Magoo's Epic World Tour

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anoninthewoods, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Magoo's Epic World Tour

    In General Discussion, Magoo has voiced a tentative interest in 'touring' areas with Anon and doing informative talks for non-Anon. I think it's time to move that idea over here for a bit of a feasibility study. She's got ready access to her own area, but how would we fund bringing her to, say, Australia or England (or MA, or other comparatively remote places)? The difficulty with anything involving finance is that potentially it involves our names, which is kinda contrary to our purpose. But I think Magoo could do a lot of good in traveling and speaking; certainly it'd be a morale boost for the Anons in the areas she reached.

    Is there an interest? Is there a practical way to make this work while maintaining Magoo's safety and our anonymity?
  2. Re: Magoo's Epic World Tour

    I would have no problem PayPaling Magoo herself, from her own website with a link.
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Magoo's Epic World Tour

    same here =D I wanna see Magoo in the UK
  4. amaX Member

    If history proves anything? Probably not.
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  5. I think it would be safer and attract bigger crowds if Karen de la Carriere went with her.

  6. amaX Member

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  7. moxie Member

    Joan needs a bow in her hair. But Bette in Baby Jane will now always be Karen for me.
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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