[Mar 12, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Washington DC,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by 3rdMan, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    So far consensus is March 12, 1pm to 5pm

    Be it Scientology or Freedom of Information, as always, the stuff we need are your presence, your lulz, and cake.


    So apparently we've added Iran to the subject of protesting possibilities as well. Unfortunately their embassy is on Wisconsin Ave, NW. If you intend to protest for the Green Movement or Iran democracy and wish to do it across from the embassy, keep us posted on how it goes. And don't be a stranger on our forum either. :)
  2. FedAnon Member

    I'm pulling for a Scientology event, but I'm just exited since this is the first one since I moved to DC where I have that day off.
  3. 3rdMan Member

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  4. FedAnon Member

    Some additional research on the area might be needed. If I'm not mistaken, that's a fairly touristy area, so DCPD might have some issues with us setting up there.
  5. 3rdMan Member

    Already got that covered. Foot traffic is up so outreach is high. Though trolling will be less unless you count making the IRS facepalm a good troll. :D But all we will need is a permit to cover our bases with the DCPD. No worries.
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  6. 3rdMan Member

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  7. Dr. Occult Member

    Rooting for the Scientology event as well. My first event as well since my move to D.C.
  8. MrAnonization Member

    I'm glad to have one nearby me. What is the status on the Permit, or any extra information?
  9. 3rdMan Member

    Waiting for Schumin to get it. Once its posted I'll copypasta the link.
  10. FedAnon Member

    This will be my first DC event. Is the mask kosher here or do I need another method of ID concealment?
  11. 3rdMan Member

    Its always a good idea to have a backup just in case. From what I understand, dust masks are a good idea. Sense we're protesting outside the IRS building, the no-mask-in-front-of-residence-during-protest regulation will not be an issue, though.
  12. MrAnonization Member

    Okay cool I JUST got my mask just in time for the protest so i'm excited
    If i get there i'll probably be youngest XD but hey i'm okay with that.
  13. MrAnonization Member

    Oh and i'm also gonna be bringing 2 with me so 2 more for the "Maybe" RSVPing
  14. 3rdMan Member

    Awesome. Getting RSVPs from several confirmed DCfags, both new and veteran on the DC Forum.
  15. AnonLover Member

    (fist pump) DCFags doinitrite where it matters most! /bows

    extended selection of flyers now posted here:

    also - altho the FOIA request filed on the IRS is processed in GA, chances are the authorization/decision-making power is coming from your turf. So if by chance any weekday raiding that can be done during sunshine week (13th-19th) - plox be telling IRS employees entering/exiting the building to GIVE UP THE DOX & TAX THE CULT!!
  16. 3rdMan Member

    If any DCfags are up for a weekday raid, that would be awesome. And thanks for the heads up.
  17. AnonLover Member

    Another protip - sunshine week (the national campaign) is a huge journalist thing, founded by ASNE.

    The Washington Post is big supporter of ASNE and was also one of the select media outlets CC'd on the FOIA request. So you might consider sending them a press release or targeted harpoon of some sort, maybe invite 'em to your raid since they have a big vested interest in ASNE efforts as shown here...
  18. Mark Cabian Member

  19. 3rdMan Member

    I had already sent an email to Ian Shapira asking if he was interested. Not sure if we get coverage or not but I made sure he knew what was up.
  20. AnonLover Member

    FWIW - the following links is the press packet that was forwarded to the Washington Post in 3 ways (via generic email to the newsroom, via email to columnist Ed O'Keefe who's FOIA articles from last year's sunshine week festivities were cited in the FOIA request, and via snail mail to Ed O'Keefe)

    So if by chance the opportunity arises for you to followup with Ian again before the IRS raid, plox feel free to fwd him his own copy of the above stuff and/or point him to the sunshine week announcement that we recently got added on
  21. 3rdMan Member

    Then lets hope the journalists at the Washington Post select someone to cover it. I made sure he received a link to the discussion threads on it.
  22. Anonytarded Member

    I'm gonna have to work that day and dont see myself getting off....... Sorry guys. I'll be there in spirit.
  23. 3rdMan Member

    I'm bringing 200 leaflets for cult taxation enturbulation.

    As for signs, I suggest these themes:


    For the IRS
    Give us dox and we'll give you kittens!
    I can haz Tax Agreement <<<<(cute kitten on sign mandatory for this)
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  24. 3rdMan Member

    WE HAS PERMITS NAO! See out forum for details. So no worries on masked protesting and all that it entails.


    Exact protest spot is at the North East Corner of 10th Street and Pennsylvania Ave!
  25. Dr. Occult Member

    Mask is ready and so am I. Making sign 2mrw. Is anyone bringing music or is that a no-no here in DC?
  26. AnonLover Member

    &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3 ^^This! But Needs more creepy old Chuck Grassley (pearing out from behind kittenz sign)

  27. AnonLover Member

    FWIW - I sent the following press release style announcement to a couple of the FOIA, Sunshine Week, & Open Government Advocacy blogs in hopes of getting DCFags notable mention somewhere outside your usual reach. It was likely a little too late to get it posted before tomorrow but thought it was worth a shot.

    EDIT - i stand corrected... wasnt too late afterall (Thanks swamppost!)
    Anonymous vs. IRS, Freedom of Information Rally March 12, 2011

    Fileshare of presser in PDF format here:

    ^^Feel free to reuse/repost else ways and/or on free PR sites if u liek.

    Here's hoping you guise have an awesome raid tmo!!
  28. MaidOfWin Member

    I <3 u anonymous <3<3<3

    I dropped fat stacks of cash on new posters (high-quality foamboard) and markers. I probably won't be able to make any signs until I get there, but I'll bring all the materials and you guys can go nuts on 'em.

    I HAVE THE TROLLCANNON; IT WILL BE CHARGED AND READY TO ROCK YOUR FACE OFF. (imma chargin mah ipod too but I don't have some of the traditional raid songs, working on it)

    Will also print some flyers if I have time, may not happen. Sounds like 3rdman has that at least partially covered already.
  29. FedAnon Member

    Confirmed for brawl. Bringing flyers and my high end photography loving partner.
  30. gezus Member

    Oh whaat? I thought it was 3rd Saturdays? Shit. I planned my shoot for tomorrow, and it's a little irreversible! Dagger :(
    *sigh* NEXT time, I guess. D:
  31. 3rdMan Member

    Well the date said March 12th. No biggie if you miss this one. You could always do a flash raid given that Operation Sunshine is all week next week. Feel free to coordinate here with anyone who can do a weekday.
  32. FedAnon Member

    Out on the site right now. Am I the only one showing up?
  33. MrAnonization Member

    Ugh waiting for my account to be accepted on DC site.... Can someone link me to the pics and vid so i can start the video?
  34. 3rdMan Member

  35. gezus Member

    YEAH but I really wanted to go. :p haha I'll see what my schedule says work-wise for sunshine, though. I'll try to keep myself more updated for next month, too :x Everything's pretty hectic for me, so I never get a chance to check everything all the time.
    My apologies :(
  36. Xenu Is Lord Member

    With the history of Scientology claiming stalking I highly recommend anytime they come off their property to film others it needs to be saved on video for defense incase of further accusations. Also if they keep showing up at non Scientology events to film US I might recommend someone get a restringing order for them. They are harassing critics off site at events that don't involve them.

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