Malaysia Airlines flight goes missing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Golden Age of Protest, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Twinkle Member

    And liar.
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  2. tinfoilhatter Member

  3. Andy Downs Member

    The FBI can make anything their jurisdiction they want. Their legal logic will be, since it was an American made plane, with perhaps an American on board, they are coming. They have gone around the world on less authority.

    The FBI had agents in Mexico and Central & South America during WWII. Officially looking for German spies, it actually turned into a support structure for corporations who want to do business in the Banana Republics .
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  4. Twinkle Member

    I'd prefer poverty to making money the Maxwell way. He has all the ethics of a sewer rat and the conscience to match.
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  5. Anonylemmi Member

    It is still too soon to speculate. It will all come out in the wash.
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  6. Andy Downs Member

    Refurbished applies to all planes in a way.
    It was a Boeing 777. Any aircraft that has flown for more that 50 hours has had some part changed on the plane.
    I know of planes that are 50-75 years old that are in better shape than some of the newer planes. It depends on who has the wrench.

    In that part of the world for heavy jet maintenance, there are multiple cheap locations. The parts that are often used are not up to the standards that should be used, but nonetheless placed on commercial planes everyday (especially there)
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  7. Anonylemmi Member

    If they stopped making airliners today, a hundred or so years from now the last one flying will be DC-3.
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  8. Andy Downs Member

    Everyone needs to consider that 95% of the coverage is guessing at this point.
    Earlier article cited comparisons of maintenance problems between the 777 & 787 (it is ALL speculation)

    The Passport BS is another one. Hell that happens everyday they just don;t admit it.

    The "Terror" angle and quotes from CNN Candy Crowley "Is it true that this could have been a bomb or terrorist operation?"
    Well fuck yeah it possible....but no one has found the plane.

    My current favorite is "The plane seemed to disintegrate in the air" OK my opinion is HORSESHIT
    Even the Twin Towers had debris to examine.....

    The truth...until they find the plane everything you will hear is mental masturbation for ratings
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  9. Andy Downs Member

    Damn right......This was my first DC-3 delivery
    The paint job always got peoples attention

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  10. As ifness Member

    DC-8s without fans will be making thetan deliveries long after that.
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  11. Andy Downs Member

    The 8's were a great plane. Still unmatched in is payload capacity.
    You can go as high as 65000 lbs on a 767/757 then you jump to the 747 which depending n the model would start at 300000 lbs

    Nothing bridges that gap except the DC8
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  12. Perfecto Member

    When you start the aviation chat I get hot and bothered in certain places. For all the right reasons I might add.
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  13. The Internet Member

    Lol Andy, you missed the Xenu angle in As ifness’ comment.

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  14. Andy Downs Member

    Got it now.....too literal when it comes to planes sometimes.
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  15. Andy Downs Member

    My favorite radial engine aircraft of ALL time.
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  16. Perfecto Member

    Music to my ears.
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  17. Perfecto Member

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  18. Andy Downs Member

    I got to ride in a Howard 250 one time. It would cruise at 275 (faster than most turbo props.

    This Howard 500 was pressurized and would gain True Air Speeds of 400+/- at 25000 feet.
    That is the airspeed of slower jet planes, and beat ALL the turbo props, yet it was a reciprocating radial engine aircraft

    When you look at the plane from the front you see more engines that airframe.....and it would punch one hell of a hole in the sky
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  19. Anonylemmi Member

    I remember the Staggerwing. So slippery, the manual recommended climbing 500 feet if you lose power.
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  20. Andy Downs Member

    The instructor for Sully on this DC7 clip, Frank Moss, is a friend of mine and one of the last active radial engine guys left in America.

    I had him captain a DC7 to fly live sharks to the Atlantis Hotels in Vegas and Nassau. So if you ever go there and see the sharks, that was me who got them there.
    We took the sharks out of Marathon Key which is a 4500 foot strip.
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  21. Anonylemmi Member

    I used to have an ashtray that really flew. A piston from one of Frank Tallman's B-25 R-2600s.
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  22. Andy Downs Member

    That is cool.
    I once made a lamp out of the old coffee warmer containers out of a Convair 440
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  23. Anonylemmi Member

    The ashtray story reminded me of one buddy that flew DC-10s for an outfit based in Atlanta. He and a bunch of others went back for sim training. They booked a large room and crowded together for the night to save few bucks. In the morning the instructor came to herd them into the van. He looked around at the huge pile of empty booze bottles, then at the ashtray and remarked, "Oh, you smoke?"
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  24. DeathHamster Member

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  25. Anonylemmi Member

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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Race for Clues in Malaysia Airlines Jet's Fate | Wall Street Journal

    As a search for clues to the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was set to resume in the waters off Vietnam on Monday, air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take.

    The Boeing 777 was cruising over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board when it suddenly dropped off air-traffic radar screens less than an hour after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur early Saturday morning. None of the Beijing-bound plane's transmitters appeared to signal distress before shutting down.

    In a massive international investigation, no early theory has emerged about what transpired on the airplane traveling at cruising altitude of 35,000 feet in good weather. The known sequence of events includes elements that seem different from anything in the annals of recent jetliner accidents.

    "For now, it seems simply inexplicable," said Paul Hayes, director of safety and insurance at Ascend Worldwide, a British advisory and aviation data firm. "There's no leading theory," he noted, but jetliners "simply don't vanish or disintegrate" and fall out of the sky without warning, unless there is sabotage or some catastrophic structural failure. So far, investigators haven't hinted that they have firm leads on either front.

    Continued at
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  27. Anonylemmi Member

    The lack of news is not news,
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    Hey, we all know that psychiatrists and Big Pharma* were really behind this aircraft disappearance.

    *Telepathically controlled by the Marcabian Fleet
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  30. As ifness Member

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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

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  33. Anonylemmi Member

    So they are being criticized for not racial profiling? This world confuses me.
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  34. As ifness Member

    One of these a men is a Luigi Maraldi but I'm not a going to guess which a one.
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  35. I wish we had double likes.

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  36. As ifness Member

    Liked it for you.
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

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  39. Andy Downs Member

    I'm so tired of the Bullshit on TV about this flight. NO ONE WILL KNOW ANYTHING until the plane is found.
    Now Peter King in on CNN saying "Pilot Suicide"
    I have a big problem with that. NO EVIDENCE, and those pilots have families.
    If the plane went straight down from altitude, it could just be as easy as a runaway flight trim tab.
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  40. Perfecto Member

    It's a slow news day and idle speculation is all that's available on this story for now.
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