Manchester 12th March

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Grimlock, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Circus Fag Member

    To be fair, most fags (in the genuine homosexual sense of the word, rather than "your a fag lolololol") are awesome anyways...

    A paradox! D:
  2. getbeckyout Member

  3. Skull Member

    9 days to go~
  4. veravendetter Member

    If you're not satisfied; that's the way it will be
  5. nt long know!, and shld have ma emblem this time :p
  6. Circus Fag Member

    Gah, I still need to make a sign or something D:
  7. moomin Member

    Indeedy! I request delicious caek / party hats / party poppers being in abundance for the raid.

    I'll definately be there, I get paid on the 11th which is epic win!!! :D

    Also, I have a song request:

    j/k I just wanted to share the freakyness of this video to those who have yet to see it.
  8. Circus Fag Member


    That song is going to give me nightmares now...

    That said, some horrid thing by Lady Gaga will never be able to out-weird the hippie generation XD

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  9. veravendetter Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Profanity Member

    Would you like a hug, too? :D
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  12. cfanon Member

  13. Circus Fag Member

  14. Skull Member

  15. strobe Member

    ^ is dat sum failpost?


    I have another nice new mask for white to shake his head at disapprovingly.
    I can actually see in this one, which is an improvement.

  16. Profanity Member

    Anything White shakes his head disapprovingly at is approved of by the rest of Manc Anonymous~
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  17. Circus Fag Member

    But what happens if we finally convince him that hugs are awesome...? D:
  18. phoxx Member

    the world implodes
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  19. Skull Member

    "but on that same day as the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse, another more terrifying birth took place"


    had to prepare for an intro from Justin Beiber.

    oh thank god.. its just more of a 'Dune' intro..
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  20. Circus Fag Member

    something just occurred to me....

    whats the difference between a huggle and a cuddle?
  21. Profanity Member

    Me and my friends define a huggle as a cross between a hug and a snuggly hug. A cuddle would be when you're on the sofa on bed with someone?

    [/hurdurderp i dont know wat im talking about]
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  22. Circus Fag Member

    Well whatever they are I haven't had either for way too long XD
  23. Profanity Member

    I'll give you a huggle at the next protest~
  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Circus Fag Member

    Yaaaaaaaayyyy! :D:D:D
    No. No it will not. Would you like a hug? :D
  26. Zak McKracken Member

    I would!

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  27. Profanity Member

    Nope. Your only way out is suicide.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I suppose you're right. Reported for promoting illegal activity.
  29. Profanity Member

    My heart bleeds. Of course, there's a difference between promoting and stating. But I guess you'll grab whatever scraps you can~
  30. Gomez Member

    So I searched Strobe Cunt

    Most badass pic:

    Most retarded pic (although accurate when dealing with Strobe)
  31. veravendetter Member

  32. cfanon Member

    Down there is one of these

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  33. Skull Member

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  34. cfanon Member

  35. Skull Member

    Bitch if you aint winnin yer losing.

    and Anon has no Losers.
    Only Sci-fags are Losers.

    With him, but still trolls. Anon breaks the rules.


    fuckin take this!

  36. strobe Member

    I watched about twenty minutes of it live, it seemed pretty dull. When they started asking for people to send in their favourite Sheen quotes I turned off. Only funny part in that 20 minutes was the fact he has 'Winning' tattooed on his wrist.

    Also they need to talk louder or clap quieter, gosh darn it.
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  37. Grimlock Member

    It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that I shall not be attending this raid afterall.
  38. Fuckeye Member

    It is with significantly less sadness that I'm informing you I might not be around either.
  39. getbeckyout Member

  40. strobe Member

    Great updates, I'll stick them on DWTO soon along with the previous video and links.

    It is with the most sincere apologies that I have to inform you that I will be at this raid.

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