London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Anony-Nony-No, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Anony-Nony-No Member

    London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Following on from the success of that raid, and the similar San Fransisco mini-raid, i suggest a precursor raid for Tottenham Court Road in London, again, near the Dianetics and Life Improvement Center.

    1) Main focus of this mini-raid to alert the public to our main raid on the 12th
    2) collect signatures for the VAT expemption petition in readiness for the 12th
    3) hand out fliers to the populous
    4) spread the anonymous love.
    5) ???
    6) profit.

    I will certainly be having a sign on my chest of "FREE HUGS!" i encourage others to do the same. and maybe we can have epic win like in NY or San Fransisco.

    thoughts, opinions, cake?

    Those willing/planning to attend please let me know either via this thread or via PM.
    also if people can suggest a suitable meeting spot, i think appearing outside the dianetics center in dribs and drabs could be considered fool-hardy.
    Perhaps meeting elsewhere and then proceeding to the location masked up.
    since i don't live in london i don't know where there's any good places to meet up.

    Bring Petition Forms!
    if everyone has 5 or so and clipboards/pens, we can get more signatures!
    the mroe we get, the more win we can enjoy!

    (if someone can bring some stickers as well so we can hand them out, that would be of the epic as well)

    Speakers Corner (Hyde Park, nearest Tube is Marble Arch) meet around usual protest time, 10:30, 11am (ish).
    take in some speakers, maybe speak a little ourselves, get some signatures, hug the locals.
    Move off toward TCR or QVS, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, staying out of the exclusion zone around houses of parliment.
    Scrounge up some signatures for the petition, hand out hugs, candies, leaflets, and knowledge.
  2. Anon_DESU Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    As an Anon who took part in the Hugraid last Saturday here in New York City I reccommend that you anons have something to give people like chocolate. One anon in our group had a bag of hershey's kisses and that was something a lot of people liked. I don't know much about people there in London but lets face it - Many humans LOVE chocolate :) But that is just a suggestion, you can give any sort of small sweets that people generally like.

    Give them free hugs, free candy, and some valuable free info about the cult.
  3. Anonpsych Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    In the last month there has been a fair bit of CoS activity in the QVS location. Previously they seemed to be doing some interior redesign but now have people in classrooms (visible from the public stairs and walkway that surrounds the building) on most weekdays. Maybe worth it to be there as well?
    You also have quite a few businesses in the area and it could be a good opportuntity to get the general public informed of the dangers of the cult.
  4. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    hmmm, go around a lot of places, move location... interesting... trouble with that is that if people show up late, or something, then they don't know where we've moved onto.
  5. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April


    And ProtestBaby might put in an appearance too, for extra cuteness.
  6. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    We got hold of the planning permission documents submitted for QVS (That's totally legal domain, planning permission is public info accessible by anyone).

    Sadly, no plans for the Death Star were discovered (Yet...) but they are having quite the overhaul. QVS is already a class V organisation (V - the delicious irony :p) so they must be aiming for Uber Cult status...
  7. Randomness Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    My last mask got destroyed in transport during 15/3, so I'm awaiting a small order of masks and stickers for

    If both come in I'll definately show up again, 12/4 will be my first major raid in London so I'm very excite!

  8. Anonpsych Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Yes they certainly seem to have stepped up the activity at QVS I work fairly close by and have found Cos crap flyers in our public space in our offices. Of course I promptly head for the rubbish bins...

    It may be useful to distribute flyers to the working crowd in the area ( with a few chocolates maybe - i loved that idea - especially around lunch time) This could help in thwarting their attempts at seducing office workers to "come and learn about reducing your stress" -

    I do agree however that multiple locations can be tricky if people show up late etc as no one should be on their own. We would need to agree locations and times and commit to it.
  9. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I'm gonna go and pick myself up an anonymous Pay+go sim card tomorrow, so we have a point of contact.
    i plan to use it purely for anon reasons. and i doubt i'll phone many peoples with it.

    so that means that potentially if people have the number, they can find out where we are and we can hook up.
  10. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Just a thought, it's probably best to contact the polices about this one (not sure if it counts since we'll be roaming, and Rag Week imperial college students have dome weirder things without talking to the police) but we want to stay in their good graces as much as possible.
    thoughts? comments?
    and can someone in contact with the police contact them (i have no idea who, where, when to contact)
  11. Anonpsych Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Yes we should definitely always always get permission from police - especially in London....
  12. Anonymeep Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    ...and especially because it's likely that the CoS will call them on you.

    Best that they get a reaction of "Yeah we know about that, distributing hugs, chocolates and flyers is legal, don't call us unless they're actually doing something illegal"
  13. eclipse Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I'm likely to be busy then, but the guy you need to contact for TCR is Sergeant Jim Moore at Kentish Town Police Station events office. He's there Mon-Fri 9-5, or at least someone should be that can pass on a message.

