[Mar 5, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Dallas, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. First of all, welcome. :D

    Basically, just be prepared, law-abiding and informed. Educate yourself about the protest focus, and any issues you feel are particularly applicable, ahead of time, and then translate that information into signs or fliers if you feel so inclined. Have a look at the city code, if possible, to inform yourself about guidelines concerning public demonstrations and your rights if confronted by law enforcement (some very useful information regarding this has already been posted above on this thread.) Use Google maps (or something similar) to familiarize yourself with the protest area, and the best route for getting there/home afterward. Plan ahead; wear appropriate clothing/shoes and bring any supplies you may need, keeping in mind that it is possible you will be standing/walking outdoors for several hours.

    Masks/face coverings are not required, per se, but you may want to wear one, either to communicate solidarity, if you identify with Anonymous, or to conceal your identity. WWP protesters find masks particularly useful when protesting against the Church of Scientology, to protect themselves from the Fair Game Policy, but the practice is often more iconic than practical at Freedom of Information rallies. The choice is ultimately yours. If you want a personal opinion, I feel that it never hurts to protect your identity (and thereby potentially your privacy) and also that the display of solidarity strengthens our impact, but again, that's just my view. If you do choose to cover your face, any mask, or even a couple bandannas and some dark glasses (for example, see my profile pic) will work perfectly well for concealing your identity. If you specifically want a Guy Fawkes mask, you could check with local costume shops, or order one online. (When buying online, I recommend using an established costume retailer over eBay or private sellers on Amazon.) There will probably also be other protesters with extra masks at the rally, from whom you could borrow one; just ask around on the forum beforehand to make sure there will be enough for you to have one.

    Also, here is a basic overview from the new members' area.

    Hope this helps, and glad to have you. :D
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  2. TanDon Member

    Mmk I'm back so how do y'all want this in a document or as a post.
  3. Post it is fine... I'll clean it up for you
  4. TanDon Member

    Duiring this scooting exercise I spent the majority of my time on three main streets, since their one people usaully take to get in to the city. Main, Elm, and Commerce.
    COmmerce on Market

    Not a lot of foot traffic but cars pass regularly.
    ...Ok fail on this, I forgot to get the picture of the camera on this but it's right next to the place the next suggestion
    Main on Market

    Lots of cars will passing throught but there's a bit of contructiuon. Other than the contruction it's a pretty nice place to setup.

    Elm on Lamar
    A Bus station and a big one to so there will be a crowd weither or not they want to listien is a whole other matter. On a side note it's righrt next to the Bank of America building.

    Elm on Griffin
    Plenty of car traffic and right behind the BoA building figure we'd stick it to them from behind.

    Ferderal building... still underconstruction next to it

    Elm on Akard
    Pretty good on the people traffic around here.

    Main on Akard
    This place is sure to have people on staturdays from weekly experiecne of have a place to park. Also main place to "get the noms on"

    There's another place but I wasn't able take a picture since I was going back home already and the camera was up, it's close to Browder* on Commerce. Browder might be incorrect and needs some looking up. This place had an open area and lots of people in it so it's worth the look.
    Hoping that these pictures upload if they don't then here's the link to them I'll arrange them later.
    Sorry took so long went to go eat with some family.
  5. I'll fix it up later as well... Not sure whats going on with the pictures. use the Direct Code and use the Picture icon here. That should do it.
  6. The Akard Dart station would work. I can't find direct documentation proving that they're city owned, but I know for a fact that DART held an illegal, closed meeting when it was discussing transgender policy that caused a big fuss. The concept of a closed meeting being illegal only applies to government institutions. Even if the Dart station's land isn't city owned, they may be required to show proof of ownership before forcing us to vacate. It is a tactic that British protesters use often.

    Either way, you can't get much more exposure than Dart stations. We could possibly even do something involving the trains themselves.
  7. Obviously others have to weigh in, but I am personally not a fan of using the DART stations; they are busy, yes, but not necessarily in a way that makes them a good location for a protest. People at the stations or transit centers have somewhere to be, and are trying to get there, potentially making us either a nuisance or an irrelevance and attaching a negative impression to our cause. A lot of people may see us, but will any of them have the leisure or inclination to care? What small benefit the stations' status as city property may afford us, we can easily have by researching another location in advance, without the liability of protesting in an area where we will likely have little impact, even if we have a lot of "exposure," especially since the DPD did not seem to have a problem with us last time, and were as happy to provide recommendations of locations we could protest in as warnings about where we couldn't.

    Just my opinion, though...

