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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Bluebell, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Bluebell Member

    London UK

    well 3 hours to go, see you all soon, lets fucking rock and roll
  2. Re: London UK

    You are not supposed to post in the POST game untill after the game you moron.

    Update so far. QVS was sort of windy, wet and cold. My failspeakers were fail, but the Seager was a valid investment. Hardly any passers by at QVS and nobody going into the cult. Police were mostly ok, although one was very much not so, needs lrn2protestlaw.

    At TCR numbers were much higher and there are something like 60 people there nao. Slight baaaaawwww from Lombok, but nothing major.

    Despite the failing on the noise fronts many lulz are being had.
  3. Re: London UK

    does diamond anastasia still post here. It was epic when she stripped in front of the org. I wish she'd post more again.
  4. basil Member

    Re: London UK

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  5. StoneBurner Member

    Re: London UK

    great raid , although the rain was a bit fail, the atmosphere rocked big tiem! QVS was ok and the suggestion to retire to the local watering hole to escape the rain was a stroke of genius....
    personally i vote for that to be a regular stop off when we roll out of QVS!
    TCR was great, no pen at first, fliers flew out, chants were chanted and scilons hid in their hole.
    i was a little worried that the lulz had gone right out of these gigs by nao, but happily today proved me wrong.
    hope the post raid party goes well, a minor family problem prevented me from attending, but i'm sure there will be major fun to be had!
    roll on January!!!!
  6. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    Remembrance Day Sex Pig.
    That is all.
  7. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK


    Rememberance Day Sex Pig is currently impaled on my mic stand as we speak, and i take full credit for making it a new WWP icon.
    At least, it fucking better be.
  8. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    It should!
    I believe in pig, not Xenu!
  9. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    There's a lot more to believe about a considerably large inflatable penetrable farmyard animal than there is an alien named Xenu.
    The pig, for one, actually exists!
  10. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    Exactly :) it's also been rule 34'd
    Has Xenu been yet?
    See, anyone can win in an argument with a Scientologist, just by replying "Pics, or didn't happen."
  11. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

  12. Re: London UK

    A day of mostly pure win apart from some minor egofaggotry.

    Can the person who I lent my reserve mask pm me ploc as I need it back.
  13. docpaul Member

    Re: London UK

    Due to general morning fail I missed QVS but made it to TCR just as the main party arrived. Caek, lulz, chants and chicken - just what I needed on a cold and wet Saturday in December.

    And so good to see their shop SO empty.

  14. Re: London UK

    Also lesbian hair femanon needs to post moar pics in the dome/888chan.
  15. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    i can has picz plox?
  16. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    is that what i'm going by nowdays?
  17. Re: London UK

    Yes, yes it is. Nao post pix plox
  18. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

  19. Re: London UK

    careful now
  20. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Well was just just 2 people at QVS at first, then people started slowly turning up till a a max of 20 people. Rolled out from QVS about 12pm then went to a pub (to warm up again) then rolled on out to TCR about 1:30, Day finshed at "Beer O Clock" (4pm)

    Little in way of fliers given out, I would say 200 - 300 max. One guy took the pile of MADNESS (400) fliers home to give out.

    Will add pics later
  21. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK


  22. Re: London UK

    Today, aside from the weather, was pretty awesome and very lulzy. Pig on a stick was just win.

    Post raid was awesome; trolled the Org a little after all the anons had upped and vanished like a fart in the wind. Pubbing was sexcellent, with trolling, Violenza admitting she lieks haunted pussy, Gentlemen pissing himself infront of an audience.

    Also rickrolled a bunch of X factor fags on the train home.

