London March

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ANONXXXXX, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Cakeplz Member

    Re: London March

    Good get
  2. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    Now with added seziure
  3. clum Member

    Re: London March

    Yeah there was some crazy ass shit with the times, said something about XTX waiting at 11:something. Thought it wasn't right.

    Anyway, yeah. Might be in Waterloo then. Will have a Canon DSLR round my neck, I expect. Erm. Targus laptop bag.

    W8, edit, cba with up at 8. 7 even.
    There for TCR.
  4. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    Where the fuck do you live to have to be up at 8
    Don't you live in kew?

    also updated OP for no reason
  5. clum Member

    Re: London March

    Yeah, like 5 mins walk from [STRIKE]Dan[/STRIKE] peerless mantis, so if I was to be at Waterloo by 10:10.
    Brb TFL.


    So I'd have to catch the 9:36 from North Sheen, our shit's fucked up in Kew station or something. No district from Richmond to Turnham Green.

    TFL Tells me
    09:36 North Sheen Rail Station <-- Can't remember where this actually is
    Take South West Trains towards Waterloo
    10:02 Waterloo Rail Station

    So leave at 9:05 to be safe, need to shower in the morning, need to print things, need to perform ritual hair faggotry, etc.
    Even if it's pointless given mask undoes it all.
    So up like 7.

    I won't be missed at QVS anyway, and TCR's the good part.
  6. Cakeplz Member

    Re: London March

    Fuck it, I need to be up at 6.30 tomorrow so better get some sleep.

    see you all tomorrow.
  7. Re: London March

    You fag. Just get a fucking bus.
  8. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    I need to be up at 5 today
    I'm going to bed at 2
  9. Re: London March

    Very doubtful I'll be able to make it tomorrow due to lack of funds and increase in work faggotry, may attempt to attack TCR [STRIKE]mit AIDs, ja![/STRIKE] but otherwise, give the scifaggits mein liebe <3
  10. clum Member

    Re: London March

    What I pasted was the quickest route TFL had to offer, care to find a faster route by bus?
  11. Re: London March

    I don't even know how you get to North Sheen, though I have passed it many a time on the ol' SWT.

    Bus to Turnham Green and proceed as normal?
  12. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    you gay
  13. clum Member

    Re: London March

    TFL says that's ~1 hour, just to TG. Slower overall :/
  14. Re: London March

    391. Takes about 10 mins to get from Kew to Turnham Green.
    Turnham Green to TCR is 35 mins (but that's if you're going direct rather than stopping to meet gays in Waterloo)
  15. Heretic Member

    Re: London March

    im gonna be there... late as usal i recon
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: London March

    I herd u liek Richard Irvings?
  17. clum Member

    Re: London March


    Why it said me this?
    And how do I know when I'm near TG on the 391? D:
    Oh, they'll have the talky thing, right?
  18. Heretic Member

    Re: London March

    i love our gracious leader!

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´


    @ leader richard irving
  19. Re: London March

    Oh good god, lrn2bus. It stops next to a motherfucking church. I think you'll know.
    Then it's a short walk to the train station itself, or be lazy and take the E3 since you don't have to pay for it anyway.

    Alternatively 65 to Ealing Bway and Central straight to TCR but the travel time of the 65 is usually faggoty so don't rely on it.

    EDIT: ...I have no idea why their site tells you it takes an hour.
    Since the bus route basically goes Kew -> over kew bridge -> By where Gunnersbury station is -> Chiswick -> Turnham Green
  20. clum Member

    Re: London March

    Well I didn't know it stopped at a church, but kay. I'll look o-
    Uh, my friend buddy guy who's coming with just texted to say he wants to start with TCR. Cos he's tired as fuck also.

    65 is fun.

    But yeah, unless he changes mind, I think I'll come straight to TCR. Otherwise will take your 391 guy.
    And not pay.
  21. Re: London March

    RIGHT OR YOU COULD TAKE THE 391 STRAIGHT TO HAMMERSMITH. I just remembered. And then Picadilly, switch to Northern.

    Bus leaves Kew at approx 9:25, arrives in Hammersmith at 10.
    Picadilly line train to Leicester Square.
    Northern one stop to TCR.

    Because of course the stop being called "Turnham Green Church" isn't a giveaway at all ¬_¬;
  22. clum Member

    Re: London March

    I'll see.

    I can't read.

  23. Re: London March

    ...I don't know why I'm even going through this effort for you. Especially since I'm not even coming myself. Clearly you just need more experience on public transport, boy.
  24. Re: London March

    I was arse-raep'd millions of times by furry gays to the point I am now rotting with teh AIDS....made me finally realise that I am not a homo.
  25. Re: London March

    Anyway screw this, I'm going to bed. Have fun you lot
  26. Re: London March

    My fucking toner is out!

    This is only the third lot of flyers I've done and these HP laserjet cartridges are supposed to do thousands of pages.

    I AM FIT TO BE TIED. There are not that many flyers, most of them are my new moralfag one aimed at university students. I have hardly any of the rest :( :( :(
  27. The Shadow Member

    Re: London March

    Then why stock so many? ;)

    The Shadow has already told you.....Forbidden Planet is a friend to Anonymous

    Remember the nod to us in the FP catalogue?
  28. Spangly Member

    Re: London March


    I'm taking a few hundred of my "fraud abuse and lies" cards along as a backup. They're not as useful as full leaflets, but better than not having anything to hand out at all.
  29. lol9000 Member

    Re: London March

    Time for bed, me thinks... Trolley cannon will be charging all night, after a hard nights partying tonight...

    I also have a new A1 poster, board backed and collapsible for easy transport. £6.50 gets your design, full colour, A1, board backed, in 2 parts for easy transport!

    Ask me tomorrow if you are interested!
  30. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London March

    Oh crap! I got too drunk tonight, and still haven't finished the construction of the lulz meter, if I'm not massively hung over tomorrow I hope to finish it in the morning.
  31. Vinonymous Member

    Re: London March

    Aight, hobags... just decided this raid sounds a bit fun to miss out completely on... so there is an outside chance I'll be there for TCR.

    Outside chance mind.
  32. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    Good morning Anonymous
    I managed to set a record
    I'm fully suited in the space of 3 min
    i got up 5 min ago
    I feel like shit

    (I have 289 min available on my phone still)
  33. Re: London March

    Good morning Anonymous...
    Good morning Longcat...
    Good morning Raptor Jesus,
    Good morning Epic Fail Guy,
    Good morning OSA spy, I shall be your designated raepist today,
    Good morning The game, which you've just lost.
  34. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London March

    Right well the trains in 45 Min so I'm off to the station
    See you guys there
  35. Re: London March

    BTW... Am I the only faggot that comes in from Padington?
  36. loldon Member

    Re: London March

    Change of plans. Confirmed for brawl.
  37. Re: London March

    Why no, you are not the only one.
  38. clum Member

    Re: London March

    Because you're a kind, sweet and warm-hearted person.
  39. jensting Member

    Re: London March

    Hi There!

    See y'all in a few hours!

    Sign ideas (from a.r.s.)

    ! !
    ! IS !

    Or, for anyone who has received a C&D letter

    ! !
    ! BY !

    Best Regards

  40. Battletoads Member

    Re: London March

    PROTIP RE FLYERS. James Fucking Phillips is five minutes away from TCR and has photocopying and printing facilities. Call him for details.
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