[Mar 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (world)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by mendax, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. mendax Member

  2. SquirrelBait Member

    Umm, this may sound fairly noobish, but what exactly is Operation: Paperstorm?
  3. Remarkable Member

    Same questions lol
  4. The principal objetive of paperstorm is to inform and to shout the world wth mean Anonymous. Its has a heavy street action weight. Its called paperstorm because it use paper, triptics, and every were you can print information about Anonymous. Is an action of asking help to defend the freedom of speach around the world. So in fact its not a operation agnaist anything but for the idea of Anonymous.
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  5. SquirrelBait Member

    Ah, so similar to "" but just for anonymous?
  6. whohellami? Member

    im getin a google map with pinpoints whut do they represent?
  7. Anonytarded Member

    Where can we get our hands on some flyers?
  8. Ixide Member

    So, what we do is we put up fliers on everywhere, trying to attract attention to online Anonymity? I'm all for this one. I'd need some ideas or a poster to base mine off though.

    Also, what does the Google Maps above represent?
  9. Anonytarded Member

    I found these earlier. You could try using them for ideas, or just re-use them I assume. If anyone has any new ones, or is in the process of creating some, I personally would be very interested. Also, does anyone have any links to information pamphlets?
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  10. Anonytarded Member

    1. Print flyers out at work on 14 March before going home.
    2. Put paper back in tray upside down
    3. Coworkers get flyers on back of documents
    4. ???
    5. Profit?
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  11. SquirrelBait Member

    I live on a college campus, my current plan is to dash around w/mask on and put flyers everywhere at night for people to find them the next morning. My college could use a little shaking up. It's completely disorganized, has random, arbitrary policies to make things easier for the staff (not faculty, staff) and harder for the students. and for a "liberal" college, the students really don't do anything. Our school newspaper has such hard hitting articles such as "Bieber Fiever".
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  12. SquirrelBait Member

    does anyone have a link to larger image files?
  13. whohellami? Member

    i like that idea lol
  14. Ixide Member

    Still a High School person here, so I might just drive around and staple fliers on posts and put them on cars, something like that. I'm also spamming the fuck out of this in /b/.
  15. whohellami? Member

    dont forget to staple flyers on the cats n dogs tat usally works!
  16. Tom flynn Member

    What do the the Google map dot things mean?
  17. whohellami? Member

    i think it means where we are suppose to put flyers at? i like how it directs us to are location nice job......
  18. SquirrelBait Member

    I think it directs you to the center of your city, because I have some random cellphone shop on mine. Place them where you can. I think part of the point is to go out and place them at night for people to find. Flyers can be posted on poles/buildings/cars. I'm focusing on my college, I'm going to put them on the billboards, in open classrooms and computer labs, etc.
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  19. FASTERBIT Member

    Count with me from Spain. We do the Anonymous posters and triptics? or exist a link for download it?
  20. I love the thing at work putting the printouts upside down back in the printer, totally gonna do that!!
  21. SquirrelBait Member

    I want to post up something thought provoking, this is my current work-in-progress and I'd like some feed back. These will be going up around a university with a very passive student body. This is the text and then it will include the Anon sig as well as this website and anonops:

    Dear Citizen,

    Every so often, we are faced with a
    choice to fight for what is right
    or to allow ourselves AND THOSE

    We are fighting for FREE SPEECH.
    We are fighting for the truth.

    We are ANONYMOUS.
    ARE YOU?
  22. Anon-V Member

    I like this. I bet we could come up with some cool posters using this on it.
  23. SquirrelBait Member

    I have a concept, but I'm not posting on facebook....I'll make a fake anon only account....
  24. Interitus Member

    New to this. I like the idea of raising awareness about the group. If someone can get fliers with a thought-provoking message, I will gladly post them at the local university.
  25. Anon-V Member

    I have a concept poster done but it will not upload here but it is on the facebook event page.
  26. SquirrelBait Member

    there is the facebook page (check the postings, both V and I have posted concepts)
    the flickr page has some
    and also the image site
  27. SquirrelBait Member

    Also, I do highly recommend people be careful when posting flyers if not in a group, especially with all the bad press floating around Anonymous. Like myself, if you are going at it alone do it at night when you're less likely to be seen and wear the mask or otherwise cover your face. I know my school isn't going to be happy and I'd rather not give them anything to find me with.
  28. Anon-V Member

    Is there an IRC room for this event?
  29. SquirrelBait Member

    yes: #operationpaperstorm it has some useful links, but is effectively dead.
  30. Th3ox Member

    Should we make our own fliers? or is there a design to follow?
  31. gigi Member

    Is there anyone from Madrid? need a comrade??
  32. Anonytarded Member

    If you follow the links above, there are flyers that you can use as are, or even just as a template.
  33. AnonMNL Member

    Would love to do this. Any chance anyone else from the Philippines would too?
  34. Ixide Member

    DO IT. I'm a Filipino currently residing in the US, and I'm about to convince some of my friends back in the Philippines to do it.

    Maglagay ka na rin ng tagalog at english para mas maintindihan ng ibang tao.

    More power to you, Anon.
  35. Anon-V Member

    Is there anyone from Canada participating here? PM me.
  36. Th3ox Member

    Im definatly going to use this, I'm new to this website but im used to making posters and whatnot, if i can find a way to get my poster to you guys i will.
  37. Anon-V Member

  38. uncoerced Member

    I'm close to Dayton, OH, but willing to travel to Columbus, Cincy, Cleveland... pm me if anyone else is gonna be out and about. I'd rather be with a group, but will strike out on my own if need be.
  39. BAAL Member

    ive tired that now facebook wants a damn phone number so they can text you to make sure your human...they want my phone number lol i certainly think not.
  40. BAAL Member

    is any 1 near arkansas?

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