Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Gainsayer Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    I don't think the moomin nick was mentioned at all, but you'll probably figure out which one she was (Hint: Didn't wear a mask). On that note, I'm sure at previous raids Jen was okay with it too. As said though, if unsure just blur them for uploading - if the person happens to want the original for any reason, they'll be able to get it touch.
  3. strobe Member


    By the way, do you want blurring, dky?
  4. Space Whale Member

    lil emo kids = awesome
    i wanna take them home, hug them to death and call them spudnik, dave and jemimah and they shall be proffessional scone makers and serve them at every raid :3
    edit - circus fag and white you may abuse them anyway possible even for circus tricks :D
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  5. Skinnies Member

    Shveet protest guys xD
  6. strobe Member


    I think Skinnies' avatar would look cool with a v'mask shooped under the fringe.

    While you're waiting for moar pics, here's a high-res shot of wallchan at the end of the raid, you can make out most of it if you zoom in
    And in case anyone feels like it-
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  7. cfanon Member

    Very indifferent. I had no mask on, they could have taken photos of me at any point.
  8. Profanity Member

    Ohey. I found a single picture of the raid on my phone: the epic ten anon phonebox attempt. For those that missed it, enjoy:


    I particularly like the V mask squashed into the glass at the front. XD
  9. I am fapping right now
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  10. Circus Fag Member

    You know, I still feel like a pedo after learning that one of those lil emo kids was 12 xD
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  11. Profanity Member

    Did you go in the phone box with them?
  12. ZeroC Member

    Why was said policeman such a "wanker"?
  13. strobe Member

    Photos from elsewhere on the interwebs:

    Knowing now that one of them was 12 made me feel like I should be blurring the kids' faces, but since they showed up unmasked the fact is OSA's likely to have pics of them already.
  14. Circus Fag Member

    no, I was waaaay too tall for the phone box thing... I did, however, join in multiple times for the group hugs :p
    Also, I look like a total nitwit back there in the background... oh dear oh dear XD
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  15. Profanity Member

    Then you are not a pedo. :D

    You make up for it with the circus act~
  16. strobe Member

    We're talking about emos in phoneboxes here, not chavs...
  17. Profanity Member

    Feast your eyes on the result of my insomnia. Bleh. Getting a mask that had the right(ish) angle for the pose was a bitch.

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  18. strobe Member

    He just had a really angry attitude right from the off, when no one had done anything wrong, and was being unreasonably complainy when people strayed more than halfway into the path. Then later on when someone knicked a sign and I was asking them which way they went I'm sure he was deliberately unhelpful.
    Not the worst cop in the world at all, but generally ysosrs.

    Edit: Nice work Profanity
  19. Profanity Member

    Even I thought he was a dickhead, and as I'm Manc Anon's police loyalist, I hope that only helps highlight just how much of a wanker this guy was.
  20. Circus Fag Member

    YAY :D

    To be fair, my skills aren't actually that impressive... :p

    edit: also, I've just decided to make it a policy from now on to include a circus video of some form in each of my posts. Why? Because I can.

  21. Gomez Member

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  22. Gomez Member

    Also, the emos may be small but I'm sure they're not innocent. I think they're more like Southpark's Christmas Critters.
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  23. Gainsayer Member

    Indeed I am. ;D
    Paedophile D:
  24. culturepunk Member

    Was a fun day even though us two serious crust punks kept making trips to the shop to fight off hangovers. ha ha. The police thing was quite funny white knight when you were shouting across to us with the megaphone as they walked off. :D

    Need to find a bigger spaced pub next time for post drinks, was way to hot (and expensive) in there and no seats. :(
  25. culturepunk Member

    "12 year olds - i can't tell the difference and neither can you."
  26. SpaceWhale Member

    once seen cannot be unseen
  27. haha epic day, nd dint expect you there culturePunk. and post raid was just as epic, though did have to run and get ma card :S
  28. Gomez Member

    Strobe suggested booking/reserving a room as they sometimes do in Birmingham and London. I think some places do it for free so long as they're making enough off the bar. I know places in Warrington but I don't know Manchester very well...anyone?
  29. Profanity Member

    I giggle every time I see this. XD
  30. Circus Fag Member

    You think you have it bad? Thats my face, how do you think I feel? XD
  31. getbeckyout Member

    I have had a PM on my youtube channel from ducksoup 2007, this was a guy from Manchester who has followed our cause from Day One. I stated in a past thread that he would be attending the raid.

    Well he did get close and was watching from a distance, but a man with a camera who was filming the protest asked him if he was part of the protest, he states the man was American so ducksoup lost his nerve and left as he had no mask and he is aware of the Fairgame so he was scared.

    I dont know what ducksoup looks like but he is usually the first to comment on my vids, i did see a chap filming us to the right of the morg across the street about 100 mtrs away from the City.

    We cant be sure if its OSA
    I have not checked my video footage.

    By the way where is the spell check on this site?
  32. Profanity Member

    I don't think there is one. I just copypaste to Word to check if I'm in doubt.

    But speaking of people filming us, there was a guy taking pictures of anons in the station, trying to get pictures of their faces, even when they turned away.
  33. OroMatoko Member

    The grammar nazis are the spellcheckers Tony. I saw a few people taking pictures Strobe got most of them on camera I believe. And everyone leave Circus Fag alone that's just a bad picture (tries to contain giggles). Donkey Kong stop being lazy fag and upload some pics! XD
  34. Profanity Member

    Members of the public or potential Scilons? [/newfag]
  35. Fuckeye Member

    He was taking pictures of a few things before that as well, but eh.
    This. I'm also still loving the new and improved nick.
  36. strobe Member

    Well we need to know we're going to have a fair amount of people post-raiding before we consider it, and if people are right that there's usually a hefty deposit, who's going to do that?
    Interesting, did you or him see how big the camera was (and if it had a big zoom lens?)
    Well one guy I slightly suspected was the guy that posted the pictures above, so that's one off the list. I generally just take photos of anyone with a DSLR taking multiple photos of us.

    Sorry about the lack of photos on my end guise, extremely busy, will edit and upload a few when I get the chance.
  37. Fuckeye Member

    Missed this one: We manage to get ours for free due to knowing one of the senior staff from the early raids. They usually charge for the private function room, which is also why we only get it to ourselves until a certain time - sometimes they open it to the public, other times we have to move as it's booked privately. Might be different with some places though.
  38. culturepunk Member

    We saw some rather odd guy just standing watching from across cinema for ages when we went up to the toilets.
  39. strobe Member

    See this is the problem, Manchester does have an abundance of (wonderfully) odd people!
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  40. culturepunk Member

    ha ha probably us lot included.
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