[Mar 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (world)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by mendax, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. summer Member

    I'm printig flyers and sticking them around my school.
    But i don't know how to do it without anyone seeing me.
    Any ideas?
  2. NyxLovesTacos Member

    I know asking this may defeat the purpose of being Anon but... anyone in the DFW area in Texas planning on doing Paperstorm? I'd prefer to not be running around alone doing this.
  3. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  4. J!xed Member

    here are my fliers. they don't really state what anonymous wants to accomplish but it shook up some bystanders who decided to look at what i just put up
  5. Jatugal Member

    Either get really early there--or sneak out and have a bathroom break. I personally will try to pin them to display boards around campus. Or leave them around the library--in the books or whatever.
  6. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Alright people, tonight is our time! Let's make a statement that will make a deep fuckin impact and resonate with the people! March 15, at last you have come.
  7. SOJOA Member

    Im confused. Where did these locations come from? Are these confirmed locations?
  8. Outonstreet Member

    PA here pretty dull but hey the more the better
  9. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  10. mendax Member

    Operation Paperstorm 2.0 15/03 - 31/03
    We are the free flow of information
    Seek and spread Anonymous Artwork/Text/Flyers/Stickers #Paperstorm
    Print local relevant Wikicables and summaries #Leakspin #Crowdleaks
    Go offline... Log on to the streets and get some lulz!

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  11. I'm putting fliers in Scientology, amime, gaming, political books in libraries.
  12. BAAL Member

    operation paperstorm v2.0 has begun good luck and stay safe!!
    --little rock ,AR is doomed muahaha
  13. Anonymous Member

    i already sticked pictures and flyers around my high school but i ain't stopping til' the 31st, for fryday i'm puting masks and small flyers (with more info.) and ribbons in the lockers.
    what do you all think?
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  14. Jatugal Member

    Sounds like a pretty solid action. I need to do the same-- although in college there is very little I can do,save leave flyers in places I know people will come across them. I need to print more. Keep it up.
  15. I started leaving flyers in magazines, tomorrow out again. I've learned not to leaflet by myself.
  16. Jatugal Member

  17. BAAL Member

    I put them all over post lamps.
  18. BAAL Member

    whats up with the shirtless chick? is she single?????????????????
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  19. Basicly I'm doing "youfoundthecard" now, both with the cards and the flyers. Travlin' today.
  20. BAAL Member

    Let it snow let it snow paper!!!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Riverside County : }
  22. anon1314 Member

    anyone from glasgow here x
  23. Anonymous Member

    Washington State
  24. BAAL Member

    hurry up guys/ sexy womensss.... call me
    the time is almost up spread out those dam flyers Nowwwwww
  25. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I still have a few hundered left to distribute. I handed off quite a few to fellow anons in my area as well.
  26. BAAL Member

    I been handing them none stop...yawn.....yawnnnnnn. i got me a big 6x6 poster any suggests where to put it muahahha>?
  27. front door at WalMart?
    Front door at WallMart?

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