London March

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ANONXXXXX, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. lol9000 Member

    Re: London March

    Ahh. Decided to afro my hair. I haven't done this for a while, it's longer than when I last did it, and I'm out of practive. Might be late...

    Trolley cannon still confirmed, end of QVS, all of TCR.
  2. Re: London March

    This thread is quiet this morning...

    come on faggots. Lets see if you can 2000 GET before the raids over!

    oh, and slow stopper train is slow :mad:
  3. lol9000 Member

    Re: London March

    1043 get
  4. Re: London March

    1044 GET

    I'm going to try and join the waterloo meetup. But will only have 30mins from arriving in padington
  5. Re: London March

    I'm not in that loop. IF someone tells him perhaps he can DL some of the stuffs in this thread. I have his uni ones at least.
  6. Re: London March

    1046 GET

    Hair is drying, will be on the road shortly.

    No Hate Machine today, due to Other Things; 9k, you'd better not be too late...
  7. docpaul Member

    Re: London March

    can't be with you this time /b/rothers - in a far away land with no scilons within 1000km...

    have a great day - looking forward to the post game reports, and see you next month!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: London March

    Bluebell says 1000+ fliers on route ok faggots ?

    50 = Sci Treat Children

    100 = Laffy
    100 = Racist quotes
    100 = Justice Latey
    100 = The Complex Press Release

    200 = Cult of greed
    200 = Madness
    200 = Why we wear Masks

    300 = Why we Protest
  9. Re: London March

    1048 GET

    ITT: Boredfags waiting for newfags
  10. Re: London March

    1050 failGET
  11. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: London March

    Sup faggots

    For those of you can't make it, here's a list of phone numbers that trolls might find interesting

    I can't stress enough - this is for use for journalistic purposes and NOT prank calling.
  12. Re: London March

    Journalists like XTX, yeah?
  13. Violenza Member

    Re: London March

    So I let you give me the AIDS for nothing then?
    I fucking hate you.

    You better show up though for our ritual go for tea and lose anons act :D
  14. Re: London March


    And giving Stefania the brofist!? God, so tempting.

    I'll try and swing by ;D
  15. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: London March

    XTX? wtf are u on about ?

    Journalists FTW!!!!! one!!!
  16. Violenza Member

    Re: London March

    txt me when you do.
  17. Re: London March

    And I'm sitting here with nothing to do =( And I could probably make the very end of the raid if I tried but I have nay a mask or anything else.
  18. Darkjensie Member

    Re: London March

    Heya all, It was fun doing the protest in london for the first time , i will most likely be going t the next one if i can take the time off work
  19. clum Member

    Re: London March

    Glad you enjoyed :) We have a post-raid thread here, also.
    Hope you can be there next time.
  20. Hackox Member

    Re: London March

    [ame=]YouTube - LondonMarch14 176[/ame] U can see videos from my video camera here :)
  21. Re: London March

    This should be put in the post game thread.
    See Clum's above post =)
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