Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by RaddaRadda, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. the_cloak Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    Holy shit a volcano! Man you guys rock!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    OSA really needs to introduce a dress code for the handlers .
    Tim and Patty look like the have been homeless for the last few months.
    Whatever happened to upstat casual

  3. an_hero Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    That raid was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone for making the trip out, particularly the Vegas anons. Sorry you guys couldn't stay longer, but I know how exhausting that drive can be.

    Now the real question is.. how the fuck are we going to top this next month?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    With all the excessive filming and note taking it looks like the scilon's new game plan is to try and pull a Riverside and present the protests as "harassment". Probably with the goal of getting restrictions imposed on the protests and moved out of LRH Way. Looks like they're targeting certain individual protesters as well.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    It will be interesting to see what venue they try for this. LA Anons have done a great job of informing the city council and the film board about their antics (hence the reason that LRH way is always open for us now).. where do they plan to take this? They can try the mayor, but he has to work with the city council who will no doubt give him a bit of info on the subject... otherwise, are they going State or Federal?

    Or maybe they'll just say fuck it and start trying individual law suits. That'd be quite hilarious if they took that approach, given anons ability to attention-whore the news media outlets into asking questions :)
  6. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    if they try anything like, we have lot of ammo of them stalking and harassing us along with other forms of fair game
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    Amazing fun. The handlers ALL had cameras and are definitely up to something. Either way, we had Xenu/Hubbard/Lolcano. What more could you ask for?

    NOTE: Right-click, View Image to see the full quality on these images.











  8. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game


    Anonymous...We move mountains

    Or something like "If Scilons wont go to the mountain.We will bring the mountain to them"
  9. Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    I love how all the handlers out there are suddenly silent and creepy. The mute and bored-looking Patty parkin' it on the bench was just priceless.

    L.A. CoS just keeps looking weirder and weirder!
  10. Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    Spare some change for some auditing?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    lol @ TOM ORMOR
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    He drank the Sour Kool-Aid.
  13. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    Great job guys.
  14. J. Swift Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    First let me say that Anonymous is amazing. Saturday in Hollywood was a masterstroke of genius. It was a vision of beauty to behold the March of the Anonymous Volcano as it proceeded southward down L. Ron Hubbard Way in Hollywood. LRH Way had once been barricaded against free public navigation by a Scilon-LAPD axis, the bonds of which were shattered when the LAPD realized it was being used as yet another prop in Scientology's continuing Soap Opera of Feigned Persecution. This waste of taxpayer dollars and precious LAPD resources to serve the Cult's PR war against legal protest has ended. Scientology had indeed played LAPD for suckers, but LAPD saw this and ended the charade. LAPD told the Scilons to quit calling 911 every time Anons appeared on the public streets. I salute the LAPD for the professionalism, courtesy, and impartiality it showed to we who protested this past Saturday. I truly enjoyed talking the LAPD on Saturday. These men conducted themselves as gentlemen and officers. They were firm but fair and maintained the public order for both sides. This was balanced and intelligent community policing.

    Whereas the LAPD saw the CoS abuse of the Department and acted accordingly to stop it, Scientology continues to play Supervisor Jeff Stone and his colleagues (the great Bob Buster excepted) for suckers. Scientology created a danger in Riverside County where none exists and has conned Riverside County into wasting its precious law enforcement resources and taxpayer dollars against harmless protesters waving signs. Jeff Stone has yet to realize the extent to which he has been played by Scientology. When he realizes it, he will see Scientology for the self-serving and dishonest group that it is.

    IMHO, March 14 was the the best Anonymous protest ever held in Hollywood. The protest proved the incredible value of continued global protests against the Cult. Everything went in favor of Anonymous, and, the Volcano staggered the Cult. I was blown away by the blockbuster street theater of Anonymous wheeling the Volcano down LRH Way and parking it on the public sidewalk right in front of the steps of ASHO. I never thought I would see the day when protesters would enter the Lion's Den of Scientology. As it turned out, the metal lion outside of ASHO is a toothless old snagglepuss who seemed bemused by the entire event.

    I watched the downstat OT's who were filming this magnificent bit of street theater get keyed in and freewheel through their implants as they beheld the March of the Anonymous Volcano in all of its beauty and glory. "We're filming your harassment of us!" shrieked nicotine addict/cigarette smoking enthusiast/OT Patti as the smoking Volcano sailed past her. Harassment? Patti, please! Your claim of harassment is just a serfac and you know it. Your group has pulled all of this in due to bypassed charge, missed withholds, and false data. I recommend that Scientology go back to the time just before Anonymous appeared and look at what it was doing. Once it locates the item that caused Anonymous to appear, the needle will indicate. Once the item is located, Scientology can handle Anonymous in session and make it disappear. This should take no more than 500,000 years in session and several googleplexes of dollars. This is no more than a blip in eternity. Get it handled Scientology.

    As the March of the Anonymous Volcano was happening, I called Lord Chesterton on my cell phone to describe the historical event to him as it unfolded. Lord Chesterton is one of the twelve English Bankers whom Ron blamed for the attacks of Scientology. Lord Chesterton was in London and put me on the speakerphone so that his Illuminati colleagues could hear my narrative. I can report to you that they were all delighted and have since heaped praise on Anonymous in all of the Secret Corridors of Power.

    I can tell you on a confidential basis that the Illuminati has been sniggering at Scientology for decades. They never let Hubbard in on the joke. In any case, Hubbard was happy with the money. He was eventually rendered harmless by the drugs and so what he never got to know didn't hurt him: Ignorance is bliss. Hubbard died a Vistaril-addled legend in his own mind in a Bluebird motorhome. That is the Scientology equivalent of Valhalla if you ask me. If the rumor that DM is in Basel, Switzerland drying out has any merit to it, then he too has a shot at his own Bluebird Valhalla exit in the next ten years. Even the kicked-in-the-head-by-Scientology Jeff Stone can't control what goes on behind the walls of Int Base you see.

    As an OG, I am in awe of what Anonymous has done and am glad to be invited along for the ride. The Cult cannot answer to Anonymous except by turning impotent cameras on Anons and OG and making threats that are as limp as Tommy Davis' wrists. There is some legal strategy that the Cult is staking out in which it argues that Free Speech can become harassment. This was used by OSA in the 1990's to no avail. I swear to you, the Anonymous Volcano was the tipping point for the Cult. The Anons and OG to whom I spoke on Saturday all agreed that the Volcano symbolized the end of Scientology. I will present my esoteric interpretation of the significance of the Anonymous Volcano over at

    Once the Anonymous Volcano Bearers had anchored their smoke-belching Volcano at the steps of ASHO, a cluster of OT's bearing cameras appeared so that this whimsical bit of jest could be filmed as evidence of something that Scientology does not understand, and that is parody. Yet it was far more than mere parody, for Anonymous was openly communicating Incident II of OT III to the world. The Volcano was a gauntlet thrown down by Anonymous that dares the Cult to publicly own up to its cosmology or fight an absurd battle, as Tommy Davis is attempting, in which Scientology argues that it should never have to explain or defend its beliefs. The next phase of battle will pit the First Amendment rights of Anonymous against the ludicrous claims of the Cult that it is a Hate Crime to ask Scientologists about their upper level materials. Guess who will lose this battle? Once Scientology loses its battle, I will be glad to license them my vivid images of Incident II of OT III for their course packs.


  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    I think this image could use a caption or 2.

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

  17. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    Epic volcano storage is epic.
  18. i'mglib Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game

    My video, a bit tardy.

  19. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Los Angeles March 14, 2009 Post Game


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