[Mar 13, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. The staff member who deals with that is called the dsa (not dark spektor anon but the director of special affairs) or in non scientology lingo he is a non sea org osa appointed staff member for lower orgs so he's trained by osa and his direct seniors whom he awnsers to is the director of special affairs international which means he is in constant communication with osa and he act more like a sea org member then your average staff member his name is Arlo Ihring. he is allowed by policy to go to websites that are entheta and not allowed to anyone else to see if he can get them shut down or at least keep a track of them Matthew who is in hco also plays a small part in these type of things but he's not osa trained so he's not really a threat he just takes pictures and helps to get the name of sps uplines so they get declared. as far as exactly what the dsa does Im not sure he's a very confidential person but you can expect the same ol osa tricks since he is trained by them
  2. I didnt think they would be suspicious but whatever if there stupid enough to make the fake date later then the real one it works out anyway because we'll be there on the 13th anyway and if it's not till the 19th then I more than willing to make a double in one month that just we will be outside there cult twice as much and twice as many people will be aware
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  3. but im pretty sure that sound like bs by the way
  4. I agree, let's do the 13th just cause it is the actual day, we'll pretend we're just out protesting on his 100th birthday, which I think is actually that day.
    And if they aren't doing something, I'm down for enturbulating on the 19th as well.
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  5. Same here.
  6. Anon998 Member

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  7. Sorry. It was a terrible, stupid joke.

    Anyway, can't wait to see you guys on Sunday! Does anyone need me to bring anything?
  8. NyxLovesTacos Member

    If only I didn't have to work. Alas.
  9. Since there's already gonna be caek, we could just make it into an all-out party. I mean, the Centennial birthdays of insane, megalomaniacal cult leaders really do only come once a ...century. Balloons? Drinks? Straws? Snacks? Flashlights? Anything you think would improve our powers of enturbulation! :D

    Edit: GLOWSTICKS?!?

    Nah, it was funny.
  10. if anyone has an extra mask that would be nice
  11. I haz.
  12. I'll bring the Doctor Pepper and straws again! and yeah lot's of flashlights will help. Balloons might not be as wise, cause you need helium for them to work right, and the possibility of puncture causing litter for scilons to Baaawww about.
  13. TanDon Member

    Just got the OK form my family, so I'm in any updates i should be aware of? and first Sclion raid so what should I expect. Also, Supplies?.
  14. TanDon Member

    Another thing Directions plz; I have no idea how to get there.
  15. What kind of followers would celebrate their leader's birthday a week late?
  16. 29yipsg.jpg

    Okay. The cult's address can be found at the top of this thread:
    451 Decker Dr
    Irving, TX 75062

    With a little bit of help from our good friends at, you should be able to find your way there quite easily.

    My recommendation: find the nearest DART or TRE transit center to you. Park there and take public transit the rest of the way. Use DART's trip planner to find the appropriate routes and the applicable rates. You may put "N O CONNOR BLVD @ LAS COLINAS BLVD W, IRVING" as the end destination to help find a stopping place more easily.

    A final note: DO NOT wear your mask or facial coverings on public transit systems OR when walking into a building of any sort. Please feel free to slip your mask on as you exit the bus or building, however.
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  17. First off, make sure you have a method of getting there, and plan on walking. The area and the maps are on this thread:

    Look at that post, there is a minor difference this time though, instead of starting at those bus stations, we are starting here:


    We'll be hanging out here until about 4:45 then walking to the ORG.

    Anymore questions about your first protest ask them here.
  18. The directions already given are excellent, and so are the visual aids. I would only add that, having used the trip planner, I recommend getting your directions from Google Maps, and using the public transportation function there instead. (After generating your directions, click the button with a train, instead of the one with a car or a walking person.) The maps themselves are about a million times better (scientific estimate) and the written directions are good too, plus simpler/better user interface, especially if you aren't a regular user of public transit.
  19. ^^idk if that will work to well on sunday does DART still run?
  20. Yes. The TRE doesn't, which is a real pain. Sort of like Chic-Fil-A not being open then.
  21. Anon998 Member

    My 4th anon confirmed!

