Looking for Chicago planning threads?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Strong Strength, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Well, we're still around and still active, but we tend to do most of our organizing in the (click me) Planning subforum now. Hop over there and do a word search for "Chicago" and you should find us right away.

    I don't recommend posting in this particular area, cuz few of us check it regularly now, and it might be days or weeks until one of us even sees your post.

    See you later!
  2. Anonymous Member

    where's Waldo?
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  3. Gonna bump this thread -
    Chicago is still active, out and about protesting Scientology abuses.

    To keep from having planning threads in multiple areas and making the conversation, I'm assuming we're gonna try to keep it all in one spot. We've been using the Planning subforum, so check that out:

    If you don't see an event coming soon, try back in a week or two. Usually there should be something eventually. Or, of course, you can start your own.
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  4. Gottabrain Member

    Thank you, Chi-Anons, for all you've done and for continuing the fight. <3
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  5. Ethernals Member

    Are we dead?
  6. sallysock Member

    See post above yours. Click on planning. First thread on the list.
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