    EDIT: You mentioned British protesters using public transportation hubs as protest locations, so I think it is reasonable to point out that outside the U.S. public transportation is very much a different animal. Outside of early-morning and late-afternoon weekdays in large cities, public trains and buses in the U.S. are frequented by only a few, narrow demographics - mostly working class and young people. I think an area with wider demographic exposure in general would improve our impact, especially considering this protest will be held mid-afternoon on a weekend - in a dispersed city like Dallas, definitely not a time when the public transportation will be booming with large, diverse crowds of people.
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  8. I think the dart station is a terrible idea. This IS Texas were talking about.
    a bunch of new age technophiles wearing masks on a train in one of the economic hearts of a mostly conservative state?

    You do realize that quite a few of citizens here in the lone star state are mostly crazy and trigger happy right..?

    A concealed hand gun license is relatively easy to obtain, and the availability to have a gun on ones person with out such legal methods is even more accessible.

    So how do you think the idiot police will react to all this?
    On the best of days with cautious neutrality.

    Texan cops are very proud, elitist, and most dangerous of all like family. they will defend there own even if that means lying out there ass. You know it, and i know it.


    I say we stick to public streets and have ourselves a good Ol' march, we don't want to trap ourselves just because were too giddy to help ourselves to a train station that isn't even really publicly owned.

    This plan with so few people is dangerous at best with out putting our necks on the line. (rail-road pun intended)

    In the game of chess it is important to look ahead and scan for possible vulnerabilities .

    I will join you at the station if no other meeting place is picked to back you up.

    I believe Texas is the state that in the end game will have one of the biggest impacts on our efforts be that positive or negative.

    If texas plays to our hands we will then have one of the only states in the united states that can still feasibly secede from the united states and become truly autonomous backing us. Personal protection, and Gun laws are upheld, also our ability to grow our own food is very strong.

    Anonymous of America should pay more attention to Texas, its one of the biggest strategic assets that can be had.
  9. I suggest 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas.

    There is a museum near by, it is a tourist attraction for more than just Texans, has close access to all things that are really needed, food, open space, grassy knoll, good car traffic, and gets a very moderate amount of sidewalk traffic on Saturday that will actually take a minute to check us out.

    As long as we stay away from the conspiracyfags across the street we will be fine.
  10. TanDon Member

    Gotta agree with ya on the trigger happy part I myself try not to forget my knife on the way out the door, it's small so worries-although I know how to throw it so beware-.
  11. Zak McKracken Member

    I'm not a Texan, but I suspect most of the persons attending this protest will be,
    and I'll bet most of them know that there are guns in Texas.

    Protip: do NOT bring your guns with you to the protest.
    At home is a nice place to keep them.
    You don't want to end up like this guy:


    I heard a rumor that Dallas Anons have protested before. Wearing masks! In front of "Churches"! And sometimes other places too!
    All reports would indicate they have peaceful, amicable relations with the "idiot police" and respect is shared on both sides.

    Anon protesters are well-behaved, courteous and observant, degraded faggots. They don't riot or loot or raep (much) and rarely give the police any reason to have to defend themselves. If you're not interested in being a well-behaved, courteous faggot, expect a personalized lesson in how to get one's ass handed to oneself.

    Sensible. It looks like other Anons are leery of the transit stations too.

    Keep your nose clean, and mind your elders.
    Don't worry about shooting the moon - aim for what you can reach.


    As you were, maggot.
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  12. I personally have protested and pranced around texas and dallas myself quite a few times allready.

    From my experience?

    Texas Police are very bipolar.
    you can never really put your finger on which kind you will be handed regardless of location.

    If you don't have a camera or recording device the law is bendable, and when you do its suspicious, but right as you start to expect every cop to be an ass you find a good one.

    Im not saying we should bring guns, what im saying is its likley some one around us will, and because this is texas the general population uses there gun rights a bit more liberally. I was saying all this to dissuade us from the Dart location idea.

    For a state like texas and a city like dallas an open march on a public street is in my opinion the best way to go.

    Lulz, thanks for your critique i guess..

    Sheiiittt ive been protesting since i was 12

    Oh and P.S your kind of a buzz kill.
  13. Thank your for your expert opinion, but as a Dallas Anon who has protested many times in the DFW area, both at rallies against $cientology and for freedom of information, my experience does not at all corroborate the impression you have given here. Every time we have come in contact with law enforcement, the exchange has been respectful on either side, and I would even go so far as to say the Police side with us in circumstances when our presence is opposed, either by another group or by city codes. They generally treat us deferentially, and with good humor, and, as I said above, are as willing to give us helpful suggestions as lawful warnings. I am not naive about law enforcement, and am not inclined to trust them naively, but at the same time I have no interest in creating drama, and therefore potentially danger, where there doesn't need to be any. Yes, you ought to know your rights, and no, you ought not act stupid around law enforcement, but there is no reason to stir up trouble where there isn't any, and referring to law enforcement as idiots, and publicly questioning their integrity and character without cause will only make things difficult for us, whereas up to this point they really haven't been.

