Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Randomness, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    only for a blow job ;)
  2. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    And I'll drop in to sainburys before the train. Though no trollcannon from me (need to get batteries still)
  3. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    and lo, there was cake!

    : D
  4. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    If you only need batteries then give me the rating and I'll get some.
  5. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    so there i was in some super secrete awesome anon club that was planning to have a meal time gathering to troll scilons then what the fuck happens? it's canceled for this. seriously what the fucks happening and why should i bother to get out of bed tomorrow? please elaborate? I'm looking at you randomness explain yourself or prepare to get crotch punched.
  6. highoverlord Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    yay punch randomness in the balls for great justice. he banned me for days not mins like he promised i feel wronged
  7. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    i'ma charging my punch!
  8. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    No I think THAT is still gonna happen though just not yet
  9. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Something for today. Been looking at the scifag glossary of terms.

    grant beingness: to let someone else be what he is. Listening to what someone has to say and taking care to understand them, being courteous, refraining from needless criticism, expressing admiration or affinity are examples of the actions of someone who can grant others beingness.

    When they come out and start abusing us... why don't we just ask them to grant us beingness?
  10. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    It'll happen, everyone will get the rescheduled details as soon as a good time is decided on.

    Get out of bed for bookathon you lazy git, I'll buy you some chicken, k?
  11. Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Because we speak ENGLISH? Those bullbaiters don't listen anyway, they're trained not to. This is what Hubbard called communication.

    I'm in londonlulz IRC, nobody else is, so if nothing happens before I leave (I have to leave by 11, I don't live in London) then I'll be at TCR before 1:00 on the Lombok side.
  12. Violenza Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I'm having a bad case of the lazy and still in underwear, eating haribo strawbs for breakfast.
    Edited for secrecy
  13. Moralfag Member

  14. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Me and diamond were at TCR at 11, no table outside, lots of leaflets given out and support including contact made with a local MP (which I'm following up) in West London who seemed supportive, and a professor of psychology at some university who chatted to us for a long time. Most people we spoke to were very aware of the cult, and already had all our leaflets.

    A nice touch was a young family came and chatted to us about 15 minutes after we got there, then they went into Pret, and sent the girl out to us with a couple of cold cans as we were in direct sunlight.

    Two australian guys had a long chat with us, asked us what the 'free stress test' thing was, we told them about the cans, whatever you say and whatever the meter does will show some problem, that dianetics has a solution to, and the answer is to buy the book. They played along well, did the test, watched a video, but decided not to buy a book, walking out with big smiles.

    Two on duty at TCR, one a young chinese guy who said he'd been "in" for 7 months, took copies of all our leaflets and we told him about a lot of things like xenu, rpf, disconnection etc, and he was quite chatty about it but something obviously touched him because he clammed up and walked away. A little later he came out with a pile of small thick credit-card size "Drugs" leaflets, he gave out one to a passer-by, I asked if they were to do with the purification rundown and he went back inside. He then walked out a few mins later with a carrier bag that looked like it had a handful of leaflets in it, but as there were only 2 of us we couldn't follow him to see where he went.

    Altogeter about 8 anon turned up, and between 11 and 3 there were no books sold whatsoever, one 'drugs' leaflet and 2 'windup' stress tests. Look for pictures no doubt to come later of pink fluffy handcuffs.

    They were obviously out somewhere - a redshirt woman I've seen before came into the org and was followed back to a hire van, but we don't know where they went.

    We left TCR about 3ish, doing a tube run to Leicester Square where I left the group (apologies to the two Japanese tourists that jumped in fright when they saw my mask - hell they should see me without it - then burst out laughing at each other), the main group headed up to Forbidden Planet, and I went ahead to scout out the square, Trocadero, Piccadilly and Oxford Circus on my way home as I was feeling a bit bleh, couldn't find anything anywhere. Haven't seen or heard anything from the group since to see if they managed to track anything down.

    No sign of black assaultsci from yesterday, or the grey haired guy who took photos.

    I'd say it was a positive day :)
  15. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Reporting from the second shift, i got there at around 2:45, on seeing no-one i tried to access enturb on the failphone, at about 3 (and having managed to log in!) 2 anons turned up outside TCR with a megaphone and proceeded to enturbulate the cylons, i happily joined in along with another anon who was standing round waiting, and we quickly dispersed a hundred or so fliers, the two anons turned out to be Canadians named John Smith and they'd never heard of or attended the big protests before, it was just chance we were all in the same place at the right time!, one did an outstanding job on the megaphone and the other whipped out a guitar and performed a great song extolling the joys of Scientology. one particularly angry scilon wearing a fetching beige top and jeans got very red in the face and stormed off to fetch the cops, he returned alone later and had another go at us displaying a somewhat flimsy knowledge of the UK legal system. we left around 4:30ish and didn't see a single stress test taker or book sale, public support was excellent!

    I got some vids but the canadians were gonna edit together a video with everything so i wouldn't want to ruin their efforts with spoilers. ...hopefully they find us!
  16. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    We musta just missed you then... well done for taking over, glad that they've been enturbulated for... what, 6 hours almost today, with not one book sale or successful stress test.

