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Discussion in 'Scientology Property Tax' started by Bluebell, Aug 31, 2010.

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    There is still a very outside chance that something will happen due to some work I have done but it will take a few months yet.
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    ^^ My letter to my MP (British Member of Parliament) has been passed up to the Cabinet Office.

    If anything does happen (very doubtful) then we are looking at July 2013, very approximately.
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    Great work Roland, "If anything does happen (very doubtful)" I hope that you wrong, but the very fact that you have tried is important, every little or big (280k) piece of information may, if not now but later, have an impact against the cult :)
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    The Power Behind the Church of Scientology in the UK

    Scientology in the UK would have collapsed in 2011 or 2012 if they didn't have the financial support of the City of London Corporation in the form of £280K per year business rates relief. The CoLCorp is the reason Scientology is still here in the UK and still free to abuse the children in their care. If you had to pick only one place to protest against the Church of Scientology in the UK then what better than their major protecter and benefactor - the City of London Corporation?
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    Writing to my MP got me nowhere. Just the standard letter from the government saying that local authorities should apply the law and respect the decision of the Charity Commission. Of course, local authorities do no such thing and nobody can stop them and they know it.

    The only action remaining to attempt to remove this 280K GBP per year is to picket the City of London Corporation. The reason the "Church" of Scientology is still operating in the UK is because of the City of London Corporation's generosity with the British taxpayers money.
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    Roland, this really smells of two words.

    One begins with the letter "B" and the other with the letter "C."

    B _ _ _ _ _ _ and, C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
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    I hope some Anons picket them. There is not much left that has not been already tried. I have written to the Local Government Ombudsman all the way down to their district auditor and the fraud officer. I have threatened then with judicial review and this is probably why both the CoLCorp and Westminster avoid reassessing their decision every year as it opens them up for a challenge. It also avoids somebody sending literally a ton of evidence in vans to help them reconsider their decision at their next yearly meeting. The only legal option left is to picket them at their headquarters. And I think this is justified because they are the main financial supporters of Scientology in the UK along with their abuse of young children (all paid for using British taxpayers money).
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    Did we have a situation whereby the CoLCorp told one of the people who sent in a FOI request that they would be reviewing the charitable status of the cult on a yearly basis and in response to another FOI said they had not done this? If so then there must be minutes of a meeting whereby they decided never to revisit their decision that would be of interest.
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    ^^ I need the help of a UK lawyer if I am to make any progress with this matter which, I can assure you, I have not forgotten about. That this secretive and unaccountable society know as the "City of London Corporation" has decided to grant UK taxpayers money to another secret and unaccountable society known as the "Church of Scientology Religious Education Colleges Incorporated" to allow the latter to hold as slaves and abuse children will stay with me and I will hold the blame and the shame until the moment I die. But I need a UK lawyer to help me or represent in my place otherwise I have a few options that I will only make a mess of if I try it on my own.
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    Some time back, we were discussing informing all the businesses that do pay business rates in the CoL area, with a suitably-worded flyer. If the legal route isn't getting us anywhere, how about a grass roots movement? Another idea might be to inform all the ordinary people in the area who are seeing cuts to the services they get. Tell them about the business rates that their local mind-bending wacko cult don't have to pay...
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  13. RolandRB Member

    The CoLCorp did release a lot of information about this.

    I think that the Supreme Court in the UK is going to have to judge that Scientology is a religion just to bring the thinking up to the modern day. This means that 146 QVS will end up being removed from the rates register and will be 100% tax free as a place of religious worship instead of 80% tax free as a charity.

    Watch out for developments on the following page.

    Then maybe other sorts of weddings will be covered.
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    Thanks for keeping us posted!
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    This is what Scientologists recite these days at their religious services (see section 61).
    "May the author of the Universe enable all men to reach an understanding of their spiritual nature. May awareness and understanding of life expand, so that all may come to know the author of the Universe. And may others also reach this understanding which brings Total Freedom."

