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Which weekend for the MegaRaid? (Friday - Sunday)

Poll closed Jun 8, 2011.
1st - 3rd 6 vote(s) 6.5%
8th - 10th 4 vote(s) 4.3%
15th - 17th 10 vote(s) 10.8%
22nd - 24th 44 vote(s) 47.3%
29th - 31st 29 vote(s) 31.2%
  1. Namenlos Member

    You want to see Galaspar's tits?
    Alright, I'll go hold him down, brb.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Said we wanted tits, not for you to screw him.
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  3. Demonon Member

    Event coming up soon?
  4. WhiteNight Member

    ... Title of the thread is a bit of a hint, yes.
  5. pewpew Member

    I don't think it was actually clear enough tbh :/
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  6. new guy Member

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  7. Dragononymous Member

    Let's raise a fund?
    depending on how that goes, I'm willing to giz u some $$
  8. cfanon Member

    Maybe not, but thanks anyway ;P

    I don't need it. I'll be buying either a 32gb card, or two 16gb cards for the megaraid. I already have one 16gb.
  9. Dragononymous Member

    Was a serious offer btw, but okay :eek:
  10. cfanon Member

    I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not :p

    Thanks, but it's not needed and I don't like the idea of accepting money off people. I just posted it to mindfuck some mancanons who were surprised by how much I'd spent on my current card :p

    Anyway, are you coming? I'm sure I read somewhere that you're not, but I cba going back and reading. You should come.
  11. Dragononymous Member

    The chance of it happening ain't that big indeed, might even be none at all..
    Would have been a great moment for my new mask to get in action, and the flag is getting rusty too.. (before anyone starts to wonder, NO there ain't ACTUAL rust on it..)
    but yeah.. Will think of you guys either way
    might even find some way to order pizza or something ^^
  12. XanonX Member

    scientology is boring, can we smash banks instead?
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  13. Dragononymous Member

    I will send you a pizza with the word bank on it, you can smash that
  14. WhiteNight Member

    Wait til the 30th.
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  15. new guy Member

    If you want to smash the banks,overthrow the system and join radical post industrial Marxist feminists
    Go here >
    The trolling is fine there.
    Some peeps think i am an FBI agent which i hope to foster.
    I am one warning away from the ban hammer.
    Managed to dissuade some retards over there not to loic cult sites.
  16. afternon Member

    Yeah, just what is that all about?!

    Still, if they annoy the cult of $cientology then...well, I wont stop 'em. From what I saw of "The plan" on youtube- they have delusions and pretensions..
  17. pewpew Member

    /cough 'we are anonymous, we are legion. we do not forget, we do not forgive. expect us'
    edit:spelling fail
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  18. Magnonymous Member

    Scilonz gonna get magged. XD

    Will bring teh trollcube too.
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  19. new guy Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Grimlock Member

  22. cfanon Member

  23. cfanon Member

    Yeah, I noticed that too.... Was considering making a sock and commenting. May still do tomorrow. Does anyone know if the post publisher can delete comments on demotix?
  24. Grimlock Member

    His profile says his photography style is '1.1'

    I lol'd
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  25. cfanon Member

    Yeah, gotta admit that made me laugh. Such typical photographer bullshit. All the same, seriously. Me not as much anymore 'cause I don't do it obsessively now, but still a bit up my own arse when I do photography properly (rather than pissing around at raids).
  26. cfanon Member

    Obviously be my first time there. What kind of equipment do people usually take?

    I'm taking my DSLR with most of my photography gear, but I'm considering renting a professional camcorder for the weekend. The video on my DSLR is high quality, but no functionality as it's not designed for that... So my question: do you reckon it'll be worth it? Or just too big/not enough use.

    If I do then probably either Sony hvr-a1e or Canon XF105.
  27. ObamAnon Member

    I am planing on attending. Looking forward to it.

    Im bringing my Odeon Crank-o-Matic and my Shoebox Pinhole Deluxe. Also, crayons.
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  28. Dragononymous Member

    fav pizza flavor?
  29. ObamAnon Member

    Guinness. :)
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  30. Dragononymous Member

    try again
  31. ObamAnon Member

    English pizza? Whelks and Eels.

    Or Sausage and Mushroom.

    If its pizza, Ill eat it. In fact, I may eat it, even if its not pizza.
  32. pewpew Member

    1. rent the most hardcore awesome shittastic gear you almost cant afford
    2. spend entire global behind a lense
    3. get the most epic footage ever (its all in the angle mang)
    4. send said footage to pewpew (me) to fwd to OSA edit
    5. ???????
    6. MPB Profit.
  33. cfanon Member

    You have video editing skillz? Or just trolling?

    Still haven't decided whether you exist / are actually a young female... Not going to take Whites word for it as he'd just join in the trolling :p
  34. pewpew Member

    i'm actually just a sock for whitenight. i only exist on the internet and your imagination. but the internet is a pretty big place so i dont mind.

    edit: cant even spell my own name :(
  35. Skull Member

    Well.. it was almost believable
  36. cfanon Member

    If you were a sock for White then you'd have slightly better spelling / grammar (inb4i'mnobetter). Plus if you were a sock for White you could exist in his ego instead - pretty sure that's bigger than the internet. Anyway, he fucks his socks.

    Damnit Skull, beat me by 2 minutes
  37. Skull Member

    WTF bro, you would have beat me if you weren't typing out an essay to explain your reasoning.
    Keep it short and sweet. Like a Loli Army

    Not sure where this one is going..
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  38. pewpew Member

    what a waste :|
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  39. cfanon Member

    Masturbation joke of course...
  40. Skull Member

    Said I didn't get where it was going not that I didn't know what you meant >_> .
    Was hoping you were making or going to make an implication about White making sock accounts to masturbate his ego or something via those socks.
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