March 12, Gold Base LRH 100 + Ida Megaraid, Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Resistance Is Futile, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Oh boy, I can't wait for people to start posting about today's megaraid at Gold. So much crazy to report!!! Awesome turnout, great media coverage, fun, caek, shenanigans, and of course there was a killer protest.


    Lulz were had.

    That is all from me cuz I'm pretty busy being awesome.
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  2. FreakE420 Member

    Nice! Cant wait to see and hear more! WTG!
  3. Anonymous Member

    WTG, and yes you are, RIF! <3
  4. OSA Member

    This "raid" was a failure. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    Nobody blew. Not a single staff member was enturbulated by any of your antics.
    With "operations" like this one, it is no wonder the Psychs keep reducing your stipend.

    Keep up the lousy work!

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  5. Anonymous Member

    OMG...can't wait till I can edit my vids.
    I have been to Gold before and experienced sprinkler tech. But they pushed that up to 11 and brought back speaker tech. And the press was there and got the same treatment.

    Good jorb, cult!
    You made all my dreams comes true.

    Well, not all my dreams, but I had a great time nonetheless.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Was a single staff member entertained by their antics?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Am looking forward to the report.
  8. OSA Member

    But we enjoyed spiking your koolaid with niacin.
  9. Anonymous Member

    You milf tease you!
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  10. anonymous612 Member

    Kendrick Moxon was in Clearwater today. Please come take him back.
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  11. xenubarb Member

    We had a great turnout; Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tustin all represented. Local media, Press Enterprise (which has always been soft re: scientology) WBM were there. So...lots of media and what does the cult decide to do? BRING OUT THE SPEAKERS! Yes, the Gold Note is back! Ant as a lagniappe, we got sprinklers as well!

    That was great. Get warm in the sun, walk up by the guard shack, get sprinkled and noised on, wander back down all nice and moist. Since they put landscaping where we used to park, we all parked in a row on the east side of the highway. No scilon security bothered our vehicles because there were stations between some with chairs and caek and koolaide. The cars were never unattended, leaving our friends no opportunity for tomfoolery.

    Danny Dunagin was not in the guard shack. There was rental security. Numbers must be way down! If I heard right, and I'm sure my comrades will correct me if I'm wrong, the security dudes were just outside hires, not members of Ron's Navy.

    There was very little activity, but we spotted scilons on small motorbikes pooping around in the distance. When the swiveling Eye of Sauron atop Golden Era turned my way, I mouthed DMSCOHB.
    Heh, yes I did go there.

    I think San Diego and Las Vegas just hooked up. Their penis costume, our local dick Kombat, lol. Fortunately he was not a penis for over four hours because after four hours you should call a doctor. The commercials say so.

    Lots of honks and thumbs up. Highway Patrol guy going up and down the road, lights flashing, trying to keep the road safe for motorists in the face of weird Scientology bawwing thru huge speakers aimed at the road just about where the sprinklers make the curve in the road wet.

    Good call, CHP. Why didn't you just tell the fuckers they were creating a hazardous situation and shut their asses down? Huh? Why didn't you do that, instead of wasting an officer, car and gas driving up and down 79 with your lights flashing?

    Anyway, great turnout, good show put on by the Scilons for the media and attendees for whom the Gold Note was legend before today. Thanks to the OC Soccer Moms for pulling my lame, non-party throwing ass out of a sling after I picked a date and posted it. Thanks to everyone who showed up; your presence helped make it one of the stellar Gold Base raids of all time!

    I think as far as memorials go, Ida would've liked ours better than the lame ass one her family held without us, her friends and comrades in arms.
    Screwing us out of attending Ida's memorial was tasteless, but then, we didn't invite them to ours either.

    I know Ida would have loved this raid. Message received, Scientology?
    Who runs this?
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  12. amaX Member

    Well done! And please do take Moxon back.

    Rest in peace, Ida. We remembered you well in Clearwater today, too.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    So a few of us arrived a bit early, and the RPF was out doing yard work. Did no one warn them we were coming out today?

    We drove back to pull over to get some shots, but they started dissapated right away. But when we first got there, there was close to 2 dozen.

    Notice in this pick the spikes...the sheer amount.

