Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Collateral, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Is it just me or does it look like a cross is trying to break free?

    Prolly just me. Painkillers b awesome and I'm on a lot right now.

    Wish I could have been there with awesonons.
  2. Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Just thanking the guy who brought the music. Excellent choices, kept me going.
  3. meatpin Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    I had not seen the Sea Org guy at Tustin, but now see in the Tustin vid part 1 that there was a Sea Org guy walking around a bit in the parking lot.

    I also today downloaded and read parts of the leaked Sea Org Uniform Series Flag Orders.

    Being ex-military myself, specifically U.S. Navy, something jumped out at me seeing the SO guy in the parking lot. I combed the above leaked Uniform Flag Orders, and indeed, my instincts were correct.

    Per Sea Org Uniform Series 4, Caps, page 24, section WHEN THE CAP OR BERET IS WORN, it states:
    This means that SO Guy is severely out of uniform.

    In the Navy, while certainly not a court martial offense, to be caught thus would guarantee a ROYAL ass-chewing, wanting to know "what the bloody hell do you think you're doing, you dumb fuk?"
  4. Graham Berry Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    The numbers were down and the cult considers that a win. On the contrary, we’ve taken our casualties and we have come out on top. We’ve shown the Los Angeles and Riverside authorities that Anonymous is no more dangerous than a powder puff. Instead it is all about freedom of information, ideas and speech; and singing, dancing, costumes and cake! Yes, the numbers were down, Scientology’s window shades were down and there were few Scientology private investigators, security and handlers. There were few scientologists and the LAPD was conspicuous by its distance and absence. Scientology attorney Moxon was reduced to making cell phone calls while hiding out in the L.A.Org on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

    While at the HGB location the cult sent security officer Frank out the front. Sensing a distraction I went around to the side door just in time to catch a bus load of Sea Orgers being marched out for transportation somewhere. They made a great captive audience for some oral tech and the “state of doubt.” After they had been loaded the bus driver stepped out and poked his tongue out at me. So this is what the OT powers have come down to? Tongue Tech!

    We moved from HGB to Big Blue. I walked onto L. Ron Hubbard Way from Fountain Avenue at the south. I was the first protestor to arrive and I was there for five minutes or more before the others marched down the street en masse. For five minutes I had it all to myself. L. Ron Hubbard Way was totally cleared and I was all alone to shout my messages until nearly hoarse and the others arrived. For example: “Who killed L. Ron Hubbard?” “Ask David Miscavige? “Why did Hubbard have to die?” ‘Ask David Miscavige?” “David Miscavige beats his staff. David Miscavige beat Marc Headley. Marc Headley blew. Marc Headley is suing Scientology for Labor law violations. Leave Scientology. Blow your post. You too can sue for back pay. Join the Headley law suit. Get your million dollars in back pay too.” I was having much more fun than my nemesis at the other end of L. Ron Hubbard Way, “Moxon the loneliest douche bag” pictured above. Later a Scientologist entering A.O.L.A. mystified me by quietly saying, “You’re the last truly free person on the planet.” What did that mean?

    For our February anniversary picket let’s try and get the initial throng back out. The cult is crumbling and this can be the year that corporate Scientology implodes.

    I want to thank Anon Orange for the gift of the Superstar Lawyer sweat shirt which I agreed to briefly model but I am far too modest to wear. I also want to the thank the young lady who thrust a generous envelope into my pocket whispering, “for office supplies.”

    We all did good today, all around the planet.
  5. Da Sandmastah Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Here are my photos from that day.

    AnonSandmastah/01-17-09 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



    It was one of the best raids we've had in a while. The handlers are incapable of putting up a fight. The French HGB guard was putting up was pretending he didn't know English, which he does. There were half a dozen persons at 2pm and by half an hour, it increased fivefold. It was quite refreshing to walk on LRH Way without the road block. Tim Armer was a douche, he reportedly stepped on someone's foot. Zorro made his triumphant return and we ended the night with one of his delightful speeches.
  6. Touchstone Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    After the raid, some of us were waiting for the Red Line (subway) and were subjected to 'noisy investigation' tactics of a camera being pointed at us-- by this point we were no longer wearing masks. Whether photos were illegally taken or it was simply a blatant attempt at intimidation I don't know, but the phrase "how typical of them" trotted through my mind.

    Yes, yes, yes, the immense, gratifying pleasure of freely walking down the ill-named but *public* street called "L. Ron Hubbard Way" was one more indicator of just how much WIN we are having. Felt so good, Chuck Mangioni good.

    Let's keep our eyes open for a certain magazine reporter's eventual story, yes? (He was at the Doo Dah parade, too)
  7. Anonymous517 Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    who could refuse some literature from her?
  8. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    I bet the next news story in OSA magazine will be:

    "Bigot lawyer Graham Berry on Saturday did not only come out to express his hatred for the Scientology religion - but also recieved money for drugs from one of the cyber-terrorists form the hategroup known as Anonymous who made - most likely in coordination with Graham Berry - hundreds of death threats and bomb threats to the Church of Scientology in an attempt to frighten and harrass"
  9. anonymous44 Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Dear Noir,

    You are fucking hawt. I want to have your e-babies.

    That is all.
  10. NoirAngeles Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    E-babies I can handle.
    If you put an IRL baby inside me, I'll destroy you and everything you and everyone you've ever cared about, cares about.

    we cool?

  11. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    you seem rather blood thirsty, but i question who is more? me or you?
  12. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    ZOMG we got real Anonyvampires in Hollywood?

    It was supposed to be a fake twilight after the protest...
  13. coskilla Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

  14. Akujiki Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Clearly sir, you don't know her well.
  15. Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS. Thank you, Noir.

    Indeed, the gentleman with the adorable little girl was there by invitation. =)
  16. Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

  17. coskilla Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    MAKE IT SO # 1
  18. cubby Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

  19. Chester Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    When Noir gets real, real fat, will you all still love her?
  20. xenubarb Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Funny. Ex-Army here, same thing. So when, a few years back, I spotted a guy in full SO regalia, dripping with lanyards and gold stuff, walking down the sidewalk outside HGB without a hat, I instantly barked "Hey sailor, where's your lid!"

    The expression on his face as he turned to look was priceless!
  21. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    i'm not a vampire, i'm a cat, in order to live, we must kill, and eat that we kill, everything from grasshopper to hippo
  22. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

  23. cubby Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    no, my love is superficial and fleeting

  24. CBAnon Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Already have some.
  25. Da Sandmastah Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    inb4 slowpoke. my video editing software wasn't working, but whatever. Here are the videos from last week.

    Hero talks to an ex-sci, the picketing issue being discussed on a local radio station, and Roan talks to a handler.

    Also note that Tim Armer runs away with his tail between his legs in the form of pretending to talk on his cell.
  26. i'mglib Member

    Re: Los Angeles Post Game Jan 17th

    Here's my very tardy video. Youtube sucks, by the way.

    [ame=]Protest Against Scientology 1/17/09 Los Angeles on Vimeo[/ame]

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