Many Big Loving Apologies

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Ess Pee, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Ess Pee Member

    Many Big Loving Apologies

    I am very sorry to the moderators and web savvy brilliant folks on this board for my astounding ineptitude.

    Finding proper threads to post on = FAIL

    Keeping it short =FAIL

    Although I attempt to share my two rupees with anons. I have found this to be a hostile, paranoid and non supportive environment for this old newbie wog. The pandemic paranoia of OSA and trolls has crippled you ability to welcome new allies into the fold. Remember, you become what you hate.

    Fail Fail = Bail

    I think I will take my grandkids to the park or go fly a kite on the 15th.

    Enjoy your cake and have fun stopping the evil empire.

    I will watch the web for the big wins. Go rip them a new poop chute dudes and dudettes.

    Failing, railing, wailing and bailing a newbie wog; Ess Pee

    "without love in a dream it will never come true"
    Robert Hunter
  2. saerat Member

    Re: Many Big Loving Apologies

    sorry you feel that way... the things that OSA do make us all very tin foil hat and at eachothers throats but surely this does not matter, we are not a club... we are not really a group, we go to March 15th because we want to say in one voice that we want to make a difference. If you do not want to do that then no one is going to make you, but to give up on something that you know to be the right thing because a few people are suspicious of new people is just sad tbh.
  3. tigger Member

    Re: Many Big Loving Apologies

    Hey there ess pee: Please don't go away mad or sad. It's too soon for that!

    Take part, be a part. This is a big movement with lots of room for diversity!

    It's a pretty steep learning curve around here on culture & memes, and I've had my missteps, too.

    If you're a noob like me, it's just like walking into a college bar with no sign out front -- a little scary at first, but if you relax, watch what's going on, lurk for a bit, and learn, you'll be fine! You'll catch on.

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