Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. veravendetter Member


    Pic related. Me and Fuckeye picking who we're gonna snatch from the treehouse and take to the 'panic room'
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  2. Profanity Member

    But which one is Fuckeye? :p
  3. strobe Member

    Take a guess. I mean, really..
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  4. Circus Fag Member

    Come to think of it, who the hell is Fuckeye anyways? Mancfag or something different? :confused:
  5. Profanity Member

    Nobody knows...just smile and wave when you see him and you should live through the day~
  6. Circus Fag Member

    Well, to get a better understanding of this mysterious personality, what exactly would happen if I offered him a hug...? (thats way to assess what type of people people are XD)
  7. Profanity Member

    They'd be scraping your remains off the pavement. :O

    Of course, I'm still going to try and hug him next time I'm smashed. I lose my survival instincts when I'm drunk.
  8. Circus Fag Member

    Aaaaah, so he's the "psychotic and will try to kill anything with affection" type then?

    I've met such a person before... theeen overpowered her with smothering hugs and lots of wuv.

    We're bestest friends now :D
  9. Profanity Member

    I dare you to try that with Fuckeye. 8D
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  10. Circus Fag Member

    Bring it on! I've out-lived every so-called 'invincible scary dude' I've met so far :3

    Talking of hugs, would you like one? :D
  11. Profanity Member

    I would indeed. ^_^
  12. Circus Fag Member

    yay =D

  13. Grimlock Member

    He's a BRUMMIE
  14. Anonymous Member

    I have actually had all sorts of sex with pigeon and continue to do so on a regular basis. She just pretends to be a lezzer so that other guys don't bother her.
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  15. cfanon Member

    ^ lulz. I don't know pigeon, but my guess is delusionfail anyway. Especially if that's white.
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  16. Skull Member

    24 person group hug was fun, need more pics. will add mine when and if i find a bloody cable for my camera.
  17. Fuckeye Member

    I'm awesome, that's all you need to know.

    ...Sorry, I was channeling White's ego there.
    Wait what?
    I'm not a bloody brummie.
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  18. getbeckyout Member

    This will be good.
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  19. WhiteNight Member

    That wasn't even me. I'm most humoured by the poster
  20. Profanity Member

    It was probably Pigeon herself. :p
  21. Circus Fag Member

    ...all this talk about sex is just reminding me about how I have no girlfriend... D':
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  22. @Circus Fag

    in that case go find someone, lol
  23. cfanon Member

    Go caveman style and just grab a woman off the street. They love it like that.
  24. haha, thaught that was gypsies? lol
  25. strobe Member

    Don't know what caused the WWP downtime, but in case there's more of it (let it not be a ddos) we have a backup forum over here -

    While it was down and when I should really have been doing other things, I came across this.

    So this new scheme designed by 'Reverend Christopher James Worfolk BSc' who is
    Leeds Atheist Society, president (2006-2008) Leeds Atheist Society, events secretary (2008-2009) Leeds Atheist Society, vice president (2009-2011) National Federation of Atheist Humanist & Secular Student Societies, trustee (2008-2010) Leeds Skeptics, founder, Humanist Action Group, co-founder, Chris Worfolk Foundation, trustee (2009-) Humanist Society of West Yorkshire, committee member (2010-)
    And owns <<< He seems to be worth a bob or two and intends to own the biggest company in the world, wow.

    ...recently had Sam Butler round. They're an inter-faith communication project in Leeds encouraging discussion between religious and non-religious groups.


    He's also been up to Leeds a couple more times for related sessions, one in April 2010, another 'Perspective' session and an 'interfaith panel' in November run by Leeds Atheist society.


    What's interesting is Chris Worfolk & friends have previously debated whether Scientology is a cult and have discussed the Bare Faced Messiah book. One of the events on the blog is also titled 'Scientology and Me', suggesting Chris is aware of the panorama programme.

    Although it is obviously a bit degrading to the real religions represented in the programme, it doesn't concern me overly much that this is going on, after all it's clearly a group of largely skeptic-type people or people of a particular faith (although Sam could always play the 'compatible with other religions' card). What is of a bit of concern is Chris is trying to get the Perspective course which he started under the 'Chris Worfolk Foundation' (a humanist charity) to be adopted by other societys around the country. And if Scientology gets this opportunity with a different crowd, they might be getting a good recruitment ground.

    Apparently you're allowed to ask any question, no matter how difficult or controversial. Perhaps next time Sam's round someone should pay them a visit...
  26. Fuckeye Member

    Yep, it was. The admins made the most of the downtime and did some maintenance - including merging the iran.wwp subforum, so it's now covered in the initiatives.
  27. strobe Member

    good call.
  28. cfanon Member

    Yeah, they posted on their twitter that it was a DDoS. Wish they'd have done it earlier on in the day though, I've been refreshing every 20 minutes or so through out the day...

    I'm curious where they get their botnet from, anonymous is pretty unique in the whole 'volunteer to DDoS' aspect so who ever is attacking must be hiring a botnet from somewhere.
  29. Skinnies Member

    Guys, do you know where I can get an anonymous flag?

  30. Fuckeye Member

    Timezones, bitch.
  31. Profanity Member

    If this site had balls, I would punch them. Constant crashing is beginning to piss me off.

    As for those pics, third one down the woman right of Sam looks like she's about to fall asleep. XD
  32. Very Very Well Done ! Delicious Spankings for everyone !
  33. Skinnies Member

  34. strobe Member

    Lol, you've seen nothing yet.

    Hate to shatter the illusion, but I think she's taking notes. On the other hand, second pic down, that's definitely a facepalm :p
  35. cfanon Member

    It was down for atleast 10 hours, and if this is hosted in America then they'd have woken up at 2pm latest? My point being is that when it's down for so long, there's no excuse for atleast one member of the admin to post a status explaining.
  36. cfanon Member

    Could easily be adjusting his glasses ;)
  37. veravendetter Member

    Sam the sinister robot-husk, spreading his mealy-mouthed message. He is beyond rational help/discussion. I hope he fucks up and gets RPF'd (for a long time). Or alternatively, fast-track to some elevated position across the pond as DM's pet, and punched in the face every day for bad stats.

  38. Fuckeye Member

    Woke up, got on with the various things they have to do - jobs etc. They all do this voluntary in addition to their regular work. Then once they noticed/had it brought to their attention, there was the issue of waiting for the DDoS to stop enough for us to even be able to connect to the site to see any message - there was a placeholder in place before it came back up.

    And on the subject of the twitter, there's no guarantee that it's owned by any of the admins. As it's only just over a month old, and WWP has existed for a couple of years, any of the hundreds of members could be the owners of that account.
  39. strobe Member

    People can think it's soft if they like, but I wouldn't wish RPF on anyone and still see Sam as a victim here. Certainly wasn't trying to spark more Butler bashing.

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