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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, May 18, 2012.

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  1. sue Administrator

    • Easily see conversation participants. Conversation participants are now visible in both the conversation list and the inbox popup menu. In the conversation list, the participants may be displayed as either usernames or avatars, and can easily be switched via a toggle. An overlay with all the participants is also available. Should a conversation have more participants than can be displayed, a '... and x more' link will be available to you which opens an overlay with a list of all the participants.
    • Easily see who has left a conversation permanently. Participants who have left a conversation permanently (ie will never receive further responses), are now displayed with a strike through their username and an X at the top right corner of their avatar. This is invaluable information as before you did not know whether a participant will ever see/read your message. If all participants have left a particular conversation, the reply box will now be hidden to prevent sending out a message that no one will ever see/read.
    • Multiple conversations manipulation.All conversations now have a checkbox beside their title, allowing for the selection of multiple conversations to be processed inline all at once. Actions that may be performed inline are:
      1. Leave a conversation
      2. Stick / unstick
      3. Mark read / unread
      4. Lock / unlock
    • Prefixes. This option provides you with the ability to create your own prefixes and assign them to your conversations for easy referencing. Conversations are searchable by prefix.
    • Participant groups. This option provides you with the ability to create Participant Groups. These groups of multiple recipient names are then available via a dropdown menu when starting a new conversation. This is a great time saver when you often need to start a conversation with the same group of people such as your local cell, collaborators, and others.
    • Auto respond to conversation starter. With this option, you are able to set an auto response message to new conversations you receive while on vacation. You can set a start date, an end date, and the message that will be automatically posted for them whenever you receive a new conversation.
    • Sticky a conversation. Conversations can now be set as Stickies. A Sticky ensures the conversation will always remain at the top of the list.
    • Locked conversations display a 'locked' icon as well provide the appropriate status text when viewing the conversation.
    • Last message preview. With this option, when conversation titles on the conversation list page are hovered, a preview of the last message will display.
    • Last Read Date. Conversation participant's Last Read Date with a link to the last message they have read. This date and link can be found underneath each of the participant's user name and title in the participants block of each conversation.
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  2. sue Administrator

    • Thread Title Edit. When you start a thread you may edit the thread title by editing the first post and selecting the 'More options...' button. Duration: 1 hour.
    • Add Poll to existing thread. Add a poll to the thread by editing the first post and selecting the 'More options...' button. Duration: 30 days.
    • Change User Name. Members may change their user name 2 times by selecting the 'Change User Name' link on their Account page.
    • Display a 'Last edited by' note. This option displays at the bottom of each edited post message.
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  3. Dragononymous Member

    Owh I've been waiting for that SOO long.
  4. Pique Member

    Thank you very much sue. I believe the above will be particularly useful to me. Especially the searchable PMs. :)
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  5. Dragononymous Member

    The only thing I doubt is the 'voicemail' function.
    just for safety reasons
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  6. sue Administrator

    Are you referring to: Auto respond to conversation starter? Care to explain why?
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  7. Zak McKracken Member

    Possibly, because it provides inattentive people one more way to unintentionally divulge personal info?

    Seems useful for people who know what they're doing
    (or who ragequit and don't plan to return anytime soon).

    But yeah.
    It could make life slightly easier for a would-be stalker, trying to build profiles.

  8. Zak McKracken Member

    another thought:
    something I really miss from way back when we still had those things,
    was that banned users not only had "banned" in their title,
    but also a ban date and occasionally a ban reason.

    Helpful to know that we shouldn't expect to hear from them again.
    If the "vacation message" were writable by Mods or Admins-
    the ability to leave a note in there would be appreciated (by people trying to reach the missing folks).

    Not a big deal, and if there are security/privacy reasons to keep bans hidden, all good.
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  9. Zak McKracken Member

    re: updates

    thanks, but I actually liked the rainbows :)

    The grey ones are kinda depressing and ugly.
    (they DO fit with Taupism though. and you'll probably never find something everyone likes.)
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  10. sue Administrator

    You have to set the dates and message yourself, it's not something that happens automatically. To me that seems fairly intentional. You don't have to use it.
    It's not a xenforo default option, the few times people get banned there's already enough drama.
    It's impossible to please everyone.
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  11. Dragononymous Member

    Same reason why the police warns you not to tell when you're going on a vacation on, ie., Facebook.
  12. sue Administrator


    Again: You don't have to use it, it's an option. There are surely reasons for someone to use this feature, and there is no explicit need to be patronizing to this extent.

    To take this argument to the extreme: Posting comments is unsafe, because someone could say something that could get someone or themselves in trouble.

    If someone decides to use the auto response feature it's their individual decision to make, not mine, not yours.
  13. Zak McKracken Member

    It is consistent with an overall move to (You manage your own features/privacy) from (WWP manages privacy for you). I don't know if I agree with Dragon, but I'm very glad to see conformity and consonance.

