Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Randomness, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Just got back - Today was awesome.
    Finally met some Scilons, got stared at by an empty vessel and asked when we were leaving then the receptionist cultie came out to fail at bullbaiting.

    We also left for 15 minutes, waving goodbye, just to come back swinging fuzzy cuffs. :hc: and continue.

    Lots of leaflets given out (i think we nearly finished them?!?!?!), Spoken to lots of people, Danced, Enjoyed each other's company and being cuffed to hubbardy with fuzzy cuffs, Which i'll be bringing again next time.:hc:

    Time to take a look at pics and vids.
  2. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Basically ten or so anons have effectively closed two days running and had moar lulz than normal protests.
  3. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Oh, I got asked by one "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

    Without hesitating I said "I want to take down evil corrupt cults"

    I heard cement cracking.
  4. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Why didn't you come??? Scared of getting assaulted again?
  5. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Was there anyone there that needed to 'grow up'? I mean, weren't we all adults to start with?

    I'd say that taking an active part in exposing the crimes of an evil corporation was a pretty 'grown up' thing to do, in all honesty.
  6. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    We're "enthusiastic" on the tone scale and she couldn't deal with that fact that she was "hiding" so she blamed it on our youth.
  7. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I've never figured out how "running away and/or hiding" is KSW.
  8. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    you sure? it's the sort of thing the press would lap up if spun right, and that helps us in the PR war
  9. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I was busy seeing my psychiatrist and taking meds to get over what happened.

    One thing I noticed yesterday is that a lot of the time the fact that we were having fun seemed to enturbulate them at least as much as shouting cult etc.

    Anyone going tomorrow?
  10. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I doubt I have the stamina to make it out for two full days in a row, I've not been well as it is.
  11. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    they may not have sufficient PTS/SP course training for confronting, and they maybe trying to avoid getting PTS'd
  12. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    OH YOU :hc:

    BOOKATHON PT.II - Yet another fucking win!

    Got lovecuffed to Violenza which set the maleanons/passerbys pulses racing and yes, pics were taken.

    Me and Violenza abused our SLRS for great lulz and justice

    I got raped by Loldon's very own Pedobear, at one point literally not letting a pushchair get in the way of grabbing me [When describing that to the others, I put it as "Fuck the child - I want you!", not realising how that first part alone was wrong enough]

    We even went to Forbidden Planet to say hi/lulz to the guys and thanks, but they turned us away for our maskan :( but we thanked them quickly, and Violenza gave them some leaflets to leave out for customers which they took.

    Creepy leafletscilons came out to try and counteract our leafletting - tried having a convo/lulz with them, but they just silently stared, smiling creepily. God their eyes are so blank.

    We surprise rickrolled them about twice - 2nd time we literally skipped round the corner, rickrolling and lol'ing - thus OSA lady finally loses her cool and starts bullbaiting us. But like Randomness said, she has like a squint in her eyes, so I had to try hard not to laugh.

    We gave out so many leaflets I can't imagine how many - hundreds? (Over 9000) thousands?!

    We had an Ex Scilon talk to Violenza, explaining that his brother was still in, and of course the usual support from the public was amazing.

    Black scilon lady was epic too, trying to find out where Ebeneezer_Goode works *FACEPALM*

    Anastacia brought as usual FUCKLOADS of dox -you woman are amazing.


    Props to the awesome Violenza, Randomness, Ebeneezer_Goode, Basil and Anastacia for epic enturbulatan/lulz :hc:

    BTW, third and final bookathon raid for the sunday to ruin their weekend once and for all, I shall be turning out for that too. Anyone else confirmed for lulzy raidan?


    P.s I'm glad the assault video is up now finally - SO DELICIOUS
  13. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I told you not to let all those men bum you without condoms on Clapham Common.
  14. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    The fact that you tried it instead didn't help.

    Also, we handed out apparently over 2000 fliers (not >9000 yet) which was epic.

    That's >2000 innoculated "raw meat"
  15. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I might pop out. Depends how lazy I am. I'll text you if i decide to come around.
    Then I'll be like :hc: and i expect you to be like :eek:hyeah:.
  16. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08


    And if you turn up all :hc: I'll definitely be givin' the OHHHH YEAHHHH! :eek:hyeah:

    I've done a thread for sunday's bookathon showdown:


    EDIT: Moralfag, just noticed your new avatarrrrr, FUCKING LOL'D
  17. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    not LOLID?
  18. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Y'know what, I was actually thinking of that. FUCKING HIVEMIND.

    LAWD I MISS HIM. And to think I have a chuppa chup waiting here for him :sad:

    On a seperate note, FAGGOT COME OUT TOMOZ
  19. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I would say for BOTH days at least 4000+ flyers overall given out, maybe even 5000+

    That is fucking epic, I think a total win
  20. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Oh I just remembered an epic footbullet the scilons also created:

    Black scilon lady REFUSED a man a stress test, just because he was talking to us beforehand.

    THEN, to add to it, OSA lady whipped out her camera again to film, not just us, but the refused stress test guy and his friend! The anons turned them around so she couldn't get their face

  21. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    some guy went in, but got kicked right back out sharpish, the woman was like no piss off
  22. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I'll post up the pics I took today (saturday) I didn't take any pics friday, was too busy to trying to cut up flyers and holding signs.
  23. Stitch Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    :hooray:Excellent work all of you, glad to see that the batons wasn’t fumbled from Friday. Rock on Sunday.... I mean today.:headbang:

    Never forgive,
    Never forget,
    Expect us.
  24. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08


    sorry i couldnt come back to TRC with you guys. i had a prior apointment for butt secks. but it was awsom seeing everyone. :D

    i might do tomorrow, but im going to see someone in hospital, so...we shall see. great to see you peeps :D
  25. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08


    2 hot chained fem anons

    come to my house. ill treat you like that any time ;)
  26. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    can you make the pic bigger please
  27. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Click on the little icon thing just before it and it'll open the original which is xbox huge.
  28. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I could only get it to open in "small" too... happens here sometimes
  29. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08


    there ya go
  30. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    ok cool thanks Violenza
  31. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I think we need to use these cuffs more frequently :hc::hc::hc:....
  32. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I've decided I'll take them to every raid from now on.:hc:
  33. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    i second this!!! :hc:
  34. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08













    I did take more pics though but they were shite blurry ect ect
  35. The Dark Lord Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I was able to pass by. Sorry I didn't join in. I would like to ask if you have a scan of that "Lil' Laffy" comic you were handing out. Wanna show a friend please.
  36. Violenza Member

  37. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

  38. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08



  39. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    That's why you will get raepings in public toilets. :hc:
  40. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Can't rape the willing.

    Get your cuffs love, you've pulled. :hc: :hc:

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