London January

Discussion in 'Europe' started by James Fucking Philips, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    Oh The unspeakable Horror

    ALSO WTF is Battletoads?

    i'm guessing it's some kind of injoke?
  2. Re: London January

    Battletoads: Ongoing 4chan-based prank involving calling up game dealers (particularly Gamestop in the USA) and haranguing them for copies of it. Most gamestop employees now either hang up or go postal at the very mention of it from a caller.

    tl;dr version: prank calling game shops
  3. Re: London January

    ^ YHBT
  4. Re: London January

    Also, re tomorrow: I have access to a heavy duty photocopier at my place of work. I've already done about 200 each of these two fliers:


    If there's any others anyone would like me to run off, I can probably get away with doing a couple of hundred more, just link me to the relevant image (1 or 2 sided)
  5. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    Did you know we have gamestops in britain
    there's one in birmingham
  6. Re: London January

    I thought I had heard that before, theres like 3 or something. Not much demand here though, we have a lot of stores already that serve the same purpose - GAME, Zavvi (well...), HMV, and then lots of more local ones, like near me they have insane games, and a few other small brands
  7. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    near me we have no game stores

    the gamestop in birminghan had a notice on the door througout July announcing that they do not stock battletoads
  8. Fuckeye Member

    Re: London January

    It was down by August, we got them several times in a row via people going in/phone combined as soon as we saw it. It went back up soon after, not sure if it's still there now.
  9. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London January

    Goddam work printer running out of ink. No way I can print any out, shouldn't have left it to the last minute I know. If you could run a few extra off for me (say 50-100) that would be fantastic.
  10. Re: London January

    No worries. Come find me tomorrow at either QVS or TCR: "I'll be the one in the guy fawkes mask", har har har - but srsly, i'll be wearing an Anonymous black suit and mask and handing out flyers, come and grab a handful.
  11. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    i'm so excited

    oh btw i'm bringing a freind tommorow
    he's an ED user
    thinks 4chan is the best thing ever (posted a pic of himself on there with his name and email saying he was now a member of anonymous lol)
    Spams Old memes incorectlly
    Has asburgess

    he hates scientology however and when i was talking to some freinds back in june he begged me to let him come

    be nice to him lol
  12. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    Anonymous black suit?

    does it have the embelem stiched on the back?
  13. loldon Member

    Re: London January

    I can run off a reasonable (3 digit) number of handouts if people have suggestions. B/W from laser printer so vector art or pure black and white for best results. Photos will tend towards washed out.
  14. Re: London January

    will be there come hail or high water, bigsign packed and ready....gonna try and run off a few fliers tomorrow at work befoer i head off into the seeries of tubes.

    will be an epic day as usual.... looking forward to seeing all these new ppl.
    would be nice to get back to reasonable numbers at the protests.

    see you all there
  15. Re: London January

    Ahh, if only I'd thought of that sooner. Nah, just plain old black I'm afraid.
  16. Re: London January

    BAH! DAMN MOVING ¬_¬ first time I want to go to a protest in months and I can't.
    Good luck with tomorrow guise, see you in the February [STRIKE]shithole[/STRIKE] planning thread.
  17. Re: London January

    we will miss your delicious pancaeks.... you better be bringing some in Feb!
  18. Tiure Member

    Re: London January

    As soon as I decide to join Anonymous and get involved, I return back to the north and miss the fist available protest. Shit. Always next time I suppose? Good luck guys.
  19. Re: London January

    Anons protest up north as well y'know.... where you headed? (rough location!)
  20. Re: London January

    For the 1 year anoniversary? You can have a motherfuckin' chocolate cake to go with the pancakes, dears.
  21. Re: London January

  22. Macroballs Member

    Re: London January

    #1062 get

    you gays have fun tomorrow, sorry I can't be with you!
  23. Re: London January

    message from Bluebell,
    she's bringing her vast supply of fliers to tomorrows protest.

    (were not likely to run out of fliers nao!)
  24. basil Member

    Re: London January

    That's a relief. I was worried there because I'd only managed to get about 700 together to bring.
  25. clum Member

    Re: London January

    Oh thank god for that.
  26. Tiure Member

    Re: London January

    I live in Kent most of the time but my home is Sunderland. There is meant to be one being planned in Sunderland sometime soon and I've been trying to find out when its on, signed up to the forum mentioned in the thread here. Any info would be helpful.
  27. Anonyjoe Member

    Re: London January

    I'm thinking about making a banner saying, "SCIENTOLOGY IS A CU*T"

    Do you think i should, or will I end up in jail?
  28. Re: London January

    This was already thought of at the point of the whole ENG incident as a way of getting round the "can we/can we not say cult?" regulations. And decided against. In some ways can be viewed as more offensive than saying CULT because obviously it can be interpreted several ways. Don't give them more ammo, imo.
  29. Anonyjoe Member

    Re: London January

    Thats what I thought...

  30. Re: London January

    Nah, our friend with the nose cleared the way for you to call the cult a cult, take advantage of that, rub their noses in it.
  31. Pamplemousse Member

    Re: London January

    Argh, seems I won't be able to make it to this one.
    Hopefully I'll see you guys next month.
  32. Re: London January

    ^ as stated above. If you can call a cult a cult, then you might as well. Coz now we know we won't get in trouble for it.
  33. Re: London January

    Ah, good that also answers the question I was mulling over about the use of the word "cult" too, and lets me make the sign I was thinking of: "I don't believe you have a thetan. Enjoy your cult"
  34. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London January

    Make a sign that says Scientology is a Cult, if they get butthurt, bring over an even bigger sign.
    But it's probably too late, so meh.
    It's not illegal, or against anyone's rights for a religion to be called a cult, if you get confronted, tell them that it is of your opinion, and part of the right to free speech.
  35. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    i have a MASSIVE white canvas that says cult on it from june
    i might see if its in the loft still
  36. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London January

    ^^^I am liking where this is going.
  37. Re: London January

    Someone in Scotland got V& for making a "CU*T" sign, but then their police are cu*ts.

    Let's get over 1000 fliers out tomorrow.

    Isn't Zavvi closing its doors?

    P.S. Mentlegen and I will be slightly late.
  38. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London January

    Zavvi is in administration and has stopped selling online, but it isn't closing down just yet.
    Someone get a human right's book (Borrow it from your library or something) and bring it tomorrow if there's any trouble.
  39. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London January

    had a look found it
    so now it's blank again(on the plus side it smells nice[^_^])
    i'll repaint it intime for feb but nogo for tommorow
  40. Heretic Member

    Re: London January

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