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    Over the next few days I will be adding substantial amounts of data to the Wikipedia entry for Mace Kingsley Ranch School. I intend to add a partial list of staff, students, locations, activities, punishments, etc.

    If interested feel free to stop by and take a look.

    If you have information to provide please do so in a manner that adheres to the policies of Wikipedia.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Unless you have good third-party reliable source references, it's likely to be reverted.

    Articles where you have direct personal knowledge, but few sources, can be very frustrating.
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  3. grebe Member

    You can post your info here, so everyone can read it even if Wikipedia reverts your edits.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    And its gone...
  5. DeathHamster Member

    I foresee Wikipedia banhammering as a Single-Purpose Account.
  6. I tried to add some info about the first couple years in Palmdale, CA. But there was no media reports or Scilon PR to provide dox. I know Wally took out a business permit in 87. Seems like you could at least get that info published. I know Janet Reitman investigated and got the full snowjob by the scilons. Too bad. Looks like my recording and the complaints to the State of New Mexico are the only solid evidence. Seems like if New Mexico has any dox, they might be obtainable.


    FILING DATE: 09/17/1987
    FILE NUMBER: 87-067414
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  7. Nice.

    Wally Hanks, Directory Palmdale Mace Kingsley Ranch[2][3][15]

    Wally Hanks was accused of child molestation, child abuse and providing alcohol to minors involving children at the ranch.[3][15]
  8. Found this list of employees. Would love to see a copy of that flyer. The OP said they would post more of the child abusers from "The Mace Kingsley Ranch" school.

    Message-ID: <394dea1f.1343942@localhost>
    Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:54:43 GMT
    I have received a flyer promoting the recent changes in the makeup of the Mace-Kingsley Ranch School. If I was to post the entire contents of the flyer, Scientology would probably consider it a copyright violation, so only a few Fair Use excerpts are in order:
    "Over the last year the Ranch has gone through some changes which make our Program even better. Our Program is the same except that certain parts have been improved and streamlined."
    The school claims to have a "success rate" of 87%, though your guess is as good as mine as to what consitutes a "success rate" and how this is measured.
    The flyer lists the "New Owners" of the school:
    Molly Baxter (Executive Director): OT VIII, on New OT VII. She was "personally recognized by LRH as an Establishment Officer."
    Randy Baxter (Deputy Executive Director): OT VIII, Class IV auditor, Level 3 WISE consultant.
    Cindy Blakeslee (Senior Case Supervisor): Class VIII auditor, "currently on" OT VII.
    Other staff memembers at the school include:
    Mike Miller - OT V, Class VI auditor Lance Davis - OT III, Class II auditor Ros White - OT VIII, on New OT VII, Class VI auditor. Also taking the "Golden Age of Tech."
    Mike Grope - On OT VII, Class III auditor SunOk Grope - On OT VII, also "Golden Age of Tech"
    Chelle West - OT III, Class V auditor Mark Peterson - Clear, Grad V auditor Margaret Paul - Clear, and also has taken Delphi Basic Educator's Course.
    Teresa Peterson - Class I auditor Judy Eidse - OT V, over "25 years in Scientology"
    Kimberly Nesvig - OT IV, Class II auditor Roe MCDaniel - Clear, graduated the Ranch program in 1995.
    If Karin is interested, I could mail the flyer to her (thus avoiding any copyright problems). All I need is a snail-mail address.
    It is also worth noting that if you do a search on Alta Vista for "Mace Kingsley Ranch School," the search returns six separate "Scientologists Online" spam pages. The school is also listed under ABLE as part of its listing of "schools affiliated with Applied Scholastics."


  11. DeathHamster Member

    Names on a corporate registration doesn't mean that they're actually in charge at the location.

    New Mexico is taking the day off, so I can't recheck the info right now.

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