Discussion in 'Europe' started by getbeckyout, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. getbeckyout Member

    What, don't bring me into this, ok you left that there. I am with young man White on this, I remember a school day quote with regards to women. The 5 F's.
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  2. strobe Member

    Lol fair enough. Still, guess you won't be post-raiding with us for a while yet... ;)
  3. Skinnies Member

    Heh, nah not yet.

    Soon enough though.
  4. cfanon Member

    Yeah Strobe, he's a big boy now.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    inb4 'too old'
  6. Circus Fag Member

    If Skinnie is 'big' then I hate to think what I am...
  7. WhiteNight Member

    A fag.
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  8. Profanity Member

    Because that sentence can't be perverted for nefarious purposes in multiple ways at all.
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Skinnies Member

    I swear to god, when I reach 30 I'm going to scream to my self, yes, ahahaha, there all dead!
  11. Circus Fag Member

    I'm afraid we are out of the tea.
  12. Profanity Member

    The only person likely to be dead at 40 is White.
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  13. Circus Fag Member

    I dunno about that Profanity, I have no intention of getting old myself :p
  14. cfanon Member

    A bit optimistic, amirite?
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  15. Profanity Member

    That sounds somewhat ominous.
  16. Fuckeye Member

    He won't reach 25.
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  17. Profanity Member

    Point. You has one. I give him five years tops.
  18. Skinnies Member

    The thaught of getting old is so depressing.
  19. getbeckyout Member

  20. cfanon Member

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  21. cfanon Member

    BTW guys, you may find this interesting (seeing as Japan was mentioned earlier in the thread)

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  22. Profanity Member

    You're 14. You don't need to worry right now.
  23. Profanity Member

    I actually lol'd. XD
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  24. WhiteNight Member

    Meh. Nothing of value.
  25. Profanity Member

    Yeah, we know you're not, dear~ :p
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  26. Circus Fag Member

    I reckon this song quite accurately represents how long White has left to live:

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  27. cfanon Member

    I lol'd.

    inb4 'meh' and/or 'fag'
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  28. WhiteNight Member

  29. Skull Member

    so when do you think everyone else will die?
  30. Circus Fag Member

    Hey just out of curiosity, is anyone here completely off their knockers and are considering joining the Paris co-raid? Cause I'm toying with the idea but certainly don't want to go alone... :p
  31. Profanity Member

    Feeling a bit outnumbered? :)
  32. Intelligence Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Circus: I think Camerafag is considering it.
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  34. Profanity Member

    WTF. I didn't want to post Anon.
  35. WhiteNight Member

  36. Profanity Member

    Image isn't showing. How sad. Why are you even up this late?
  37. WhiteNight Member

  38. Profanity Member

    If I remember correctly, you were giving us lectures on how we should be getting laid instead of staying up on the internet all night not too long ago. b4 meh.
  39. WhiteNight Member

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  40. Profanity Member

    Hmm...I like.

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