[Mar 12, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, IL,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    ahahahahaha no.

    If we let you leave.
  2. dogcmp6 Member

    GOD SPEED ANON I will be working, while yall are partyin hard
  3. RightOn Member

    Go Chicago-nons
  4. Jdiddy Member

    This will be my first protest ever and I'm excited... I'll be there early and hang as long as someones there. Looking forward to meetings you guys... the pics posted from previous ones were great. See you there...
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  5. Pareo Member

    I'm bringing a furriner with me. Please play nice and do not kill her with fire and serve her as a foreign delicacy.
  6. Th3ox Member

    See you all tomorrow!
    Weather: Partly Cloudy, 29-43 degrees, 20% chance of rain
  7. anonymous612 Member

    K, it's decided, I'm not giving you your anons back.
  8. AnonLZ Member

    AnonLZ still lives...
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  9. Shalashaska Member

    Shoot, looks like im not going; things come up ya know? Good luck at the raid tomorrow.
  10. It's go time! Get your green on!

  11. I think we're gonna luck out. They were saying all week that it'd rain on Saturday, but it sounds now like we might only get a little bit or none at all. Even so, please dress to stay dry and warm in case the weather gets nasty.

    At first I thought you wrote that you were bringing a furry with you... Anyway, that'd be an interesting introduction to America, seeing the lunacy of the St. Patrick's Day festivities. Be sure to tell him/her that every day is like this!

    Thanks, no problem about not coming out, people get busy with stuff or just want to take a break or whatever.

    I knew you'd like them. Hope you guys are having fun down there, we'll be raiding in parallel out here in Chi-town. Worldwide protests, baby! 2ymukab.gif
  12. 3rdMan Member

    Rain happens so often on protests. WTF is with mother nature messin' with us? Oh well. GOOD LUCK CHIFAGS!
  13. Jdiddy Member

    Had a blast, thanks for the good times and the amazing cookies! Looking forward to future events...
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  14. Th3ox Member

    I kinda failed :(
    I was all confused about where i was in millenium park (im from out of town), so me n my people just walked around a busy part...

    But we were noticed... alot... in a good way ;)
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  15. Dra Member

    It was crazy! (but in a good way) Glad you guys liked the cookies!
  16. Th3ox Member

    Hopefully next time i get it right lol

    What we should do though:
    Just a few minutes north of Chicago is the "Des Praries Oasis" (Spelt the wrong prolly) (its like a rest stop with food, and gas, and stuff)
    we could meet up there and make sure everone is on the same page so then some people *looks at the ground* dont wander around awquardly and cold without knowing where your comrades are lol
  17. Th3ox Member

    Btw i drove myself down there.
    There is a suprisingly cheap parking garage for 12$ per 12 hrs on the weekends 1 block away from the park
  18. Made a postgame thread for this in the Follow Up section - can we post our comments there?

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