Los Gatos 11 June Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by adhocrat, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. adhocrat Member

    Sign Post and I arrived shortly after 11, set up just in time for Sailor Venus to arrive. Then the scilons closed the curtains. Sailor has that effect on people.

    San Jose is a city of a million people, and some interesting tame wildlife. See 1:40 for details.

    Phone rings about 12;30, anon asking how long we would be there. We chat for a minute, then he asks if MoarXenu has shown up. "Nope" I said then laughed as I saw him arrive at that moment.

    Great timing, something we had today.

    Also, looks like at least one scilon is upstat. See video for details.

    Post raid was scrumptious pizza (be still) my (beating) heart.

    I'll let the video tell the rest of the tale.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I just love the Radical Anonymous Protesting Wildlife.
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  3. adhocrat Member

    aka RAPWild
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

  5. Skull Member

    Keep up the enthusiasm Anons :D
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  6. moarxenu Member

    Great raid, guys!

    We got a lot of horn love including from a Muslim woman in hijab who also gave us a thumbs up as she drove by!
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  7. RightOn Member

    <3 to Adho and others!
    the babies are too cute! Looks like whole dozen?
    they look like mallards

    Regardless Scientology....
    you still do not have all your ducks in a row!
    And you are bunch of quacks!
    sorry coudln't resist
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  8. amaX Member

    D'awwww! Well done LosGatosAnons!
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  9. BLiP Member

    Scientology - its for the birds!
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  10. adhocrat Member

    My sister tells me they were Blue Teals.
  11. subgenius Member

    don't slander the fowl
  12. That duck sure has a lot of is a very common duck here in the netherlands or does it just look like it is ?

  13. Anonymous Member

    Nice one guise.
  14. adhocrat Member

    I'm no bird expert (that's what my sister's for) but your ducks look like mallards, male and female. Certainly are a noisy lot
    We see a lot of ducks and geese in my area. There are percolation ponds where the birds hang out, and i've seen them on campus in Saratoga. But I haven't seen them wandering around a parking lot off a busy street before.

    Gotta love it how wildlife can adapt to circumstances.

    I used to get pressed Mandarin Duck at Ming's
    fortunately those weren't Mandarin ducks...
    <rim shot>
  15. It seems that while other people hunt them we in the Netherlands mostley feed them bread in our parks

    Never ate duck to be honest.

    A mallard female

    A mallard male

    Now I understand Dr. Mallards nickname &quot;Duckie&quot; in NCIS one of my favorit series cuz of Abby. Thanks for the wordclearing lol

    Anyway this seems to be a bleu tail and it ain't a duck

  16. adhocrat Member

    blue winged teal
    my sister misled me
    (yeah that's it, blame her, She never comes to this forum.)
    And yep, Ducky is Dr. Mallard. But to me he'll always be Illya Kuryakin
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  17. Anonymous Member

    United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

    Napoleon Solo
  18. xenubarb Member

    Your sister is wrong. That there is a mallardess. There is no such duck as a 'blue teal.' There is a 'Blue Winged Teal,' which is a pretty small duck. Much smaller than a mallard, and never found walking in the road.

    That's a mallard thing.
  19. adhocrat Member

    Got it. I'll let her know.
    But she'll be surprised. She's never been wrong before.;)
  20. skeptic2girl Member

    Awesome, guys!

    Sorry I couldn't make it -- I want to see that landscaping in person... if that was a vast improvement I'd hate to see the "before" pictures!

    Love the one guy's dance version of the "crazy prospector"! :)

    Also, those ducks prove that a stagnant puddle still beats hard time in Sea Org!

    Go ducks!! Take what you can get then run for your lives!!
  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Mallards are common up here in Oregon too. I found one stunned and lying on its back in the middle of a fairly busy road one day not long ago. Its partner(?) was nearby, probably rather stressed out; not much he could do. I stopped, parked on the roadside, and alerted the nearest business to the situation. They went to make a phone call about it but by the time I walked back to the road, a city vehicle was already arriving to handle it. I don't know what the city employee did with it. We have tons more where that came from, though.

    TL;DR: eat 'em or feed 'em, just about everybody loves them ducks

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