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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Bluebell, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London UK

    oh god i feel like shit

    raid was cool new trollphone was cool TCR police where cocks

    after the raid me and another anon went all over london trolling various cult buildings (celebrity centre the qvs church tcr(5times) and THE narconon building in soutwark (there where 1 or to more but i was a bit drunk so can't remember
    we also made 120 people lose the game scared jlb8 sang i love little girls to small aisan kids and rickrolled everywhere

    oh and on the way back i spotted 13 UKfur stickers(i put anon stickers over them)FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  2. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    I think i have some form of hypothermia after saturday.
  3. Re: London UK

    alterntlviy, despite my shoes of failur, i am fine. indeed, i am beter then fine. im on fire



    seresly, can some call fire briadge or something?
  4. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Told you, you looked really cold :), but wrap up warm and lots of orange juice
  5. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    I didnt feel cold at the time! It's insane.

    I has hot tea and electric blanket.
  6. Re: London UK

    Maed this today for the Valkyrie raiders. Will just leave it here.

    [ame=]YouTube - Harry Hill: Freaky Eaters Vs Tom Cruise[/ame]
  7. Re: London UK

    I said it there and ill say it again:

    Actual leather armour, warm, thick and dam helpful if your getting trains or buses in areas youll get stabbed for looking like a twat.

    for a 'measly' £75 Its worth the money guv, 'onest!
  8. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London UK

  9. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK


    I leave you alone with it for one minute...
  10. Re: London UK

    New years eve raid anybody?
    No moralfaggotry.
  11. Re: London UK

    Can I have the name of your manager please?
  12. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    Trying to get around, or across, London on New Years Eve is always a nightmare - plus those from outside London won't be able to get home as there won't be trains or anything, unless trusting anons want to open up their homes to other anons.

    Me? Fuck new year's eve, I'll have an early night and be pissed off at the fuckwits setting fireworks off at midnight; don't they know what the time is?
  13. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Oh FFS Basil lol its the NEW YEAR of cause people are gonna have fireworks and shit, fuck going to bed at 8, 9, 10pm. Stay the fuck up, enjoy the build up to the new year
  14. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    Don't mind if I choose not to. Not into parties and stuff like that.
  15. Re: London UK

    I'll regret asking this, but what ARE you into?
  16. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    Nothing you need to concern yourself about.
  17. Re: London UK

    I'm not concered, just wondering whether being obese and lacking a sense of humour were the only things in your sad lonely life.
  18. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    I'd rather stay anonymous :)
  19. Re: London UK

    I hope you knew the irony of you posting that.
  20. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Come on ease up abit James Fucking Philips, is Xmas. But come on basil you do need to chill out and enjoy the festive season. Not going to see family or anything Basil, no plans?
  21. Re: London UK



  22. Re: London UK

    Fuck off you big spastic!
  23. Re: London UK

    Also this

  24. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    Yeah I'll be spending christmas with various families and friends, but I tend to find it a very frustrating time of the year spending hours on end with people that after 20 minutes you've had enough with.

    Oh, and turkey. I'll be fed up with it by the middle of April, and the end won't be in sight.
  25. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Erm well yes, I can see your point there Basil.

    Come on turkey doesn't last that long. for me anyway its usually all gone by end of Jan
  26. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    james fucking philips.

    marry me?
  27. Re: London UK

    Maybe. Do you look good in latex?
  28. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    Do YOU look good in latex?
  29. Re: London UK

    OH HAI OSA!!!!!!
  30. Re: London UK

    Who needs family when you have...

    [ame=]YouTube - Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed[/ame]
  31. basil Member

    Re: London UK

  32. Re: London UK


  33. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    I welcome myself back to the forums after a 4 day break, hehe.
    I watched Twilight -facepalm-
    Much trolling ensued, and much facepalm also.
    Basil and Bluebell pictures?
    Interesting :)
  34. Re: London UK

    /r/ rule 34
  35. Re: London UK

    Actually, wait. /r/ a spoon to gouge out my eyes with.
  36. Re: London UK

    There's not enough brain-bleach in the world.

    Which is why Cillit Bang is now available in a neurologically-usable form

  37. Re: London UK

    w00t unb&
  38. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London UK

    that won't last

    do you like my pic? it's the RE band

  39. Re: London UK

    They were b& due to not having suitable moustaches.
  40. Re: London UK

    nope, still free

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