    Didn't see the beige jumper guy when we were there. Did that chinese guy turn up again?
  17. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    yup he handed me one of their hilarious anti-drug propaganda leaflets after i'd handed our fliers to people directly in front of him, i think the poor dudes running on automatic :)
  18. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Was the anti-drug one advertising the purification rundown? Because when I asked him that, he turned tail and run after giving out one leaflet.

    He told me he had only been involved in scientology for seven months. There's still time to rescue him. He seemed nice enough, in all honesty.
  19. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    the truth about drugs, on skimming its a semi accurate list of narcotics and their long and short term effects, tho it has numerous pages quoting L Ron's 'research' and yes his purif rundown thing:

    it fails to mention their opposition to all other drugs as well as the illegal classified ones.
  20. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I'd love to find out what the 'independent experts' were that said pumping yourself full of dangerous levels of chemicals werre.

    I also thought that no medically trained staff were involved in it?

    Ok... so I'll have to knock together a purification rundown leaflet for the next raid. Don't suppose you can do a high-res scan of the cover of that leaflet?
  21. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    i imagine i can scan the whole damn thing! fun times, one sec...

    edit: actually scanning shit is really really boring, i'll just do the interesting bits
  22. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    If it's the leaflet printed on 'newspaper' I've got a copy I can mail you.
  23. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I'm not bothered about the whole leaflet... just the cover is fine thanks.
  24. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08
  25. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Perfect, thankyou. So they have the drugs exhibition at Queen Victoria Street, and an open invite to all. Do they really mean "all"?
  26. overt Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    How long is the drugs exhibit there for? QVS also now has little signs saying 'come in for a tour' and 'come in for a free dvd' in the windows.
  27. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    might take an undercover trip up there tomorrow... won't they enjoy trying to figure out the anon from the real visitors? Be a good chance to test out my hidden camera that arrived this morning.
  28. overt Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I suggest you cross dress- just to be safe.
  29. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Hmmm I could wear a cross I guess... although I guess I'd be more of a 'displeased straight pope' :)
  30. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I was the other non John Smith Anon who turned up at the same time as Britonymous, "Learned" a lot about the truth about drugs that i didn't know before, from promotional material for example "all drugs are poisons" which intrigued me as I could have swan that steroids count as a drug and they are in fact a hormone that your body would naturally produce anyway, and the fact that marijuana is completely non toxic

    The Less you know...
  31. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    If 'all drugs are poisions' ... why is nicotine exempt, because it's an addictive substance, and so many scifags smoke.
  32. overt Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    it'll be easy to spot you- there are no other visitors - it's empty ALL day
  33. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    actually I think that'll be really quite easy for them, their one visitor today was um... you :anon:
  34. Gentlemen Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    would you be interested in making an assault claim against a representative of Scientology?
  35. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Maybe I'll pop up there during the week... sure I can sneak out of work for an hour for some reason or another, as my boss is away.
  36. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08


    Scan the whole thing. We got some advertisers council or something to force them to change their adverts a month of two back because of statements like the first one you quoted.

    They are suggesting that it has the backing of the scientific community - this is a lie. Whoever was involved in reporting the last lying advert plz tell us how we can get them in trouble with this one.

  37. basil Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    I concur with this conclusion, and would suggest post-haste rectification of the aforementioned situation, providing the relevant authorities with the facts in order to promptly bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion, my west country meatball style product in gravy.
  38. Britonymous Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08
    there's the page i quoted

    here's the references page
  39. Moralfag Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    The police came down and were very cool about everything. They told me I could press for charges without trying to convince me not to. I can't be arsed due to it not going very far and ultimately the scifag in question is low level and it wouldn't hurt the cult itself. I also predict more similar incidents and the more times the police get called down there the more the cult will look like the big pile of fail it is.
  40. Randomness Member

    Re: LONDON PREVAILS 30/8/08

    Just got back, epic enturbulation, me and Violenza made it there at about 1:10-1:15 with pink fuzzy cuffs swinging, we handed out a shedload of fliers and there was no table outside, just a sad lonely scilon.

    We left later in the day (didn't catch the time), went to Forbidden Planet to get a GF mask for Diamond.

    Once done we searched london Leicester Sq, Trocadero and a few other spots for tables, had some lulz along the way. (cosplayers wtf)

    Had some McShits and went to pick up some Best of 80s compilations and batteries for the trollpistol.

    Headed back to TCR to greet the now open for bsns table and the cans were out in force.

    We pwned the crap out of them, they had 1 book sale from a guy who said "I promised to get this for a friend"

    Massive lulz were had, one guy tore up one of their fliers and threw the shreds in their face.

    We bullbaited the fuck out of the big black woman and the google-eyed scilon chick, was incredibly lulzy.

    "flunk for non-confront" was a fantastic combobreaker, that and OTIII

    Left for a pint and came back afterwards, they shat a million bricks when that happened.

    Exhausted now, and Hubbardy is hot.

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