[Mar 5, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Dallas, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Charlieray Member

    (If I can get the cash together I might bring a film SLR out)
  2. If you're so inclined, it might be a good idea for everyone to read up on the recent (March 2, 2011) developments re: Bradley Manning, as they are highly relevant to the focus of Saturday's protest.
  3. Dizzy Member

    Would it be possible for me to get you to help me in planning a rally for the freedom of information in Austin, TX. Totally new to this whole thing but seeing that there isn't anything going on in Austin I wanna get it started by staging the first rally
  4. Dizzy Member

    I would like to get it set-up for sometime towards the end of the month
  5. The first stage of planning is choosing a date and location. If there is nothing organized in your area yet, you should probably set the date a good way out, because you'll need the in-between time to spread the word. Once you have a date set you can submit it to Wikileaks Central and they will add it to the event roster on their website (submit by emailing a short synopsis and a link to the event page to

    As far as spreading the word once the details are in order, obviously there is word-of-mouth, which is very effective; you could also make informational fliers and post them in public venues (e.g. public message boards, light poles in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, etc.) If you're a member of any local online communities, you can also spread the word there; the politics section of the forums on your area's Craigslist site, for example.

    Basically, be creative.

    As I'm sure you've noticed, we have a Dallas event coming up on Saturday; if it's not too far, you could always join us for this one, to get your feet wet and observe a protest IRL before jumping in. No pressure, of course, just so you know you're welcome.
  6. SparksAlive Member

    My fellow anon invited me to this rally, and I've lurked for 3+ years. I'm glad to finally get out into the open and join my brethren in protesting the silence of the public.
    I've followed the WikiLeaks story closely, and I'm going to plan out something friday and put it into action saturday. I'll post more as I know what our plan is.
    Can't wait to see my fellow anons! :)
  7. JD_Spyder Member

    See you guys tomorrow.
  8. Good luck all! I wish you the best of luck! Don't get arrested! ;)
  9. Cmeregirl Member

    If any1 wants anything printed like flyers or anything. Send me a link or pm me for my email info, and I'll get them printed tonight.
  10. Charlieray Member

    I do actually, I'm working on it right now.
    I'll post it in a few.
  11. agent156 Member

    Yea! I will be able to make it. Starting on fliers as we speak.

    And since it came up, while Dallas PD has a very clean record with protesters... rookies happen. That's about the only thing they have a clean record for, so lets not jump down peoples throats. DPD screw ups are in the national news every few weeks.

  12. Charlieray Member

    If you could make some prints of these, I'd appreciate it.

    (Link Removed)

    EDIT: The previous link had several typos in it that I fixed.
    Print this updated version
  13. NegAnon Member

    I'm really sorry but i wont be able to go, my dad wont let me go.
  14. agent156 Member

    That's ok some day you can make up for it by forcing your children to go to one ;P
  15. Charlieray Member

    Well I hope by that time things have changed

  16. Things always change... but I think the world will forever more need, Anonymous.
  17. Charlieray Member

    Dude I cant even understand this
    I'm drunk off my ass xD
  18. TanDon Member

    Lulz, carful with those horse cops"mounted" it was one of those guys that got me arrested for laughing-trying to calm myself-, as you see they take their jobs a little to seriously.Damn mounties.
  19. Charlieray Member

    Were all ready here 5 anon's counted so far
  20. Charlieray Member

    Now were at 7 :3
  21. agent156 Member

    on my way 30 min or so
  22. SparksAlive Member

    If anyone can, PM or link me to the pictures/videos from today when they're up. :)
  23. agent156 Member

  24. Charlieray Member

    Complete awesome,
    Pretty short though, Maybe time just flew by.
    I think we got our message across a lot better this time
  25. Cmeregirl Member

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