    (and one of them said they'd be up for the 19th as well if need be)
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  22. Well given this awesome Information, I'll go ahead and do that FAQ thing tonight that way you'll have somewhere to point them
  23. Anonymous Member



    Hildegard Jessup, Age 52

    Current Home Address:
    XXXX Willowgate
    Dallas, TX 75230

    Previous Home Address:
    XXXX Yamini Dr
    Dallas, TX 75230
    (214) 361-XXXX

    Jessup was directly involved with Lisa McPherson's case. (Source: ) ProTip: Search for "Hildegard" among dox.

    Arlo Dylan Ihrig, Age 36

    April XX, 1974

    Current Home Address:
    724 Lake Carolyn Pkwy, Apt. #XXX
    Irving, TX 75039

    Previous Home Address:
    10136 Wateridge Cir., Unit XXX
    San Diego, CA 92121

    Former Work Address:
    XXXX Ray St.
    San Diego, CA 92104



    Julian Margo (Scientologist)

    Michael Brucken (Scientologist)

    Ihrig uses a Canon Digital SLR to photograph unsuspecting Anons. LOL. Maybe he should learn how to dox from Anonymous - no cameras necessary. Also, why not share that FancyCam with Matthew? Because Arlo fancies himself a filmmaker and doesn't want Matty's grubbies on his special equipment. FYI: A real filmmaker would have used Nikon.

    Looks like another Scilon shipped in from California to pad out a failing Org. LULZ! Poor Arlo, giving up his own business for Space Alien Slavery. We would pity him, if we weren't already laughing so hard.

    Moist Caek Meter
    Anon: +9001
    Cult of $cientology: 0

    DISCLAIMER: The above information is presented for purely educational and illustrative purposes, and not meant for any practical application IRL, either innocent or nefarious. Why We Protest does not condone harassment in any form (besides peaceful enturbulation) even if Arlo is REALLY hungry for pizza. Though all listed information is readily available in the public domain, certain details have been strategically omitted by the doxxing Anons to ensure the educational nature of this release is preserved. Please note, however, that we do possess the original information in its entirety because we are awesome, and the Internets are srs bzns. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
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  24. Does anyone have another mask? I'm bringing Loki and a newfag tomorrow.
  25. Unexpected circumstances have made me rideless for tomorrow. :( Anyone available to carpool?
  26. Anon998 Member

    One of my newfags could use a mask as well. please and thank you! :3
  27. Anon998 Member

    I'm sorry, my car is packed, there is no possible way for me to fit another person in. I'm sorry. :(
  28. If I manage to get out there, I will have three spare GF masks and a shiny new megaphone. Plus caek.
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  29. TanDon Member

    Hm... I'll see if it's cool with my ride their independent and have no interest in my affair but I pay for the gas so I do have a say in where they go.
  30. I would happily pitch in more gas money. And thanks for checking.
  31. TanDon Member

    And now it appears that their ideology believes that I shouldn't even come to this... sorry but it appears that my ride will be busy running errands as being collecting money from people in a long distance. I know that I RSVP that I'd come, but these people... their just... well I just can't make it now. Sorry I'll try to make it to the next as soon as I gain some ground with them.
  32. It's posible I can still pick up some people. I'll need to know an exit off a freeway to nail it down for sure
  33. Anonymous always delivers. See you crazy enturbulators at the Org! :D

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  34. That looks amusingly delicious.
  35. Anon998 Member

    I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox, I won't forget my boombox....
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  36. This is going to be epic...
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  37. Anon998 Member

    Bad news, one of my anons got sick, :( so I'm back down to 3.
  38. :(
  39. Get better Anon! Take care of your health!!
    998 did you try a touch assist? Inappropriate Massage tech always works!!
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  40. sorry local anons i didnt make it i found out that the bus I was going to take didnt travel on sundays :(

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