    Sorry. that's still in my sticky list of requests.
    It may not be relevant since we moved to XF, but I never closed the ticket.

    That's just how people are.
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  14. Zak McKracken Member

    How about:

    when you go on vacation, don't tell anyone
    add it to your personal list of things to warn newfags about.
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Dragononymous Member

    You don't want to know how long that is already..
  17. sue Administrator

    • To save a bookmark, click the 'Bookmark' link located at the bottom of each thread post or profile post. Each bookmark may include a note to remind yourself as to why you decided to bookmark it in the first place.
    • These bookmarks are displayed on the your Account page where they may be viewed, edited, or deleted. Each bookmark contains:
      • Optional note to self.
      • Post message snippet.
      • An overlay with the post message, thus removing the need to physically go to the post in question. This overlay is triggered when the note to self or message snippet are clicked.
      • Links to the post author, the post, and the thread or profile it belongs to.
      • Thread name may include a preview tooltip and thread prefix.
    • Option to share bookmarks with other members. Shared bookmarks are displayed via a tab on your profile page.
    • Option to receive an alert whenever a bookmarked post is deleted, edited, merged with another, or moved to a forum which the bookmark creator cannot view. These alert preferences may be set by each member via their Account page.
      Alerts of bookmarked posts which get deleted provide an overlay pop-up of the deleted post contents so you may have one last look at it.
    • Display selected bookmarks as a drop-down list for quick access via a navigation tab.
    • Organize bookmarks using tags. These tags are then used to filter the bookmark list on the Account page.
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  18. RightOn Member

    any chance of "stealth" coming back?
  19. Dragononymous Member

  20. Incredulicide Member

    It's nice to see the animated Avatars are back

    Or are they? :cool:
  21. Anonymous Member

    I suppose we can still ask an Admin, if we run out of tries?

    If not, consider bumping it to 3?
    So we'd have 2 chances to screw up, and still be able to revert.
  22. sue Administrator

    Yes, it's mostly intended for those that recently signed up and accidentally chose a nickname they rather should not have. If two tries is not enough, contacting an admin is the best way to go.
  23. Anonymous Member

    That makes more sense than what I was thinking (a gift for the terminally bored)
  24. Dragononymous Member

    Okay this new rating system is nice.

    But a like thumb and the normal like message combined now?
    A bit too much...
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  25. sue Administrator

    I'm getting annoyed with your incessant moaning, both the thumbs up and the like button were displayed simultaneously for a whole three minutes. Could you please chill the fuck out and show a iota of patience?

    If you can't bear the thought that it takes time to make changes, feel free to pay for a loadbalancer and a complete mirror of the current application server so that tiny little changes like the one you're complaining about can be done 'cold' and put into rotation in one single swoop.

    Somehow I don't think that's a very cost effective approach, but please, by all means. Keep talking, because you know everything.
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  26. Dragononymous Member

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  27. sue Administrator

    It wasn't a bug nor a glitch, it was you being impatient. If something isn't working properly for an hour, please by all means say so. Three minutes on the other hand is completely unnecessary. The change was done before you had finished writing your reply.
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  28. Dragononymous Member

    My apologies, thought it was like that for a longer period already.
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  29. Zak McKracken Member

    here's another idea.
    Instead of trying to work these things out on the live site (which apparently inconveniences people)
    maybe you could just take WWP down for a few days (or a few weeks) while sorting things out.

    The "like" icons are pretty urgent. They're affecting my ability to pool resources and plan for next weeks' raids in Socal.
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  30. Dragononymous Member

    I'll just stfu instead.
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  31. Zak McKracken Member

    Something's odd.

    new posts in
    seem to be failing with "Server Error".
    They show up in:

    but not in the original thread.

    they do post eventually (several minutes later) but the problem persists for new posts in that thread.

    also in here:

    and in about half of the threads I've looked,
    I either get an error when posting, or when deleting my post (or both).

    Edit 2:

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  32. sue Administrator

    Let me know if this behavior rises again.
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  33. Dragononymous Member

    Love the thumbnail alert thingy
    Dunno when you did that, but I love it
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  34. Kilia Member

    Oh dear..I seem to not see that..where is it located?
  35. Anonymous Member

    If you use Tabs, you'll see thumbnails with the WWP Logo (head and shoulders silhouette) and alerts appear as numerals on those thumbnails.
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  36. Kilia Member

    I got alerted that you quoted me here. Does that count? ;-)
  37. Anonymous Member

    If you got the alert in the typical place, no, doesn't count. It may be specific to browser tabs. I don't know as I only use Tabs and never use Windows.
  38. Kilia Member

    It was a popup tab.
  39. Anonymous Member

    That sounds like a lovely, refreshing beverage...

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  40. Kilia Member

    I like the instant alert popup tab. Cool addon.
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