    He's contactable by email at:

    To be honest, the City is dead on a Saturday, so going to QVS is not going to be worth it. I'd almost suggest instead going to another high-traffic area and fliering there. Do please be aware of the SOCPA zone in doing so. It's too late to get a SOCPA application in, since they like them 7 days in advance, therefore stay clear of that area. If you turn up and "demonstrate", you will be very quickly moved on or V&.

    As I'm not going to be able to guarantee my attendance on the 5th, then I'd suggest you nominate someone to act as the contact point for Police on the day. In terms of what they'll want to know, it's basically how many of you are going to be there, how long you're going to be there, what you're going to be doing.

    I'd advise not spending hours and hours and hours there. Probably 2-3 at tops. As you're a small group I would advise you appoint another person to cover you with a videocamera in the event of any CoS bullbaiting.
  14. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Alright thank you for that. I shall contact them and inform them of what we intend to do.

    Although i think the plan is to meander through the capital for this, using my pay+go mobile as a point of contact for other anons, when i buy it tomorrow i'll let youse guys know of it. (or in the mean time, if you want to PM me asking for it, i'll let you know when i get it).

    As for meeting spots. How about Speakers Corner (hyde park)? We could start out with a speech to whoever listens and then from there move on to TCR, QVS, and anywhere else in between we deem that our hugs/chocolate/petitions are needed.

    Once we arrange a meeting space, i'll contact the met.

    EDIT: (ok, everytime i write "the met" i want to finish with "office" but i know those weather dudes can't do anything... perhaps i should ask them to make it sunny for us...)
  15. eclipse Member

  16. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    heh, coincidence, i was just looking at that and sketching it on my handy dandy london A-Z
  17. AnonNation Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I'd just put 45 minutes or so aside to wait for any latefags who don't show up at the designated meeting time. That's what we did in NYC, and everything worked out fine.

    And, yes, it would definitely be a good idea to rent out a cell phone or two if you plan on working multiple locations in shifts and require coordination between all groups. If you can't attain that though, just do what we did in New York arrange for each group to walk a different route around Co$'s building and the surrounding area.

    Anyway, Xenuspeed, my British brethren. We're all rooting for you here.
  18. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Thank you sir!

    so. I think we should meet at Hyde Park Speakers Corner, nearest tube: marble arch, around 10:30/11am ish.
    I'll be the one in the mask.

    Could someone who's coming please bring a video camera, i don't have one or i'd bring one myself.

    then from there onto TCR and QVS, Covent Garden (everyone appreciates some street entertainment at covent garden), and yeah, go where the wind takes us.
  19. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

  20. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I might be attending this weekend, I'm going to Richmond, But I realised it will be easier getting there from Richmond than where I live.
    I'll be sure to bring my mobile (I'm on Pay-as-you-go anyway, keeping me anon in that respect), and I'll get a few bags of Minstrels/fruit pastels/haribo etc (A bit of Variety)
    I'll also wear a name badge saying "Ask me why I'm wearing a mask!" and I suggest you all do the same, it makes the mask look a lot more acceptable.
    and also I had an idea of bringing some Caek (Just a small amount) and emphasising that there will be much more on the day, I'm not sure what Cake levels the 12th will have however...
    also, do I/shall I wear my mask on the way there?
    I ask 'cos of the looks that I'll no doubt be getting, and I don't fancy having to explain to my dad/step mum/sister/step brother why I'm wearing a crazy mask.
    Also I has Glasses, and i need them, so wearing them under the mask might make Transport uneedingly difficult.
  21. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    the advantage of speakers corner is there are a lot of people there. meaning a certain amount of blending into the crowd can be achieved. what you could do is what i did on the way to March 15th, wear a scarf over your face like you're cold, and then mask up when you're there.

    i plan to cross london in my full gear, with a sign saying "ask me why i'm wearing a mask" to get there. hope it will be a case of win.
  22. eclipse Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    In terms of fliers, if anyone has a source image for the "Think Scientology Doesn't Affect You" leaflet, could they provide a link, since that's a really nice one.

    These are good (reconnect specific):

    Look up anything that seems relevant in the leaflets forum and thread. Disconnection is the theme and will hit home I think with people. I'll do some more digging tomorrow.

    If I can make it down, I will attempt to also bring my camcorder.

    If you're unable to make a sign, get a drywipe A3-4 board and use that to scribble on, things like "Ask me why I'm wearing a mask". "Think scientology doesn't affect you?", are all good. Hang it round your neck if necessary.
  23. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Okay, just heard from our friendly member of the police, and we're alright to proceed

    but we're to refrain from petitioning or leafletting in the area infront of the Dianetics building on TCR, between goodge street station and the junction. basically where the police kept us out of during the main raids.
  24. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Yay mini-raid!

    Problem is, I'm working til about midday on Saturday so it's gonna be hard to meet up with you guys.

