Manchester, UK [Oct 8, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Woowh, Someone actually cared
  2. Christfag Member

  3. Dragononymous Member

    Obviously yes,
    I already considered it to be forgotten and was almost planning to raid in the desert with it.
  4. Anonymous Member

    To come or not to come, tis the question.
  5. Christfag Member

    Pull out first.
  6. KiRiku Member

    1. A christian giving contraception advice? wtf
    2. That doesn't work
  7. Christfag Member

    Good point there. Hey I'm not concentrated. I'm busy.
  8. Dragononymous Member

    Doing what?
  9. novu Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    1. Pulling out is a recognised method of birth control in the Catholic church.
    2. Rly?
  11. KiRiku Member

    I thought Catholics didn't believe in birth control?
    That's what I was taught by my roman catholic priest
    and pulling out is about as effective as praying
    so completely flawless
  12. cfanon Member

    Saw some research less than a year ago that decided to run scientific trials on the "Coitus interruptus" method. They concluded it worked around 95/96% of the time. Obviously not reliable enough, but more reliable than people give credit for. Afraid can't find dox, there's WAY too much shit on the internet about the subject, most of it here-say rather than backed up with evidence.
  13. KiRiku Member

    you're assuming they even pull out in time. and if you have ejaculated in like the last 24 hours then it becomes useless apparently
  14. novu Member

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  15. KiRiku Member

    any of you guys got onlive yet?
  16. cfanon Member

    No, I'm not. I'm not assuming anything other than that scientists know how to do a more thorough scientific trial than 16 year old kid.
    You think anyone other than waffle would actually tell you?
  17. Dragononymous Member

    I'm still around
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Dragononymous Member

    I made you all a free banner to scare the shit out of youknowwho.
    So stop whining.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Small children walking down the street?
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Dragononymous Member

    might be a side effect
  23. Anonymous Member

    Nice little old ladies who don't want to see pictures of cockroach-bitten dead people?
  24. Dragononymous Member

    Most of them actually like the banner.
  25. KiRiku Member

    Yeah they don't
    also why waffle?
    and anyone who hasn't got it I would recommend signing up getting deus ex hr for £1 and never buying another game off it again

    looks like ways to GET pregnant not to avoid pregnancy
  26. Fuckeye Member

    Aaaand may not make it. Again. I'm getting good at this.
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  27. EightMachine Member

    That's £1 more than I payed for it.
    Pfft, paying for games... Who do you think we are?
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  28. Skinnies Member

    Today is... Saturday?..

    That's it, I'm just going to RSVP as maybe from now on.
  29. Paratanka Member

    Hmm, sorry d00ds; I woke up, it looked like rain, I got lazyfag again. On the plus side, am in bed with a kitty sprawled next to my knee.
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  30. Dragononymous Member

    Also, only 16 pages.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Like I said, don't be a prat.
  32. Christfag Member

    Raid was good, pissed it down but we went out anyway. Habbofag and I got there extremely late.
  33. Dragononymous Member

    Post Raid?
  34. Christfag Member

    What? I'm not making the thread, I'm just some newfag. :L
  35. KiRiku Member

    I think all the oldfags are still at pub and all us newfags are lazy
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  36. Waffle~ Member

    I broke my xbox, and the only thing I ever used it for is micspamming.
  37. Profanity Member

    I'll be home in a bit, so I'll make it. Got some rage to lay down anyway.
  38. Christfag Member

    Thanks prof
  39. Profanity Member

    Welcome. Home now. And rage has been countered, but I'll tell you about it anyway. See you on the postraid thread in ten minutes~
  40. Profanity Member

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