    ... and they have this effect:

    "The joyous disposition to give thanks that prevails in the Scientology Sunday services and Friday evening meetings must be evident to any observer".
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    Scriptural beliefs about the Supreme Being and Jesus Christ (audio exists for all of these at the following link):

    On Jesus Christ:

    Taken from lecture 24 of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures when L. Ron Hubbard didn't get his PhD. This is an old game played by thetans. "You'll find, by the way, another manifestation is preclears will shift identities and borrow fascimiles like mad. There's what they call 'The Christ Game' and that game has been played and played and played and play..., honest to Pete, these cards are just so thin, they've been laid down amongst the coffee cups, and so forth, of the whole universe. You'll find out thousands of years before the year 1 AD, Earth, you will have facsimilies and dolls made up like Christ. Fac One: a million years ago is occasionally rigged with Christ and the devil and an angel. 's a fascinating thing, it's an old game. Here on Earth, there was undoubtably a Christ. One of the reasons he was ... he swept in so suddenly ah, and he, he would go forward so hard, is he had a good assist back of him in terms of an implant."

    From "Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII series of lectures: "Anyway, Everyman is then shown to have been crucified so don't think that it's an accident that this crucifixion, they found out that this applied. Somebody somewhere on this planet, back about 600 BC, found some pieces of R6, and I don't know how they found it, either by watching madmen or something, but since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity. The man on the Cross. There was no Christ. But the man on the cross is shown as Everyman. So of course each person seeing a crucified man, has an immediate feeling of sympathy for this man. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are Christ. Now, there's two reasons for that, one is the Roman Empire was prone to crucify people, so a person can have been crucified, but in R6 he is shown as crucified."

    From "Assists" Lecture. 3rd October 1968. #10 of the confidential Class VIII series of lecture: "The entirety of Roman Catholicism - the devil, all of this sort of thing - that is all part of R6."

    On the Supreme Being:

    From "Assessment, Memories, Ridges", Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space. 27 October 1953: "Now the MEST universe is all very well, but it's all illusion. One doesn't want an illusion, so he can't have an illusion, and when he was very young, why, Christ was alright, he was very friendly as a matter of fact, and so on., but that's mostly, people, you know, they have to believe in that sort of thing, and they did once, but it requires nothing but faith, and of course they can't have any faith anymore, and they did have hopes on that once in a while, but actually religion doesn't lead anybody anyplace, in the final analysis, because you never get your wish anyway, so of course one can't survive on the basis of spirits and religion and so forth, so that leaves just of course God, and of course God naturally exists, because there's all this space around here, and this space is obviously surviving, so of course it's obviously surviving, of course space itself is liable to collapse but the Prime Mover Unmoved is not liable to collapse, because he created all this and maybe he can't either, and nobody yet has come up with as flat a 'can't survive', as 'God will never again be able to create anothe MEST universe'. But if we mentioned it brother, it would be out in the streets."

    From an unspecified source (audio available): "Ah, but, it believes only one thing: 'I am fixed in space by an exterior determinism'. Now remember that, that is real important in the subject of exteriorisation. And this Thetan is surrounded entirely by this complete belief that something else is fixing everything else in space, although he can't find any source of this, so we invent God."

    From an unspecified source (audio available): "Men, then ... a whole lot of people will say carelessly 'Well, God is everywhere', remember that this was an idea which was introduced rather latterly in Christian religion. The God of which they speak, of whom they speak continually, eh Yahweh, lord knows how it's produ.. pronounced, because it is so secret, that nobody is really is supposed to be able to pronounce it, so they ommitted all of the vowels in the word, and they spell it only with it's consonants. So lord knows how this word is to be pronounced, but the more agreed upon pronunciation amongst scholars so they can talk about it is Yahweh. And this is the Christian God. But he lives in a trunk with a leopard skin. That's right, that's the full story of it."

    From Therapy Section of Technique 80: Part I, Route to Infinity, 21 May 1952 (1:42):"He's told what the eighth dynamic is: "God is everywhere, God is everything, God is in everything, God is outside of everything, and it's in everything, and it watches you, and the watchbirds are watching you, and God is watching you and everybody's keeping his finger on you..." And the first thing you know, the fellow is going to say to himself, "Hm-mm, there's something wrong with this. I wish I had a little privacy." And this is hard on him.

    So if he's accepted this -- this concept or this description -- which is perfectly true; I mean, God is everywhere; he isn't watching you, you are it.

    Anyhow, perfectly true, maybe, to him, that God is everywhere and he'll do something which he knows would be very offensive to what his concept of God is.

    And he knew that God was watching him, so therefore this is an overt act against God.

    And do you know you can pick that up out of almost anybody that has ever been infected -- I mean,
    ever studied Christianity.

    Now, this is so deeply buried, by the way, that it takes considerable digging sometimes to make your preclear find this one.

    The dependency one is easy; everybody knows you depend, depend, depend, depend.

    But on the other side, that is not as easy to find. When did he do something that was an overt act to God?