    Some kind of plan as to the whens and wheres would be very helpful. Otherwise I'll end up wandering the streets of London all on my tod. And that's no fun at all.
  25. [Achil] Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I'd love to go to this, being one of the protestors of March 7th's mini-raid. Sadly, I'm away from the UK right now so I cannot attend.

    Hopefully I can give you some pointers:

    1.) As suggested, DEFINITELY have someone with a camcorder or some video device. On the 7th we were bullbaited and I managed to get it all on camera, as hopefully you've seen in the mini-raid video I made. Record it - hugs n' all.

    2.) Take leaflets for the public just like all the other demonstrations, as well as signs. A fully covered anon in black had a cool sign on the 7th and it was taken notice of, a few people reading it and asking about it.

    3.) As long as you're behaving well and not causing any trouble (as we all should be), the police are absolutely fine with it all. You can see how they react to us in the mini-raid video too, they're just there to stand with us and won't interfere with your protest.

    4.) As with all other protests, don't let your guard down. Me and a companion (Gisman) were followed home on the 7th. Luckily we both managed to ditch our followers. Be careful!

    5.) Have protest-based lulz.

    That's all I can conjure. Best of luck to you all.
  26. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Could I see a youtube link? If I come this Saturday, I want to see what I'll be up against.

    Hmmm. What did the sign say?

    WTF? This is an outrage! I suppose we have to be prepared for all these sorts of shennanigans. Time to read up on our evading PIs tech.

    Also, Do you recognize the guy?
  27. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    thank you sir!

    i'm trying to get a bunch of flyers printed out at the moment.

    thanks for the advice thought dude. i will make sure ot be ultra careful with this one
  28. sangfroid Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Camcorder reporting in.

    Also have flyers relating to disconnection, why we wear masks, more generic stuff and clipboard with petition papers.
  29. [Achil] Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Here's the video:

    YouTube - Anonymous Mini-Scientology Raid London - March 7th, 2008

    And no, I didn't see that person on the 7th, if you're referring to the first picture. Some of the people below I've seen though, specifically the guy by the black gates in a coat and tie, but not on our mini-raid.

    Watch the vid to get some ideas, and as I said, take care.
  30. k8jde6 Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Can someone politely ask the police if they'd like to be informed of our numbers and ETA on the day as we can tell them this after we've assembled at Speaker's Corner. The aim is to get an appropriate number of police down there. They don't need to waste 20 officer's time watching 12 people but if 30-40 people show and there's only 2 policeman they might feel under pressure, particularly if the Co$ goons kick up a fuss. A named contact and their contact number would be particularly useful.

    I did a guide to protest safety and how to ditch a tail which is part of a larger thread detailing the more tinfoil hat side of privacy and security. Stay safe and anon. Have fun.
  31. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Count me in! I won't be able to make the 12th, so this will have to do for April. Expect the return of THE ANGRY LAMPSHADE MEN!
  32. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I has seen this video whilst randomley searching youtube.
    It's made of win.
    I cant help but Lol when you shout "Oh no!" when the T.Vs break, "use your O.T Powers!" lmao.
  33. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    the police have been contacted.

    but the main idea was to assemble at speakers corner and then move about. and the police can't exactly follow us around.

    cover more ground and effect more people if we migrate around the capital.
  34. k8jde6 Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I thought we were going to stick mainly to TCR? This is going to be a pain skirting the exclusion zone.
  35. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Im probly gonna go to this but have to come out a fairly long way, any word on the anonymous Pay/Go phone? any form of contact details would be useful although obv being anonymous such is difficult..

    If no then i guess ill risk being a lonelostfag but hopefully everything goes ok
  36. anonspitfire Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    good luck londonfags, let us know how it went!
  37. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    i've drawn the exclusion zone on my A-Z to help with that.

    i mean we'll most likely be at/around TCR and QVS most of the time. we'll see where the wind takes us. after all, who am i to dictate anything? this is anonymous!
  38. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    Anonymous, we have a problem.

    According to a couple of five day forecasts I've seen, we're gonna get drenched. Anyone who went to March 15th knows how it kills a protest, and I can already see the general public running to get out of the rain, which means little to no time for us londonfags. Thoughts?
  39. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    oh balls.

    hmmm, if it rains we could try hitting covered areas like tube stations, covent garden market, matinee performances on the west end, and so forth.

    i guess the best thing we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. really.

    but damnit. i will be there!

    forcasts i've seen predict "light rain" which could be as simple as just a bit of spitting.

    i bet it's the scilons using their thetan powers to drench april 12th.
  40. Re: London Mini-Raid - Saturday 5th April

    I dunno how reliable BBC is, but they said heavy rain :S Still, yeah, covered places. However, that might require more thought. We need information on lots and lots of covered HIGH traffic areas. I don't live in London, but if Covent Garden is the place I'm thinking of, we might want to give it a miss...

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