Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. getbeckyout Member

    Is that a question or a answear?
  2. getbeckyout Member

    I dont mean to be rude.
  3. strobe Member

    Haha that's great XD
  4. getbeckyout Member

    I take it the vid is not the same q person?
  5. getbeckyout Member

    Q y did my you tube vid on wwp not get any response ? Ie not one comment, so y do I do the vid? Did y all think someting different than me. Did I offend?
  6. strobe Member

    Which youtube video?

    I think it's the person who posted it?
  7. getbeckyout Member

    My Feb 12th vid about 17 mins long?
  8. strobe Member

    My guess is it just got lost in the thread while it was still being processed, since there were so many posts. It's great coverage as always and I certainally don't think anyone will have found anything wrong with it. I 'liked' it, and had a laugh at 10:17 XD
  9. getbeckyout Member

    Thanks strobe that will do me. As long as I am helping.
  10. You are doing a terrific job.
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  11. strobe Member

    Yeah, I'm sure you know this Tony, but coverage of a protest amplifies its effects. The protest itself is seen by a lot of people, but only people in a certain place at a certain time. Footage of a protest is evidence to anyone, anywhere that there are people regularly out there being awesome and protesting. If the cult try and dismiss us as one or two people here and there, the videos from around the globe show them otherwise. And quite frankly, they also show that manchester is by far the best cell.
    And then there's all the stuff about family you help to get out there. Your videos do a great job.

    The proof is there, just search on youtube:
    'Manchester Protest' - 4 of your vids on the first page
    'Manchester Scientology - 6
    Plus a playlist someone's made called 'Tony and Sue'.
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  12. getbeckyout Member

    Thanks guys.
  13. veravendetter Member

    Even for kindness and encouragement, Strobe provides dox. No wonder he's top bitch. :)

    And yeah Tony, when I first got heavily interested here, yours were many of the staple videos I would go to, to get a normal bloke's perspective on a personal level. Don't ever doubt that you make an immense contribution.
  14. "we" are a lazy bunch the lack of comments at your video on youtube and views and such does not mean a few see it.

    Remember if you make just 1 wake up it has been worth it.

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