Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anon_108, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. anon_108 Member

    Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

    Ever since I got an iPod for my birthday a few years back, I've been addicted to podcasts. I love the idea that you can subscribe to an RSS feed that will automatically download episodes of a show and you can carry it with you on your iPod or watch it on your computer. I've always aspired to make one, but I could never really think of anything worthwhile to podcast (or blog) about.

    Then I discovered Scientology.

    Looking through Xenu TV, I was disappointed that there was no podcast option. My initial idea was to simply download all of Mr. Bunker's videos, convert them to *.m4v, and create a feed based on that. Mr. Bunker encourages the spreading of his videos as he just wants to get the word out, so I thought that that would be a good way of doing so.

    However, looking around Enturbulation and other anti-Scientology websites, I found the urge to include videos created by members of Anonymous, as well as local news broadcasts and even videos by Scientology too great to resist.

    My goal now is to create a blog and podcast called Anonicast. The blog will contain viewable-in-your-browser episodes of Anonicast, as well as links to articles I find and such. I've been working for the past week or so preparing the podcast, getting some videos together, setting up the blog, and reading about how to use Feedburner to make iTunes-compatible enclosures.

    I'm not going to give a launch date quite yet, but

    Obviously one of the greatest strengths of Anonymous is the fact that we are decentralized and scattered across the globe. However, I think that an an anti-Scientology podcast will bring the messages of Anonymous's views on Scientology to a slightly broader audience.

    The reason I'm doing this is because I'm a high school student living in South Dakota, USA. There's no orgs nearby to protest, and only a handful of local Scientologists (I only know of two). I feel compelled to help the movement in some way, but I have no real way of doing this "IRL," as it were. Until I move out of town a year from now (hopefully to the west coast), there's little I can do locally to help inform the public about the dangers and deceit of Scientology.

    I've got more information and a longer explanation for why I'm starting this blog and podcast posted on the blog at: [b][/b].

    I hope to eventually create some kind of submission system that will let Anons and other submit their own videos to be put into the podcast.

    Anyways, the main point of posting this:
    I need hosting space for the videos. I'm currently testing my podcast by hosting the videos on my own server, but my real name and other personal data is stored (and, to some extent, displayed) there. (I'm a freelance web developer and designer.) Wordpress is, of course, hosting the blog, but I'm going to need some space to host the actual video files in. Any volunteers can either post here or, for a more private discussion, e-mail me (a|n|o|n|i|c|a|s|t|[AT]|g|m|a|i|l|.|c|o|m).

    Due to the nature of podcasts, I can't use RapidShare or any other comparable service, as iTunes (or whichever media player the user is using) needs to download a *.m4v file. Any help will be appreciated. I'm building a Linux server out of an old computer I had lying around, and that'll work for a short while, but I'm assuming with the size of Anonymous and the scope of the Internet that I'll eventually need to find a better host at some point.

    You can post any questions, comments, or berating statements now :)
  2. GuyFux Member

    Re: Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

    I hear a lot of good about Ourmedia: Homepage . Perhaps you can give it a try.
  3. anon_108 Member

    Re: Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

    Thank you, I'll look into that website.
  4. MeterMan Member

    Re: Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

    Found a list of free/pay storage areas: Free Online File Storage
    . Might be able to find something there.
  5. MeterMan Member

    Re: Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

  6. packetscan Member

    Re: Making anti-Scientology podcast; need hosting space

    Try Rapid Share.

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