    I'm sorry if that is harsh or bitchy, but we do have several years of good relationships with local law enforcement going for us here, and there is no reason to give a contradictory and misleading impression, especially with so many new members in our local cell.

    Oh hai, Chuck Norris; didn't see you there. I feel compelled to inform you that here IRL Texas will not be seceding from the United States at any time in the real/foreseeable future, and also that we would not elect you as our president even if we did. Thank you for your interest.
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  14. An0nym0usFemal3's logic is impeccable. I yield to it on the point about Dart. As for Iwishiwasafish, stop being so damn loud. It's as bad as caps lock. On top of that, don't insult Texans, Texas cops, or Texas gun owners. You have no idea what you're talking about. Flooding the conversation with your whiny political views makes you look like a bitch, or have you just forgotten that this administration is just as bad as the last? Also, I bet you won't be whining about Texans with guns when our over-invasive government tries to muscle us out of more rights. It's me, my friends, and our AR-15s that keep you safe from more overt corruption, not your posterboard sign.
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  15. TanDon Member

    Um... just don't laugh at the cops here, from experience that's called held in "Contempt of Cop" as one of my government professor's called it. HE IS NOT A LAWYER. Law states that has to be said for legal reasons. Anyways Laughing at a cop could land you a night in the local jail...which sucks.
  16. Hey will this help at all? Dallas is having a 5k run and 1 mile runs.

    I'm not familiar with Dallas so I can't say if this will help, or is close to downtown.... but I htink in general, we should try to be on the lookout for events like this where the public is coming together and try to have a presence there. After all, Scilons are too lazy to do that, so it might help.
  17. Mr.4n0nym0uS Member

    I know of a friend who goes to a college in dallas i will see if he will be willing to make an announcement once we hammer down a location and time
    if he can not i will take matters into my own hands
  18. Check their timeline. The entire event will pretty much be over by the time our protest starts. Also, the race and festivities appear to be several miles from central downtown.
  19. You misunderstand my point.

    im Just saying that we need to be more careful about all this Because people have guns.
    in a state with guns, poliece will be more on edge you see. Im not saying anyting political at all.
    if you want to know my stance i personally own 6 guns myself and i will never give up that right, thus is live in texas.

    I have protested for maythings other than with other anons, and way before Anonymous came into the spotlight of texas.

    I have had many many dealings with police ware my friends family and myself were arrested and harassed by engaging in peaceful protests. might i add with out being on public trans, or with odd clothing or masks, or megaphones.

    Just because so far anonymous has been lucky and not been shot at yet, doesnt mean we should all wear masks and jump on a fucking buss.

    Chuck norris? Im cool with that, and i dont disagree with anyone's logic or lulz so far.

    I do still however stick to my belief that because of our gun laws and our ability to be autonomous in a worst case scenario i think anon should keep an eye and hand on Texas.

    IRL 20 years from now depending on how everything goes that fact may be very important. its something we should pay attention to.

    A smart person in such a up hill battle as seen with anonymous should look for all the possible avenues. So just because atm it doesnt seem realistic, all trees start from the smallest seed.

    Geesh. Smoke. Chill.

    Anyway its better to be scared around people who have the potential to shoot you, than to be overly confident as to jump on a train with 20 people wearing masks.

    If you cant understand the logic behind my reasoning for posting then i dont even know mann...

    Anyway, it should be fun. imma bring some foods and music.

    over and out!
  20. by the way im 13 and what is this.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Believe me it shows sometimes. In Any case... if you are protesting and getting arrested, yourdoinitwrong
  22. Cmeregirl Member

    I have lived in Texas all my life. Born and raised as they say here. So allow me to insult them. You sir seem very intelligent, and I have no problem with you, and everything your saying is true. However, most Texan's, in my near 30 years of experience, are not so blessed with the brain power that you seem to posses. What I know, is people do what they want, or what their emotions tell them to do, and they act based on that and worry about the consequences later. Some times the consequences are worth it, sometimes not. Is it likely that we will get shot at a dart station? No... Would I be surprised if it happened... In Dallas? lol
  23. Maybe.


    However i can tell you, i will do no more or no less than what ive done before, on the 5th.
    so you can then see for your self how wrong im doing it. Om nom..

    Im being cautious, aware, and not so trusting of those who have shown collectively to not deserve trust. doesn't mean im yelling and spitting on people.Ive had my personal property damaged, and I have been threatened, lied to, and arrested for no reason before, i was let go of course a few hours later the 2 times i was.. but still. Did this all happen around the same time in my life or to just me? no. what i don't understand is why its such a problem to come out with it just because you haven't experienced a cop take advantage of you.
    Common now. Was i a bit cryptic and dramatic in my first post? yes. Did i say anything that isnt true? No, not really.

    masks and trains would = DEFCON 4 for most of the police ive met and have had a history with.