    But it's one you have to solve on the case or you'll never get him up here where he'll play God. "
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    ^^ It's a religion, folks!!

    Now we can all go home. It has been decided.
  23. RolandRB Member

    And with the chapel a place of worship, then all their Orgs are places of worship and they won't have to pay any property tax ever again. The British taxpayers will gladly make up the deficit.

    It's BOOM TIME for Scientology in the UK.

    Well done, YOU CHURCH !!!!!!!! :)

    (and an especial WELL DONE to Mrs Wilks)

    15. Mrs Wilks has been a minister of the Church of Scientology since 1995 and
    the minister of the church at 146 Queen Victoria Street since 2006. She has
    conducted many congregational services in its chapel. In her statutory declaration
    she gives an account of the history, beliefs and practices of Scientology. Her
    evidence was not challenged and so may be taken as accurate for present purposes.
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  25. RolandRB Member

    To all you protesters in the UK:

    It has now been decided by the highest court in the land that Scientology is a religion and that they conduct religious services on their premises. Decent, law-abiding people do not disturb or obstruct genuine religious services which our law lords have decided is the case. So that's it, for ever, for protests outside Scientology churches (also places of worship) in the UK. I know you were doing what you thought was right, but now it has been decided that that was wrong. So all protests against the CHURCH of Scientology in the UK must now cease.

    Please welcome the Church of Scientology as a fully established religious organisation in the UK and give them your full support (by paying taxes).

    Thank you all for participating!!
  26. Anonymous Member

    It would be interesting to see the contents of that statutory declaration. I.e. find out exactly what she said.
  27. RolandRB Member

    It does not matter because it was not challenged.

    Dear Anonymous - thank you for participating in this battle in the UK. Unfortunately - you lost!
  28. RolandRB Member

    Think of all those Scientology CHURCHES in the UK now being TAX FREE !!!!!!

    They will be rolling in money with the British taxpayer making up the shortfall.
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  30. jensting Member

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    This is such a victory for Scientology in the UK. Now that their places are places of religious worship, these places can not be protested any more as the people doing so would be disturbing a religious service, which is a common law offence, and the police would be right to arrest them.

    UK OG are now disbanded. UK Anons are defeated.
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    The cults is recognized as a tax free entity in the states, HOWEVER on the irs forms for reporting tax fraud, ORGANIZED CRIME is listed as a box to check off.

    This would be very lulzy to report the cult for its organized crime convictions overseas? Its an excuse to fuck with the IRS AND the cult.
  33. RolandRB Member

    Does anyone have any proof that could be sent to the authorities that 146 QVS now has a floor given over to the London Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre? I need proof like photographic evidence of this such as a sign on the outside door. Certainly, their web site still has the old address. If I have proof that a floor of 146 QVS is being used as the CC then I will write to the CoLCorp and complain that they have changed use of their premises without telling them and that a floor of their building is now only for the use of the rich and famous and not deserving of charitable rates relief.
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  36. RolandRB Member

    ^^ OK then, I will attempt to explain the consequences of the above:

    What is happening in the UK is that owners of large building are avoiding having to pay business rates, where they are having difficulty finding a business tenant, by renting their buildings out to registered charities. They might even pay the charity to rent it from them, the charity will then get 80% business rates reduction and be fully responsible for the business rates. So some charities are taking over large premises and being paid by the landlords to do so and so the government is losing tax money.

    Now there has been a change such that local governments get to keep a proportion of the rates they raise so it now makes sense to legally challenge charities taking over large premises and demand full business rates from them because the premises are not being "wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes". The charities then claim that it isn't being used for anything else and they rent it all (even if they are paid to rent it) so since it is all rented by them and they are a charity then it must be "wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes". But now this is being legally challenged and it might be the case that the charities will have to be seen to be making full use of the premises, even though it might stand at only 51% capacity usage.

    Now in the case of our favourite cult it could be argued that 146 QVS is a vanity building and that it is far larger than they can use 50% of in the way they perform their charitable functions. And then the local authority can demand that they pay full business rates on it or move out to smaller premises.
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  37. RolandRB Member

    Has anyone got a photo that proves that the CC on New Cavendish Street is closed?
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  38. RolandRB Member

    And of course, if they were able to give up a floor of 146 QVS to the CC then they never had a use for it in the first place.
  39. Random guy Member

    Got it, thanks!

    I hope some locals anons can pony up a photo for you. Perhaps you can try over at ESMB if non of the Londonfags reply.

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