Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. cfanon Member

    BTW, profanity can't post properly atm because the site is being a 'fucking douche' :)
  2. veravendetter Member

    Don't take the blame for my hatred of this worm. I used to see him as 'victim', but people only get so many chances in my book. It can be argued that the majority of murderers in jail are 'victims' in one way or another. I'm not suggesting his actions are any way comparable to murder, but they have long reaching implications beyond anything even he can perceive. Life is hard, and often unfair, and all I'm saying is, if he becomes one of the unlucky ones I wouldn't shed a tear.

    Edit: taking my rage to a more appropriate corner of the internet so as not to get b&, or conform to the 'hate group' profile any more than I already have.
  3. strobe Member

    Seems fine to me now. Wifi must just be a bit dodgy in the kitchen.
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  4. Circus Fag Member

    Hmmm, this is annoying, the forums appears to still be down on Safari for my Mac (my primary browser, using FireFox right now), its just replaced with the words "nothing to see here"... I wander why?

    Also, Camerafag, Laughing Man, I am many things but I'm not a womaniser I'm afraid, I can get hugs pretty damned well easily but any further than that? Foreign territory in terms of women for me XD
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  5. Skinnies Member

    Aye, hug's of 12 and 14 year old's.
    You dirty, dirty student.
  6. Circus Fag Member

    ...Your never going to let me off the hook for that one, are you? XD

    Also, at least I don't get mistaken for a girl at first glance ;)
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  7. omg, whip him into submission allready
  8. Gainsayer Member

    A hug is a hug. Hug's are good. Therefore, you are let off the hook. ^.^
  9. Skinnies Member

    Ahh, I suppose you've got me there (;
    However, I quote the pictures from page 2.
  10. Circus Fag Member

    YAY! I feel like I've been de-pedofied now :D the curse of pedobear has been lifted off me XD
    .....go away! stop bullying 20 year olds XD

    Shouldn't it be your bed time now anyway, hmmmmmmm? ;)
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  11. WhiteNight Member

    The lass in the room above me is doing her best porn star impression. What's going on in this thread?
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  12. Circus Fag Member

    Basically, I'm being bullied by someone 6 years younger than me :p

    ...This has stopped being a 'post raid' thread long ago and is now a 'place for mancfags to chill' thread hasn't it? XD
  13. strobe Member

    Oh, just girl trouble, child abuse and pedobear, nothing much.
  14. strobe Member

    Never pick fights with kids. You can never win. And if you do everyone sides with the kid and you lose anyway.

    And what better to do with the thread! Though we should probably start moving over to the planning thread for next month at some point.
  15. WhiteNight Member

    Meh, why clutter it up?
    Also; Circusfag - Welcome to Manc. We chat. A lot.
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  16. Profanity Member

    RAGE. And shit. God, I hate this site at times.

    Strobe: Funnily enough, my internet works better in the kitchen. The call of duty has its benefits, apparently...
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  17. Circus Fag Member

    Thanks! Glad to be here XD
  18. Profanity Member

    I like the chat aspect of Manc Anon. Makes getting to know people at protests less awkward. :)
  19. veravendetter Member

    Back after calming down . . . phew. Sorry to be the boring guy in the thread, but at what point on the staff ladder does one graduate from being a 'victim' into a 'perpetrator'? Is Tommy Davis merely a victim? Sam displays the same shameless spin/lie/denial cocktail he does. Being hooked in the cult does not mean exemption from personal responsibility.
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  20. Skinnies Member

    I apologise my clowny friend <3. Heh, Coffe is my addiction, picking on 20 old's is just a habbit.

    Sorry about that, but yeah, It's all good ;D
  21. strobe Member

    I think Tommy Davis knows a tonne more about the cult and believes in it a tonne less. I'd certainally say he's a perpetrator. As were Marty and Mike.
    It's complicated when it comes to anyone further down, because we're talking about people's minds being conditioned over a long time here and we don't know how much people know. For instance, I seriously doubt sam has any idea about what RPF's really like. Sam's second generation, and although he says it was left until his teenage years before he decided if he wanted to be a Scientologist, he'll have been exposed to Scientology and a positive image of Scientology all his life.
  22. Grimlock Member

    What the fuck is wrong with you Manc you sack of cocks?
    Don't appologise to him get angry and drop kick him in the dick.
    FFS Prof get back in the kitchen.
    God damn it we are talking about whether Sam is a perpetrator or victim. It's not our job anymore, we gave him info and he carries on making himself ill, FUCK HIM.
    Fuckeye and WhiteNight I expected better from you.
    DK nice pics.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    How the fuck do Manchester threads go on for so long? WTF are you all talking about?
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  24. cfanon Member

    Only positive one. Clearly I'm awesome. In reward for this I'll post moar pictures when I get home tonight.