    And on the other side...cacti a plenty

    The golf course is in the background
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  14. You are certainly welcome, zanybarb! The Stepford mods are here to help whenever you send up the moonbat signal!

    RIP, Ida. You will always be loved.


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  15. Sponge Member

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The gold note again? With the news media there? Really? Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Well, that makes the intro to my L.Ron Tardface birthday video even more appropriate (and spooky) now...

    Btw, I've separated out two intro clips (9.5 sec and 33sec) from the main video and uploaded the source videos to megaupload if anyone wants to use them for their video edits/mashups....
    33sec (3.7Mb):
    9.5sec (3.1Mb):
    Feel free to pass them on.
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Yup, not only the Gold Note, but... sprinkler tech is back, and in an all new sexy way!

    I'll let my comrades elaborate.
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  18. anonymous612 Member

  19. Great pics, anybody know who these poor bastards are?

    This is what they get after years of service to the LRH scam, giving all of their time and money to help &quot;clear&quot; the planet?

    U.S. Gov't. needs to grow a set and stop these human rights abuses.
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  20. Sponge Member

    ^old guy digging his own grave.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    The 2 rent a goons. They kept telling us to get off the driveway...I assume. With the Gold Note, we couldn't hear 'em. And the ONLY place to stand was in the middle of the driveway or in the path pf traffic...everywhere else was getting watered. And not just a little. In some places, the water shot over my head.


    Mark Bunker and his camera.

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  22. And, who knew opposing Scientology would make flowers grow out of the top of my head?


    Protester beware...
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  23. Orson Member

    This thread is made of win. Glorious protest fags. Moar pics and vids and stories about sexysprinklertech (wet t-shirts???).

    Also, giant penis is hilarious and disturbing. Nice squirrel. ON YOUR BALLS.

    Sponge, that vid is the lulz brother.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Lynn on the scene! &lt;3
  25. OTBT Member

    Hey, what happened to spikes on the outside of the fence? I thought last year, the inward facing spikes were removed, while the outward spikes were kept, because of bad PR.

    Now all I can see are inward facing spikes, again.

    Not sure, but these look like different inward facing spikes than what were there a couple years ago.

    And damn fine raid, protesters : )
  26. anonsparrow Member

    All I can say is wow. Wow and MOAR!!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    LOL, Sparrow. Your fan club was here. There is a special pic just for you on the way.
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  28. i'mglib Member

    Such a great raid. Scientology delivered, again. They couldn't have been more WEIRD. Thanks, guys.

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  29. anonymous612 Member

    Wierd =/= Weird.

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  30. exOT8Michael Member

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  31. Xenu Is Lord Member

    With protesters like this no wonder the cult thinks all Anon's are DICKS!
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  32. exOT8Michael Member


    Uploaded with

    Awesome caek!!
    Ida was a great cook. She made the best meals evar!
    I was working today, otherwise i would have been there.
    Anyhoo. you look all deeeelish in those photos, Anons, OG, Lady Anons and Kombat (lmao, dude!).
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  33. Anonymous Member


    There's a little tear in my eye, I'm so proud of you guize. ;)

    I was drinkin/smokin when I made the sign.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Hey, is Signpost there, or did Adhoc abscond with them? I love the photos, and love you! <3!
  35. Anonymous Member



    This is CHP, but whether CHP or Sherriff...none stopped by to do anything about the noise or the water waste.

    Keep in mind, the counties of Southern California have severe water restrictions. They don't allow automatic sprinklers to run during the day.
    We spoke to a Sheriff in our staging area before the protest and mentioned this, but he said it was OK for scientology to have their sprinklers running, even though the water is directed towards asphalt and concrete.
    I don't buy this, but at least no officers ever made us get out of the driveway, where many stood to avoid getting wet.


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  36. Anonymous Member

    Right nao I'm working in Tahoe. Couldn't make it. So Adhocrat delivers :)
  37. i'mglib Member

    We had awesome signs donated by Signpost. Thank-you, sir. I will cherish mine.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Your very welcome. Hope Adhocrat didn't bring any back, it's time to make new ones.
  39. i'mglib Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Wow, those sprinklers! They really set them to go maximum capacity ... toward the street.
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