs shoop of Joe Pesci standing over him.
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  17. Daisy Member

    Nice job friends. RIP Ida.
  18. subgenius Member

  19. AnonLover Member

    Wow - awesome raid, looks like the poor trapped sea ogres at Int got atleast a couple hours break from slave labor while being on gold sound lockdown?

    Did the sheriff ever show up after the phone calls made? Confirmation AO got paper raid complaints filed?
  20. RightOn Member

    wow just wow
    If DM thought it was a good idea to sound off the Gold Tone again, it only further proves his insanity and paranoia.
    There was media there, and DM orders the Gold Tone to sound off? Brilliant!
    Talk about pulling it in.

    Thanks to all who participated. Great signage and enthusiasm
    Somewhere Ida and Xenu Barb's Dad are smiling :)
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  21. AnonLover Member

  22. Sponge Member

    So, with all these sprinklers being used at full blast, please post
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Wow. The amount of time and money spent by the cult to make themselves look even more wacko than they already look! That landscaping alone must've cost a small fortune.

    I hope that someone stopped off and picked up some disposable earplugs for everyone--LOVE Tory's head phone set!!!! Can't believe that it doesn't cause some kind of safety hazard for people just driving through as it would be very distracting and prevent them from hearing things they might really need to hear to drive safely.
  24. xenubarb Member

    Here are a few shots:

    This is the staging area behind Dennys:

    I decorated my car for the non-existent security mopes:

    San Diego's banner:

    Glib and Tory:

    Road Crew:


    Ida Caek:

    Chocolate-covered Bacon!

    The Mysterious Marabou Scarff:

    Pick a Sign:

    Cool sign:

    Squirrels Lub Nuts:

    Weirdo Car:

    Xenu Love teh Cawk:

    You can dress 'em up...

    All images: Base Mar 12 2011/?start=all
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  25. i'mglib Member

    I just thought of something.
    We won't see Las Veganons photos cuz they don't post here. :-(
  26. The man in the ditch looks like Heber Jentsch. Could it be?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Posted on the ESMB thread:

    Originally Posted by SweetnessandLight viewpost.gif
    I liked that the law enforcement had a presence keeping an eye on things, but overlooked the fact of protesters violating Ordinance 884, as according to it there is no legal place to stand anywhere near the Int Base entrance, (by design) except maybe in the middle of the street (would not be permitted as being really dangerous, busy road!) I like the advice the Sheriff's Sargent gave. If only the Hemet P.D. would have weighed in regarding sprinklers and the noise violation. no.gif

    The Gold Base falls under the law enforcement jurisduction of the Riverside Sheriffs Department who is largely opposed to the protests at Gold (I was banned & threatened with arrest when I went to protest in 2009), but thanks to the efforts of ex-Scios & Anonymous who raised a major stink, the Sheriffs Dept. have had to hold keep their egos & street justice mentality in check & respect those upholding their constitutional rights to protest.

    FYI - the Sheriffs Dept nearest Gold Base is in Hemet. Gold Base is often referred to as being in Hemet. It's not & the Hemet PD have no jurisdiction over it. It used to be patrolled by the San Jacinto PD until 2005 when it was disbanded after a major corruption scandal involving its police force. Ironically, there is a San Jacinto Police Department but it's officers are County sheriffs deputies. Wierd.

    The Sheriff that approached us yesterday - Sgt. James Wilson, ID# 2499, when asked if Gold Base personnel had the legal right to turn their sprinklers on the protesters forcing them into the street, thus endangering their safety, he nodded affirmatively and said "they can do anything they want."

    didn't argue with him because that has long been the attitude of the Riverside Sheriffs Department.. if the Sheriff's Dept. is not having to spend time dealing with what's happening in, around & at Gold Base.. they're happy campers... they are not happy with protesters coming in & disrupting that peace.

    Numerous complaints have been filed with county & state officials, the water district and OSHA regarding consistent violations occurring at Gold. Their response has been to DO NOTHING. It would take a major incident.. an FBI raid or mass suicide at Gold to get officials up off their asses & take what's happening at Gold seriously.

    Yesterday, Francois (Anon Orange) filed complaints with the Highway Patrol that was was driving up & down Highway 79 when we were protesting.. he observed the sprinkler action because his squad car was getting a free car wash every time he drove by Gold and he heard the speakers blaring.. he did nothing.

    Francois called 911 3 different times & spoke to the Sheriff's Department.. and was ignored. This after Tory was physically assaulted by one of the PIs in the guardshack.

    The Riverside Sheriffs are as corrupt as ever.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Smurf Member

    I sent the photos to his ex-wife for confirmation.

    Karen replied: "The images are not of Heber. There is so much rah rah about him world wide that he is kept well hidden. It would be totally out PR to put him outside digging the ditches."
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    Seriously, Cali? Seriously? Seriously?
  31. exOT8Michael Member

    Probably more lulz than seriousness...
    That looks about half the group, or less.
  32. Anonymous Member

    You'd be even more amazed if you heard the audio track that went along with it!
  33. Xenu Is Lord Member

    She needs to get a camera tripod and mount that thing and just let it sit there LOL

  34. Didn't all of you Apostates get the memo: "DM declared victory over Anonymous"?

    All Anonymous SP's have been handled.

    These pictures and videos are just another fine example of how the inernet twists and turns things according to Tommy Davis.

    I must admit it is excellent twisting and turning of the internet but David Miscavige would never lie in an address to the prestigious International Associates of Scientology.
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    At the afterparty, I tried to offer a toast to LRH in honor of his birthday,
    but was shouted down by Anonymous "groupthink".

    In lieu of that, let me offer these birthday wishes:

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  36. i'mglib Member

    Are we doing it wrong? Be sure to let us know. :)
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  37. BLiP Member

    Thanks - awesome - youse rock - RIP Ida.
  38. Optimisticate Member

    You guys are awesome as usual! Toasting you with memorial cookies made in Ida's honor!
  39. Anonymous Member

    You're just jerlous because you weren't there.

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