lycanthropy? (srs)

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by zalgo, May 30, 2012.

  1. zalgo Member

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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

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  3. zalgo Member

    i did
    & adresed it in the report i wrote on post #1 in this thread
    (jacky maybe didnt read it, because maybe not in the mod group that would see that report :( )

    Report: "How should we report user profiles that contain Spam/ SEO / crap, if the user doesn't actually make any thread posts?"
    there isnt a "Report" button within the user profile. If they never post anything, the account becomes a stealth bot, awaiting some reactivation someday.

    is it better to just ignore them and hope they go away, and the bot never comes back?
  4. zalgo Member

    thank you for defanging the spam link.
    that was a mistake :( i am sorry.
    I pastaed to illustrate the profile problem, but repeating the URL is super-extremely not helpful.

    and thankxs for letting me explain why i made the thread before u flusht it down the toilet. <3
  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Best advice: Private Message a mod or admin to alert them to the situation. Give them the user name and the situation.

    Also: Be patient. Mods like Jacky cannot do anything directly (Like delete users or wang links) but they can move attention to a higher up (like Sue) or somebody that can do something about it.
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  6. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I check the reports frequently but don't always check threads. PM's work, but I tend to log in, check reports then log out when I am busy irl.
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That does present a problem if, like Zalgo is saying, some spambot makes dead accounts with spam links. Although my first thought would be to find a way to bring it to the Mod/Admin group's attention that an account had spam/bad juju links.

    Granted, patience is the key here. Nobody should expect it to be fixed in 30 secs or less right now since the site is going through some adjustments and modifications.
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  8. zalgo Member

    reason I made the first thread, was so I could report post #1 so it would show up as a report
    so mods could see it. but i forgot to make a report on it, so...... total failure

    second thread, i remembered to make a report this time. :(

    i made the threads to ask if there was some better way than PM'ing mods, but i guess not, so i guess ill PM mods.
    unfortunately its not rare. maybe 1/5 of new accounts seem to be spammers.
    I ask because... if there is a better way, I'd rather use that than an ad hoc one.
    so I can actually waste LESS moderator time and energy rather than waste MORE.

    oky doky.[/quote]
    of course.
    i see now, i should have just made a "Report" on post #1 in the first thread.
    im glad mods responded to thread #2, but i think i wasted more of there time than less.

    i kno, rly?

    becuz first thread was trashed, i thought mods were probably going to ignore me cuz im dum. (and i didn't write a report) so i made second thred to prove that i really am dum, and report it.
  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    PM the Mods, they'll deal with it without shitting up a thread with blather.
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  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That works. However, it would have been faster and just plain painless had you just PMed the mods. Just d0 this:

    and problem solved. Be patient as Mods/Admins got lives beyond this place and a whole fuckton of things they got going on here as well.

    Also don't worry about it any further. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.
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  11. veravendetter Member

    I employed this guy's services and was most impressed with the results.
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  12. zalgo Member


    how about i just keep notes of spam profiles when the show up,
    and when my litterbox gets full send a PM to mods with a list,
    so they can all get inspected and disinfected together.

    probably more efficient than PM'ing one mod at a time, or making a new threads every time
  13. This can get complicated, but I'll do my best to keep it as simple as possible. :)

    In a case where spam has been posted on an existing thread, it is good practice to reply to the spam post, and mention that the spam post has been reported (after, of course, reporting it). There are two good reasons for this.

    1. This makes it possible to return to the thread, after the spam has been removed, and delete that post you made, informing the membership that the spam post has been reported. A Moderator might delete it, but then again, if very busy, it might be overlooked.

    2. It is not unusual for the moderators to get numerous reports about one spam post. Such a situation is a very time consuming set of procedures to deal with, so posting a note to state that the spam has been reported is good practice and prevents a ton of more reports being submitted.

    If URLs get into the quote, either break or take those out before posting. However, it is not necessary to quote the SPAM.

    In the case of a new thread being spam, again, best to report it and post a note to the thread that mentions that the spam thread has been reported, preventing another ton of reports being submitted.

    As for the case of SPAM on a User/Member Profile Page, a PM to a Global Moderator is best practice.

    Zalgo is correct in stating that typically, there isn't a report button on a Profile Page.

    The exception to this is when the Profile Page of the user has been used to post spam as a Status Message (that's when the "Profile Posts" tab is opened on Profile Page). There are instances of this but overall, it is quite rare.

    The Moderator's are always grateful to the membership for any efforts made to control spammers and spam on WWP.

    On almost a daily basis, there is a shit ton of SPAM that the membership never sees because moderators monitor the situation as closely as possible. This involves member registrations way more than it involves a monitoring of threads and posts.
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  14. Global Moderators have a time window of about five days to apply a SPAM CLEAN to the user that spammed the forum. After five days, very complicated procedures are involved and those are a fucking pain to deal with.

    Your offer to be helpful with the spam patrol is appreciated, but best to follow the advice I've just posted to TT and let the moderators know what's up.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Respect to the spam-bustin' mod team, you rock.
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  16. Clever Name Member

  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Thank you guys! (virtual hugs to all the WWP mods)

    big ditto on point # 2 is a big one, so report it reported, only takes one report and saves a bunch of farting around :)

    nother ditto on DO NOT QUOTE SPAM LINKS, break the URL with *** or ??? or ///. do not help these fucks eh!

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  18. veravendetter Member

    I'm not a tittle-tattle.
  19. Ersatz Global Moderator

    BTW, your spam report the other day made me lol so hard that I had to explain myself to someone else in the room. For the non mods in the room it said "spam spam spam eggs and spam"
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  20. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Such vague requests from vague posts is pointless imho.

    LMFAO ersatz, glad ya like mah lack of style :p

    Monty Python wuz GIANTS I tell ya!

    Its a silly world..............
  21. veravendetter Member

    But we're in such a vague thread. Are you this serious throughout the whole candy-rock?
  22. zalgo Member

    I always do that, except when i'm stupid which is most of the time.

    thanxdz. i unnnerstand what 2 do now.
    PM is usually not the best way to report most things,
    so i thought maybe it was not the best way to report profile spam.

    if i see that i report it. but as you say rare!

    the members are always grateful back.
    only some of us show our "gratitude" with a fistfull of clawz in ur face.

    i kno!
    i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad.
    you get almost everything before anyone notices it
    and alnmost anything that falls thru cracks on "first pass" prolly gets catched on the "second pass" anyway.
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ Good post tharr^^^
  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I am disappoint son (that you didn't post this: )

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