    Scifags? Paedophilia? Women's domestic duty? buttsecs with your mother?

    One of those I was doing last night, I'll give you a little clue: it's the last one.
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  25. veravendetter Member

    As you have talked to him on many occasions and 'know' (I use the term loosely) him better than I do, I accept your explanation. If it was chips down time though I reckon I'd still be with Grimlock saying
    Thanks for replying to my point though, and compassion is a virtue that is always welcome in my arena.
  26. veravendetter Member

    IRC Deluxe
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  27. Skull Member

    Oh Hai guise. miss me?

    How come everyone elses threads are so fucking short? do they not have faces? do they think WWP is somewhere they should only go once a month to say " can millhouse be a meme now?" or "i might be attending."
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  28. why shldnt they be so long, manc anons use threads to there full, as Profanity said, helps us get to know each over better! which is a great bonus when it comes to the protest, as every1 feels a lot less isolated and awkward
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  29. loltology Member

    Manc 'long' Thread is Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

    Not sure if that works but I couldnt give a fuck either way, stop moaning.

    Dog: Mans best friend or sworn enemy, Discuss!
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  30. hmm must admit every1 got a point, closest post game thread with the number of replies in Europe would be ours from December, 95, this ones over 400 lol
  31. Skull Member

    well i think its just a matter of maths.. where n = newfags

    we gained alot of youfags in Feb :) (Posters*7) + (n*(9posts+[random inter chat]) = replies,

    more people join gives us more and more posts per person, and we havent even got to a serious Bacon conversation yet.

    for example: if this were an Anonocracy and not a Dick.tatorship (our leaderfags) id put forth the motion that we make one for the next raid :)

    (ofc Grim n Strobe know we'd be lost without them)
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  32. strobe Member

    We'll cut off your internet! You're making our cell look bad! Do you want civil war? It's all that southern influence, isn't it? You're all puppets for Loldon! *arrests camerafag*
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  33. cfanon Member

    I don't think the formula covers it really, you have to have to take into account for more people meaning conversations will have a higher probability of someone injecting 'new' or 'fresh' topic/life into it. Say there are no newfags and 10 regulars then it would be 70 posts, but with 2 newfags it'd be 88, except, those two newfags could spark all sorts of new topics of conversation that hasn't been explored before, or even provoke some regulars to post some old raid memories. Thus the formula must represent so.

    PS you don't need the * in mathematical forumlas :p
    n*(9posts+[random inter chat]) would just be n(9posts+r)
    r of course being 'random inter chat'

    Sorry, I did it for the anti-lulz. Sorry, I did it for the anti-lulz. Sorry, I did it for the anti-lulz.


    That bacon explosion looks evil... and amazing. So got to try that one day.
  34. getbeckyout Member

    Sam Butler / Tracy Fish / Richard Bromley and Tommy Davis / Graeme Wilson (Spelt correct) are not victims anymore in my eyes, they have seen the evidence of the harm they support and do nothing about it. We all know the reasons why they dont, but instead they still promote and KSW, well they think they do.
    They have hurt my family and continue to cause harm, so balls to these named Victims.
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  35. Fuckeye Member

    With regards to what, exactly? Sleeping/working through the rage?
    That's what alcohol is for.
    That was the placeholder while recovering from the DDoS. Safari slow catching up for some reason, or maybe a cached version?
  36. Circus Fag Member

    Safari seems to have finally recovered... any idea who we were being DDoS'd by by any chance? Maybe it was that stupid anti-gay church thingy that Anonymous did-but-actually-didn't declare war on a few days ago?
  37. cfanon Member

    No, they don't have the capability, and it's not their M.O, they stay within the law themselves but push people to break their civil liberties so they can sue them. Could have easily been $cientology or jester.

    Edit: jester didn't mention it on his twitter, so not him.
  38. strobe Member

    It'll have been Anonymous, always is.
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  39. cfanon Member

    Why would Anonymous attack WWP?

    Wouldn't it be more likely to be $cientology related?
  40. strobe Member

    I don't know how much you know about the background of Anon, but there's a lot of them pissed at the fact we use the name/identity of Anonymous to do good things. They think we're ruining the image of the internet hate machine. Or they just want to troll, whatever. But certainally a lot of anon is not behind Chanology. Infighting has always been a major factor in anon, whether it's argument on one site, or chans/IRC channels attacking each other, whatever. Several Anon groups have taken WWP down in the past, sometimes days at a time.

    I seriously doubt that if Scientology's ever ddos'd WWP, that they would still do it and do it at such an insignificant time. I've had my suspicions when it's gone down at critical times in the past, but that could still have easily been Anon.

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