Manchester 9th July

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. WhiteNight Member

    Shit! They know what I mean by "giving a leg up"!
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  2. L'islet Member

    Thats no leg!
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  3. veravendetter Member

    A 3rd leg.
  4. cfanon Member

    Oh lord... Him... I love it when attrition and the likes pick on him :) makes me all warm and tickly downstairs inside.
  5. WhiteNight Member

    No, it's thicker and longer than a leg.
    Our friend Aaron is back on the radar? Why?
  6. cfanon Member

    Nah, he's just passive in the security industry. Every now and then you'll see someone tweeting 'LOL "Aaron barr is now following you on twitter" he's still alive?!'. He tweets semi-regular if I recall, nothing major. I think he did an interview on how to react and deal with being attacked by Anonymous / lulzsec though.
  7. SwordofTruth Member

    This Marcus guy seems to be a Dev at McAfee.

    @DaveMarcus Dave Marcus
    @aaronbarr oh and those that use questionable modus operandi shouldn't throw stones
    9 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @aaronbarr Aaron Barr
    @DaveMarcus lol. What did i "use" again? Use implies action.
    9 hours ago

    @DaveMarcus Dave Marcus
    @aaronbarr Again? Are you conveniently forgetting your own recent history? #HBGary
    8 hours ago

    @aaronbarr Aaron Barr
    @DaveMarcus key word is use.
    8 hours ago

    @aaronbarr Aaron Barr
    @DaveMarcus the idea that I or any associate acted immorally or unethically is contrived and lacks any proof. It is not in my nature.

    And for major rofls

    aaronbarr Aaron Barr
    Participating on #defcon panel dealing with hactivism, cyber crime, net freedoms, state of security. Good opportunity for healthy debate.
  8. SwordofTruth Member

  9. L'islet Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    He's just Dragononymousing.
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  11. L'islet Member

    Snape dies umad?
  12. SwordofTruth Member

    ffy, sausage dildo fingers are such a burden.
  13. novu Member

  14. cfanon Member

    :) A phrase commonly used in SE "You can't patch stupidity". He's just copying off that.
  15. cfanon Member

    "Director of Security Research" is a sweet title. That'd be a very nice job to have...

    Shame his posts on McAfee blog are a bit boring.
  16. Profanity Member

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  17. Profanity Member

    Attention, Mancfags! My supar seekret order has arrived, been charged, and tested. It works! I present to you...


    The return of the MEGA trollcannon! All of Deansgate will be able to hear our sweet music and Anti-Scilon messages again!

    Going to be dragging this to all the normal raids. Not mini raids, though, because we move around far too much for me to be fucked bringing it (with the exception of one).

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  18. SwordofTruth Member

  19. cfanon Member

    SwordofTruth, Y U NO RAID?
  20. strobe Member

    Awesome. (That was quick)
    Sure they'll be delighted. Also ftfy.

    So now you lot have a new leaderfag and a new fully-equipped musicfag who people on occasion think is female. I feel redundant.
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  21. cfanon Member

    Don't worry, when you raid again you can bring yours as well. One on each side of the road ;)
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  22. Profanity Member

    inorite? :D

    Currently having a solo rave to the raid playlist whilst cleaning the kitchen. Womanly duties come first~


    Psh. Three people (coalition leaderfags and a musicfag) to do the jobs you did by yourself. Enjoy the break while it lasts. :)

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  23. strobe Member

    Well if we can get the FM radio set up again then just maybe... They're also daisychainable. :p
    It's a minefield though, isn't it? One minute you're 'enjoying' the long edit of SUWGOMH, next thing you know 'SCIENTOLOGY IS A SCAM ON A GLOBAL SCALE' FUUUUU-. Then just when you relax again to some more 'good music', 'DARN, YOU JUST LOST THE-'
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  24. Profanity Member

    I'm having images of a row of trollcannons blasting out SUWGOMH outside the org. Forget Scientology, we would ruin the entire of Manchester's day.


    Yeah. I was enjoying Fasten Your Seatbelt when 'DARN, YOU JUST LOST THE-' came on, which is about a million times louder than FUCKING EVERYTHING on the playlist. Nearly deafened me. DX
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  25. strobe Member

    Intentional, trust me.
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  26. Profanity Member

  27. SwordofTruth Member

    13th when I shall set out from the Shire to Mordor.
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  28. cfanon Member

  29. Waffle~ Member

  30. Dragononymous Member

  31. L'islet Member

  32. Dragononymous Member

    I never knew 360's gave such quality pictures btw..
    Thought it was better, awh well
  33. Skull Member

  34. Dragononymous Member

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  35. Profanity Member

    Did you just explode White's head?

    Well done, sir!
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  36. cfanon Member

    He's just illustrating what happens when White orgasms.
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  37. Profanity Member

    I feel sorry for White's girlfriend, then.
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  38. Dragononymous Member

    White's head explodes when he's having an orgasm? Owh dear..(.)
    He should really have that checked out by a doctor
  39. KiRiku Member

  40. Dragononymous Member

    That's not nice to say..

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