    I think I have trenchfoot nao


  23. Re: London UK

  24. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London UK

    arrived massively late to protest, got v. drunk post game.
    just got back from the post game, I feel like a rememberance day pig shat in my head.
  25. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    pictures now











  26. Re: London UK

    Nice pics, Bluebell! Love the one you got of me, lookin' suave

    Edit: And I just realised the file name, lol'd
  27. Enturbulata Member

    Re: London UK

    Alas I am full o' fail today! Thwarted by my Quest for Pies, then a slight fire problem at home... Grrr! Put me Santa hat on and got the recently returned cam to get vid of youz bunch at least, and didn't make it up to TCR until all was over.

    I didn't use the cam but did walk into the "Life Improvement Center" to find... FUCKING NOBODY.[/B] Having tempted fate enough today I went home, admiring those who braved the bloody awful weather today, and wondering if there were going to be any raids before next month.
  28. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

  29. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    fixed lol
  30. Re: London UK

    I just remembered; Bluebell viciously assaulted me at the raid

  31. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Remeber Hubbardy I have a witness in your provoking me to slap you so :p

    Hey you attacked me too
  32. Re: London UK

    Rain was a bugger - it did bad things to the Hate Machine, which made maintaining Professional Standards somewhat difficult.

    Getting hemmed in at TCR was a pain in the arse, too. Methinks a quiet word may need to be had with New Officer-In-Charge, let him know how we roll.

    But nonetheless, an excellent day was had. Anon was in fine voice, much trolling occurred, both during and after the raid (QVS and Narconon UK got Bangroll'd) and the post-game was of the usual high standards (can YOU survive the Twilight Chalenge?)

    Did anybody see what happened to the two emos who had their first raid today? I only ask because I lent one of them my Batman mask, and didn't get it back...
  33. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London UK

    Day was more epic than I expected given the weather. At QVS the rain was unrelenting. The police hid in their partyvan while we gave the poor scifag on the reception hell. OSA woman came over to complain about our 2m by 30cm banner which said "Scientology Kills", so we replaced it with one 5m long. The pub we decamped to to escape the rain was gorgeous and did a pretty decent burger.

    At TCR we had some faggotry with the protest pen. Due to complaints from Lombok the police put a pen around us but it was too small so it was hard to move around. People who stopped to talk to us partially blocked the pavement. Still had a good time, the scifags were in there and got a barrage of bangrolls, OT3rolls, and general enturbulation.

    Pics tomorrow.
  34. Re: London UK

    Thanks for an awesome one guys, had no idea what to 'fully' expect, but it was pure win. Especially having my wooden shaft up a pig, that was good to watch.
    And thank you to whoever started the day twifaggotry 2 page challenge, my brain fluid still isn't working right since having to mentally swallow 2 pounds of vampire + farting care bear + shiny pigey shite.

    also may the flying spaghetti monster bless the woman post raid who demanded not to have any human contact, thank you for putting faith in the fact there are others who cant stand most members of public.
  35. Re: London UK

    I brought about 370 and some old guard ex-scilons and I gave most of them out, except for the ones I handed you at the pub.
  36. Violenza Member

    Re: London UK

    Whoever has my fuckpig, bring it to the next raid, Please do clean to hole.
    I figure a different anon can take it home every month, that way all of you's get a go at the fuckpig.

    I had fun. however, there will be no tit pics in the dome this time.
  37. Re: London UK

    I reckon we're looking at over 900 in total - I shifted all the ones the OG guy had at one while you were all in the pub. You warm, dry bastards.

    BTW, I'm currently chargin' ma Windows Movie Lazor. /r/ pics of the pig.
  38. mickturate Member

    Re: London UK

    Anons assaulting Anons??? WTF?

    there can be NO defence of PROVOCATION.

    keep your eye on the game guise.
  39. Re: London UK

    I can definitely remember that some loli slapped me five or six times. I can't remember who it was, I didn't get a clear look at her face. I must have had one or two other things on my mind.
  40. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    Was no "violence" really, so wouldn't get all that alarmed guys. Was just a cheeky comment from Hubbardy to me, so got a mild slap thats all it was.

    Yes I remeber that lol, that was in the last pub everyone was in.

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