Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. cfanon Member

    Yeah saw the video last night, it's pretty good. Although obviously they'd prepared the defaced page and clearly had compromised WBC systems way before the interview, they'd had plenty of time to map the network lol
  2. strobe Member

    Tastefully done, still giving them too much attention.
  3. very well done, and although WBC seem to try to play it down by saying it took a while for anonymous to hcak the network!, the fact still remains they got hacked! no matter how you look at it! lol, there is no playing it down
  4. cfanon Member

    Strobe, you missed off the best bit. Underneath the message was 'delicious cake'... A map of the entire office network, a rootkit anyone could access and use to manipulate the network and a few 'protips' telling people where key parts on the network are (storage server, admin pages, printer etc)
  5. WhiteNight Member

    It just makes us look like fuckwits....
    CoS + hostile media now gets ammunition and mild justification to say that we're targeting "religions" that we don't like (i.e bigots)
    And because the WBC are clearly morons if we win it's like "great, you beat some technologically, socially, mentally and spiritually retarded shitnuggets" and if we lose it's complete and utter fail on our part.
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  6. id have to agree with white on this, he made a gd point :-p hopefully thay take the hint and just leave things be, rather than start a war with anon
  7. Anonymous Member

    ....different from Scientology how?

    When you play The Game, you Lost.
  8. Profanity Member

    I agree with White. But then again, I find the whole thing to be stupid. I might dislike what they do, but they have just as much right to picket as we do.

    [/extent of care]
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  9. WhiteNight Member

    Like I said, they're W,X,Y,Z shitnuggets, they won't back down. I mean, come on. They replied with "bring it". The upinacle of moronic bravado-esque responces.

    At least the CoS is impressive. Everyone knows the WBC are pathetic.
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  10. Gomez Member

    I won't be making the next two raids so I'll be pulling a vera and just living in the threads. I'll also be adding more pointless shit to make srys protestfags cry.

    Not sure if I can make Megaraid this year due to watching my pennies, I really hope I can make it though. Maybe if I walk to London innit.
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  11. veravendetter Member

  12. Fuckeye Member


    Besides, they asked for it.
    Do that.
  13. Skull Member

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  14. Fuckeye Member

    While 'cheese toastie' and 'profanity' gets an image you posted here as the top result on images, and this thread top in the standard search.
  15. WhiteNight Member

    Anon. That's the people from Anon who're actually attacking the WBC and Anon as a whole. Everyone. One big turd burger all tarred with the same brush by the media.
  16. strobe Member

    I just checked the furthest forward you can book, you can get coaches for £1 either way.

    And yeah, whole WBC thing is just a WBC-instigated publicity stunt. Or someone on the sidelines trollolololing
  17. Profanity Member

  18. Gomez Member

  19. veravendetter Member

  20. Kilia Member

    The site is totally down for me. Hmmm..
  21. Profanity Member

    Same. I lol'd.
  22. strobe Member

  23. Skull Member

    wow this thread died fast.


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  24. strobe Member

    I'd suggest bumping this one instead if you're going to. Need to get that shit sorted/promoted.

    EDIT: Lol, video didn't show first time I viewed the above post. My reaction - see below.
    (inb4 white edits the post below)
  25. WhiteNight Member

    I just fucking lol'd like a 13 year old school boy who wears short shorts all the way through that.
  26. Zak McKracken Member

    Okay my friends, party's over. We've been clowning around long enough. Time to get back to work.
    srs bsns in today's headlines on :|

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  27. cfanon Member

  28. Profanity Member

    ...God damn it, Camerafag. You made me think an automatic 'awwwww.' -_-
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  29. cfanon Member

    It's 'cause I'm cute.
  30. strobe Member



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  31. getbeckyout Member

  32. getbeckyout Member

    Thank you for asking as many forget about the trauma he has faced and still gets F.G.
    Protesting this cult is serious and comes with personal attacks, not good when like Neil has worn the T shirt.
  33. is my E-mail I do not forget Neil.

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  34. getbeckyout Member

    Good call yes that's Neil at my house. I don't know your face to your wwp name so I can't do a PM
  35. LOL

  36. veravendetter Member

    This thread stinks like a corpse, but I still wanna buttsecks it
  37. getbeckyout Member

    Cool my friend
  38. getbeckyout Member

    I agree, that's life!!!!!!
  39. I am dutch, sorry for my accent.

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