Making the ISP providers irrelevant...

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by ldemiurge, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. ldemiurge Member

    I'm not really knowledgable with regards to network security and connectivity so please forgive my less than layman wording.

    This is a simple idea. I may have heard about it somewhere, but I don't remember. I was thinking of a plan that turns WiFi routers and cellphones into a unified internet. Cellphones don't necessarily have to talk to each other through telecomm antenna, but they would help with internet connectivity and speeds.

    Instead of standard browsing through server to server connection, internet could pull data from multiple sources (WiFi and other cellphones) at once like bit torrent. Smart phone users could adjust the speeds in which they let data pass through their phone.

    More sophisticated users could attach a hard drive to there router and build and maintain personal websites from home, though I imagine a more robust server would be needed for more popular websites.

    I am certain there word be those that could implement tor into the system as well.

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