Looking to make a bilingual flyer

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Laughing Woman, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    Socal Anons are flyering in downtown Los Angeles following Rorschach's hearing on the 9th. We'd love to have some truly bilingual flyers/miniflyers in English and Spanish. Of course, we'd use them on the 12th and hopefully subsequent protests as well.

    Any translators here (local or otherwise) interested in coordinating with us on the design?
  2. random Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    what do you need to achieve with the flyers?
    give me a brief (or all that you can add here) of what is the enviroment there. With that i will draft something, and then we could work on it
  3. Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    LA's large Spanish-speaking community is very much open to attack from Scilons, because most of our protest has been in English (though one Spanish-speaking LAfag spoke with Telemundo on 3/15). We want to put together a flyer that goes from the very basic ("why am I wearing a mask?") to talking about Disconnection and where people can go to learn more.

    We're still working out the exact language of the English part of the flyer so maybe you'd like to join me and the other designer in an IRC chat to brainstorm/get things blocked out?
  4. random Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    can´t meet you at irc, bcos only have the time to help at certain hours, and the rest of the day i am in an internet blackout place...

    do u have footage from the telemundo guy?

    the "why i am wearing a mask" i would change into
    "the cos will allow the rape of your daughter",
    "the cos will kidnap your sister",
    etc, with the factual news and about the wrong doings of the cult

    sometimes, latin people from L.A. believe in god, virgin mary and saints, or have other religions. and they have a church with a big group of people. if the flyers succeed in creating awareness that the CoS is a harmful corporation of crime that mask itself as a happy croud with the goal of planetary calming all other churches, and they can snap those fuckers from hurting more people telling thir kids hat being in the cos is bad to family and business
  5. cheezymadman Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    Side 1: English
    Side 2: Spanish
    Side 3: ??????
    Side 4: Profit!
  6. random Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    heh. yep.
    but what will be inside
  7. cheezymadman Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    Just take a normal flyer, and put the spanish translation on the back. Not hard.
  8. Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    Nothing on Youtube. It's possible he didn't make it to broadcast, they just interviewed him.

    While it's definitely important that people find out how horrible Co$ is, too much aggressive info from the get-go makes us no better than anti-abortion picketers who go around with banners of bloody fetuses. One of two things will happen:

    1) People will think it's bullshit/defamation
    2) People will be too unsettled to keep reading

    Hence, a basic, educational flyer for the total newb, with hints of how dark this cult really gets.

    How's this for an outline?

    We'd like a single-side flyer because we're using public machines, no way to feed the paper ourselves. Design is another issue altogether, though-- right now we're mainly interested in the translation.
  9. random Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    put here the text you want to be translated. i cant see images in this machine, btw
  10. Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    I think we'll go with the text I put up in a previous post. Can you see the quoted block there?
  11. taghere Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    Why am I wearing a mask?

    The Church of Scientology harasses and attacks its critics. The protesters you see simply wish to protect themselves while engaging in free speech.

    Why are the protesters attacking a religion?

    We do not protest the belief in Scientology. Anyone is free to follow whatever belief structure they like. The organization called the Church of Scientology, however, has a long history of corruption, mafia-like behavior, and human rights abuses.

    Like what?

    Like the enslavement and abuse of children, forcing its female staff members to have abortions, and preventing their members from speaking with family and friends who criticize the Church. They have an actual policy called "Disconnection", which requires that a member cut off all ties and contact with anyone who disagrees with the Church's teachings, or else they will be punished and/or thrown out themselves.

    You can help stop Disconnection and the rest of the Church of Scientology's crimes! Visit any of the following sites to learn more:

    I hope it helpd you :)

    an anon from Peru


    V 1.0 :D
    protestadores ---- manifestadores
    added "tildes" ( this things áéíóú) i dont know how is called in english :p
  12. random Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    "protestadores" no me suena. como le dicen allá?
    manifestantes lo he leído más veces
    thanks taghere

    Laughing Woman:
    yes. i can see the txt block. but in like 8 colors. this machine is also powered on with a red lever at one side, and has some very lame games.
    T_T. but it can connect with the tubes

    besides the kidnap of the italian women in the news, and the all other atrocities, yep, it still looks as defamation. so, let´s bomb with juicy data
  13. Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer


    Eleven flavors of internets to you, sir/madam!

    Taking this shit into Photoshop first thing tomorrow. Will post the results in time for the picket!
  14. taghere Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    i think youre right, "protestadores" sound a little too hard now that ive read it again :p
    ill change it to "manifestadores" that sound a little better
  15. anonmx Member

    Re: Looking to make a bilingual flyer

    I agree with Random, "manifestantes" is the right word. (native)

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