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Which weekend for the MegaRaid? (Friday - Sunday)

Poll closed Jun 8, 2011.
1st - 3rd 6 vote(s) 6.5%
8th - 10th 4 vote(s) 4.3%
15th - 17th 10 vote(s) 10.8%
22nd - 24th 44 vote(s) 47.3%
29th - 31st 29 vote(s) 31.2%
  1. eliphas Member

    Any youth hostels near the planned site?
  2. new guy Member

  3. novu Member


    From NamenlosV's Photobucket
  4. I've got to say that I'm a bit blank on how we're going to top last year.

    Is it time for...


    ...dare I even suggest it...

    ...Zero C and myself to team up on a plan?
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  5. WhiteNight Member

    Fire breath whilst shooting fireworks out of your arse?
    Op Zero last year was the most awesome thing that could have been concocted. Do it again?
    Pig and I did have something we wanted to do a long time ago (inb4jokesofanydescription). I'll see if she can still help me with that.

    p.s cheers novu
  6. Her mum?

    Oh wait, that's something *I* wanted to do a long time ago.
  7. ZeroC Member

    I'm not sure what you have in mind but if it involves running around near naked with fireworks shooting from the top of my head ... I might pass.
  8. WhiteNight Member

    Hehehe. Did I ever tell you about Gomez's mum? Meeting this woman knocked Pig down my ratings a far bit.
  9. Profanity Member

    She was the talk of the Manc thread for a short while, if I recall recorrectly. Also, you finally got dubs. Go you.
  10. cfanon Member

    Pixs or lies.
  11. Profanity Member

    Go look in the Manc November postgame thread.
  12. WhiteNight Member

    I do have pix, but they're strictly for my wank bank.

    How many foreignfags will be coming? The Hambergers, Berlinfags, the Vikings and Frenchanons coming?
  13. cfanon Member


    You KNOW you want to... (this goes this months manc raid too)
  14. WhiteNight Member

    Megaraid thread. Not for song /r/. Stop being a fag.
    Back to business. Do we have any idea how many foreignfags we're going to have?
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  15. Nyucy Member

    hai guys!
    im nyucy and i might be coming to this
    wont ask any annoying questions like where 2 stay, but what should i bring for the protest?
  16. Fuckeye Member

    I would assume that would depend on the date as to who is available. Another reason to get it decided ASAP really, allowing everyone time to book flights and such.
  17. Love the use of Pendulum hits in the video.
  18. cfanon Member

    I assume we'll be having delicious caek.
    Warning. Not for pussies.
  19. mmmmm. Baby, the other white meat.

    The only way this could be better. Is if it were a real baby.
  20. cfanon Member

    So that's why you're a trap, because you're a cannibal. I did wonder.
  21. WhiteNight Member

    yes. She eats cock. You're a cock. Ergo; she'll take a bread knife to your leg and get munching.
    Trap, post pix of the knife pole thingy please
  22. This is what I use to hunt with...
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  23. WhiteNight Member

    See Camera? THAT'S why I'm scared of her.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    So, about this planning business...
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  25. "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

    I also love Nietzsche. Now who wants to snuggle?
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  26. Profanity Member

    Can you stab those ponies in the face with your lethal-looking hunting knife, please, Trap?
  27. Voted 22nd - 24th. Just because a megaraid without the Hamburgers is no megaraid at all.
  28. Pointless Member

    If anyone has real trouble getting a place in London for the night, they can get a train to my place and I can put them up. Just message me and I'll let you know- however, be aware of limited space and a train fare. Just please don't ask unless absolutely necessary.

    Oh, and I'll be attending.
  29. Fuckeye Member

    This. My vote's flexible.

    ...someone bring in AV.
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  30. greebly Member

    Good point.

    Mods reset vote or simply decide on 22nd-24th so we can get planning with a fixed date.
    I'm guessing most of us UK folk can make any date as it's megaraid and the monthly can be sorted.

    There is alot that can't be planned until we have a fixed date:

    1. Travel(flights and coordinating foreignfolk travelling in some magicbus together)
    2. Accomodation(fuckeye + others have details of previous accom)+folk volunterring floorspace.
    3. Venues(6+ in mind atm)
    4. Delivery of stuff
    5. Adverts preceeding date

    /r/ mods to fix poll so that all the foreign folk can come. - work your magic.
    /r/ mods re spam event once date is fixed
  31. Fuckeye Member

    I know last year we were able to do it as a group booking to ensure everyone was in the same place, thanks to Pillock covering the deposit and collecting it back at the raid. Ideally something similar would be in place this year, though it may mean someone else local would have to step up as I've not seen Pillock around for quite some time.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Wait so all of Hamburg can't come on the 22-24? How come?
  33. Anonymous Member

    ... as 43% odd is currently for 29-31
  34. Princess Leia Member

    Enjoyed watching the video.
    I will wait to cast my vote as I am flexible.
    Won't be able to make it to east Grinstead but will be at TCR.
    Can't you believe the place at E.G??? I can't fucking believe that the "CHURCH" of Scientology was properly recognised as a religion,are you kidding me?????
  35. Falco Member

    Germans travel en masse. And it was the last weekend they couldn't do, I believe.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Its been confirmed, non of hamburg can make 29th - 31st.
    22-24 is second most popular and there have been no objections to this date.

    AV is now in effect. Close of poll and setting of date to 22-24 has been /r/ So that we can get a head start on organising an epic weekend :)

    That is all.
  37. Gomez Member

    I can't make the last one.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Why use AV? Everyone knows proportional representation is better!

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