Manchester bla de bla de blaa wham sham bizzle you guessed it: we done raided the Scizzle.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skull, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Skull Member

    2nd of July

    Manchester Anonymous

    RIP, Whitenight.

    (audio stimulation while you read)

    To commemorate the loss of one Whitenight from the Manchester cell, (atleast for 2 more months we hope) we decided to roll deep on the org and teach them what we can do with our ego's boosted by a factor of over 9000 and at least 100.

    Clothed in (mostly) white and if not at least in shades of grey we stormed down Deansgate humming Hellmarch as cfanons headphones were quiet as a Newfag on his first raid. (speaking of which..)

    With one Newfag we were bound for some minor fails but we used the chance to dub him with an honourary Mancfag title ( Ballsy or Ballsyfag ) because he had the balls to deny Liberal, tell the myself "no" repeatedly and make an epic comment about the brightness of CFanon's hair in the sunlight.

    Anyway, we marched past announcing ourselves with a well thought out "DID YOU MISS US!?" and "WE'RE BACK! (lololol) " into their open door way, took 4 steps past the door and laid down our kit to prepare for an epic day of bright sunlight, epic dance moves, Liberal molestation and elbows to organs and heads.

    After Profanity, our new trollcannon bearer arrived we proceeded to kick some dirt up with interpretive dance to the likes of Du Hast and U Can't Touch This. Leaflets were given, signs were made, replaced and used. Car horns were honked. bottles, were thrown (and eventually led to myself and Liberal going Predatalion on the drive-by car which got caught in traffic after said bottle throwing, twice. Then the usual - food, more protesting, honks and post raid pictures with Hobo's.

    Good day, White commemorated, pictures taken, Bullshit spoken by Sam Butler to us, ( Sam got some internets though for poking fun at CFanon's brightest of bright ginger hair)

    GG Scientology - see you next week.

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  2. Dragononymous Member

    Good raid sounds good and white
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  3. xenubarb Member

    Wat, White Knight spending the summer shooting grice in the country?
  4. cfanon Member

    The thing is, I'd give him points if he'd have come up with something original. You know I'm the last one to be offended by ginger jokes, but sometimes I'd much rather have originality.
  5. Profanity Member

    Yeah, but it also proves we've rubbed off on him. Sam is just as big a troll as us.
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  6. cfanon Member

    LOL I mistakenly got a shot up Profanity's skirt... no joke O__O hhahahaha
  7. Anonymous Member

    A short what?
  8. cfanon Member

    How I process my pictures is convert them to a universal RAW format and then go through and pick the pictures I want, and tag them for searching in the future etc....

    I've finished picking now, I (not on purpose) picked 69 pictures (well, with videos) ;)

    This raid was major #winning.
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  9. cfanon Member

    Oops. Shot*

    As in picture.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Grimlock Member

    Oh that put down was brought to you by the letter S as in SNAP!
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  12. SwordofTruth Member

  13. Profanity Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Awesome post about an awesome Raid is Awesome squared!
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  15. Profanity Member

    Pics pics pics, Camerafag; Novu.
  16. amaX Member

    Glorious defiance! I love you all. <3
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  17. Skull Member

    Scientology has been verbally warned too now btw - by our very own CFanon: We plan to raid them when ever we can, when they least expect it, when they are most busy and overall aim to be as big a presence to their members as the fucking wind. If they are going out those doors they'd better check twice that we aren't stood 4 meters away with directional signs and themed dress codes shouting three word chants at them.

    You readin that OSA? (/Fuckeye)
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  18. cfanon Member

    And I plan on living up to it. Imma pay them a few visits.
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  19. Skull Member

    Gonna cum on your lunch
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  20. cfanon Member

    Might as well, already came on yours.
  21. Dragononymous Member

    Why do I always miss these things..
  22. cfanon Member

    I love how the only thing I have to blur out on these pictures is Profanity's ass on the upskirt photo (Y)

    PS, any of you guise got sunburn too? lol
  23. Fuckeye Member

    Loud and clear.
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  24. cfanon Member

    I've done the pictures, but I don't wanna upload without confirming with Prof that she's happen with the edit first :p I wanna upload all at once... so I'll start tinkering with the videos for now
  25. Dragononymous Member

    Or just plain lazy?
  26. cfanon Member

    Oh man there are some amazing videos O_O but it facefags newfag/ballsyfag at a good point :( I'll maybe try and blur his face tomorrow (well, today now), if not just cut that part out.
  27. cfanon Member

    Shh, all the pictures are done now. The annoying part is over.... uploading and posting them is easy.
  28. Dragononymous Member

    get started then?
  29. KiRiku Member

    Dude post it if you want i dont care
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  30. Dragononymous Member

    True Spirit there
    Also Hi Ballsyfag
  31. KiRiku Member

  32. Dragononymous Member

  33. KiRiku Member

  34. SwordofTruth Member

    Only ginger people get sunburn, ohh and people who don't put suncream on their head.
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  35. cfanon Member

    Imma havin' fun with adobe premiere pro...
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  36. Dragononymous Member

    You go Girl!
  37. Fuckeye Member

    You know what solves that?

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  38. SwordofTruth Member

    The moment girls stop pulling on it then it's allowed to grow.
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  39. Dragononymous Member

    Ahahaha you made a funny!
  40. strobe Member

    Call the RSPCA, I just saw some abuse of insanity wolf.

    Well done guys and girl. I look forward to the pictures. All the pictures. (hint hint CF)

    Just for the record, I disapprove of the deterioration in proper thread title etiquette.

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