Man to be arraigned for sexually molesting 3-year-old daughter

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    Can we hire a hitman?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Rather just leak his crime to his prison mates, save us the money of having to hire
  4. Anonymous Member

    It's hard to read, the guy excuses himself while he is apologizing and minimizing what he did. Looks like all of the kids are out of there now, but I hope to God not with family like that.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I was more disturbed with the mother's role...she's just fck'd in the head to be honest....
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Silent333Eyes Member

    I agree. She had that kid growing inside of her for almost a year. Forming a supposed bond and then she helps her husband rape her. It's sad. In my life I would love at least 5 kids, however, seeing a positive on a pregnancy test would scare the shit out of me. That's why I am very interested in ways to become sterile and taking birth control. Pregnancy is now terror and its not cus some kids are annoying or that they are a big responsibility, it's terror because now I feel that predators look at pregnant people funny. You know what I mean?

  8. EveStropping Member

    I'd do that without payment just to get rid of that vermin,
  9. Need a helping hand?
  10. My rates are very reasonable.
  11. FloGold Moderator

    Please remember that aside from the general WWP rules that do not condone or advocate violence, I also stress the importance of keeping our wits about us.

    \We need to keep our integrity. I understand the rage that these people and their actions elicit in every single one of us, but I find it more satisfying to see someone bought to justice and have their lives ruined than to advocate violence that will just hurt our cause.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I am sorry to hear this, although your position is completely understandable, the care and compassion you show in your posts regarding this subject are suggestive that you would make a great mother. FWIW.
  13. veravendetter Member

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  14. FloGold Moderator

    Its funny, I cant seem myself as having kids of my own ever at all, have no patience, but yet I fight this fight for kids everywhere. I will gladly sacrifice my freedom to help save even one child.
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  15. veravendetter Member

    You're so worthy. Love you
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  16. FloGold Moderator

    Hardly, but I will never stop fighting for what is right.
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  17. Jimbob Member

    Your a better man than me... Fucker woulda died from weeks of painfull torture if that was part of my family.
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  18. Silent333Eyes Member

    Thank you for the comment. I actually have a daughter so her life means the world to me, however, having more children seems more stressful mentally than physically. I already feel guilty for my daughter because sometimes I feel I put her at risk by having her. However, no matter what happens I will protect her. She is part of the motivation I have for protecting others as well. Selfish acts of another should not be tolerated.

    I feel that mental health should be looked at much closer because it seems to be ignored for the most part. These people, I hate to say this, are people too. Somehow they have this shit in their head so somehow there must be a way to get it out, help them see the hurt that is caused. Empathy may be non existent though so I am not sure.
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  19. A.O.T.F Member

    Apparently it's a work of art, when HOC, & the brothers find, and deal to these sick fucks. I don't know how everyone else feels, but if this kind of thing were to ever happen to my family - My initial reaction would make Barret Browns' spin out look like a mere walk in the park. And I'm a pretty placid and cruisey person.
  20. Hobbit Member

  21. FloGold Moderator

    if you like that go check out
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  22. EveStropping Member

    I agree with you FloGold , I know that violence is not the solution and my comments arose from the anger and disgust I felt when reading that article. Being brought to justice by legal means is necessary, but sometimes I feel that it's just not enough for the perpetrator to spend a few years in prison when the victim has a life sentence.
    I'll put my rusty spoon back in the drawer.
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  23. Jimbob Member

    Same here I should try harder to not let my anger about things like this to get the better of me. I have 4 children myself so things like this tend to strke a cord with me, just cant help it sometimes.
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  24. FloGold Moderator

    It's ok, we are all human after all.
    Thats why this forum is here, to vent frustration and anger in a constructive way.
    We will always be here to listen just gotta be careful of what we say.
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  25. A.O.T.F Member


    In my comment I said "Initial reaction" Knowing that I have family & friends around me who would kick my fucking ass if I wouldn't calm the fuck down. Having people around with commonsense is one's first line of sanity.
    Having the normal feelings of wanting to kill the motherfucker/s is a sane and very common reaction. To follow through with violent action on such feelings is not a sane option.
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  26. FloGold Moderator

    We do have to be careful with what we say or imply in public areas of the forum especially now that the entire world is in upheaval over the NSA leaks and Scientology OSA activity is running rampant. You never know who is listening in besides the NSA. HAHAHA!
  27. EveStropping Member

    As I don't wish to derail this thread I'll go with a more serious note and add how it constantly surprises me that there are so many people out there who are capable of being wonderful parents and are denied the chance by Mother Nature.
    The other side of the coin is the parent who sexually assaults his three year old daughter, or those who are participating in allowing their children to be abused on live feeds.
    Personally I find it good to know there are people out there and in here who share the same views as myself. However I do find it very frustrating knowing that I can do little to help. Recently I have felt quite disgusted by the judiciary system in my country because the sentences are too lenient by half. The people who commit these types of crimes should be deprived of their freedom for a very long time. The victims suffer for life, so should the criminal.
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  28. FloGold Moderator

    I understand cymbeline, that is why its important to know how to laugh and smile, like we are doing here right now.
    at the start of this op i took myself way too seriously and ended up fucked up in the head for a minute. but once my friends and fellow anons made me realize that it was ok not to feel like shit over it all the time, my nightmares and anxiety went away.
  29. EveStropping Member

    Flo as I'm still very much a newfag ( catching up with the lingo) the last thing I want to do is be seen making light of a very serious situation. There are so many injustices in this world and so little I can do to change that. This is why I came here, I know your voices are heard and I want mine to be heard too. I like what I've found here and hope to make my mark in a positive manner.
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  30. FloGold Moderator

    Just follow what your heart tell you cym, thats what I do and even tho at the time its felt like a huge fuck up on my part in the end its never steered me wrong.
  31. EveStropping Member

    Thanks Flo , any fuck ups I make will be lessons learned eventually.
  32. FloGold Moderator

  33. Arceusaur Member

    When the offender becomes the victim in the showers... 0,0
  34. Anonymous Member

    they deserve that and more ten times over/
  35. EveStropping Member

    banged up against the wall by a big man named Mary.

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