    As always its important to think things through form all sides. Ive lived in texas most of my life as well, and i can honestly say a bad situation like i suggest has a very small margin of chance to occur, but unlike other areas and states it is a very possible reality and i can see it going down under the right conditions. Our attire, a distraught officer of the law, and the legality of guns are 3 pretty reactive elements in our little scenario soup here that wont be too hard to come across come the 5th. Considering the small numbers we have here no one seemed to try and point the possible negative consequences of the location choice and with only a few days to go and the horrible outcome that can be had, i thought it only logical and worth mentioning.Seriously, just chill the fuck out guys. no need to get all your panties in a bunch because some one has different views other than your own. Serious business i know, but lets try to relax okay?

    everyone needs to just stop being butt hurt over my playful seriousness. :]

    anyway im tired of talking about this, im going to bed.

    With love, your loyal Assmunch.
  24. @FishWish: This just shouldn't be happening... Seriously, you're growing tusks. Stop trolling or gtfo.

    @Cmeregirl: You're definitely right about a lack of intelligence, but it's not just Dallas. People across the country are programmed to be stupid. We're fed lies so often that we start to regurgitate them as fact without thinking. The obvious ones are things like the almighty zealot who hates gay people. When you ask them why, they will inform you that someone told them that the bible says "Jesus hates fags." It's utter nonsense, but hardly the end of it. There's 9/11, the Pepsi Challenge, the goodness of the state, the benefits of genetically engineered crops, wikileaks, and many religious beliefs (such as Scientology).

    I apologize for going off topic, but this is somewhat relevant and shouldn't take long. How do you cope with the ostracism of being a rare intellectual in modern times? After all, you, sir, seem very intelligent as well. I've been going bonkers for a decade now. It's like getting unplugged from the matrix, but not finding a ship waiting for you. You start to get pissed at the writers.

  25. You're right, im sorry guys.

    it is kind of like that isnt it..?
  26. Zak McKracken Member

    [deleted due to insufficient cocks]
  27. ChokeSermon Member

    I will be there. Anon
  28. ChokeSermon Member

    A definite location and time would be great...eager students are awaiting facebook events.
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  29. So far, the suggested locations are Main Street Garden Park (between Main St. and Commerce St.) and outside of The Sixth Floor Museum (411 Elm St.) Downtown DART stations and across from the Earle Cabell Fed Building (Commerce St.) were also suggested, but both locations have significant associated complications that have already been discussed in the thread.

    If everyone interested could please weigh in on these locations, or others you think would be better, that would be great. I will go through the suggestions and edit the location section according to which has the most support. I would like to do this by mid-afternoon Monday, as we don't have much time left and people need to plan. If no one weighs in with suggestions, I'll do my best to pick a centrally-located spot with good exposure, though I would prefer to defer to the group, since we're all so down with democracy and whatnot.
  30. Working on it. :D Please weigh in, if you have suggestions/opinions.
  31. It takes balls to admit that. Apology accepted.

    As for location, Fed building is out. It just doesn't work. I did cede the point about Dart, but I've been thinking. If Dart has "mostly working class and young people" riding, is that such a bad thing? Who else is really going to resonate with the message so easily? I just don't see the CEO of Frito-Lay or Father Bowie from St. Thomas Aquinas walking up with a sign and a Guy Fawkes mask.

    As for the sixth floor museum, isn't that a ghost town?

    If Main Street Garden Park is the place we ended up at last time, it sounds like a good fallback. There was zero foot traffic.
  32. TanDon Member

    This main street garden y'all going on about sounds good. Also sounds like the place that I missed on the picture taking assignment. Anyways It's sure to be pretty busy as these streets have people that are out for a good time so they'll have time to listen.
  33. Okay, I'm setting the location to Main Street Garden Park, since, of the two who weighed in, one supported it, and one was willing to give it a try. It is bordered by two busy streets, and the weather will actually be good this time, so hopefully we'll have success (i.e. exposure.) In any case, being so centrally located, we can always migrate if it doesn't work out and people are more willing to weigh in with suggestions on the day of.
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  34. I love anon debates. Even the complicated ones are simple. I'll be there.
  35. NegAnon Member

    see you guys there
  36. welder Member

    Shyea lets do this!
  37. Charlieray Member

    Whoa, 20 RSVPs

    Good job.
    I cant wait to see you all there
  38. Sounds like a plan!
  39. Charlieray Member

    My camera is still in the shop, so I wont be able to take photos again.
    Although I'll bring and HD compact video, and I'd like to get some interviews this time.

    but in lacking my camera, I'll bring a bunch of snacks for everyone :3

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