London January

Discussion in 'Europe' started by James Fucking Philips, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. London January

    At 11AM

    First location:146 Queen Victoria Street. Nearest Tube Blackfriars

    Moving at about 1PM To

    Second Location:68 Tottenham Court Road
    Nearest tubes
    Tottenham court road
    (about 1/4 mile down the road we usually get off here just follow the bodies)


    Goodge Street
    (This Has Lifts so is very unsuitible for groups of above 15
    it's 3 doors down from the Cult however so use if coming alone/carrying heavy stuff

    Other stuff

    Do Not go onto the Scientology side of the road at either location
    Except at TCR where we are allowd to flier outsid Starbucks

    DO however bring money for Chikanz and cake
    Fliers and other stuff also welcome

  2. amaX Member

    Re: London January

    arrrgh! why was the 17th chosen as the January protest date?

    Jan. 10th will be the 1,001st Day of Shawn Lonsdale's Cult Watch. Epic number of days IMO.
  3. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London January

    Cultwatch means bugger all in London. The 10th is too close to the New Year. People will be knackered and skint, and a lot of students will still be at home. 17th FTW.
  4. Enron Hubtard Member

    Re: London January

    I'd go with January 10th: first two-digit Saturday in the month, and all that. (Unless that's the date for the Plymouth megaraid...?)

    Knackered and skint? Well it doesn't cost much to protest against the cult. Just a few quid for caek and chikkenz. As for knackered... you need more than nine days to sleep off your new year celebrations? Christ.
  5. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London January

    No, I need to get back from Scotland, get stuff sorted out for work, tidy my house, organise/make what I'm bringing to the raid and sort out some non-raid related chanology stuff I've got on the go. Oh yeah, I've also got a full time job.

    Not everyone turns up with 50p for the chicken pot and a V mask and expects everything else to miraculously appear.
  6. Re: London January

  7. amaX Member

    Re: London January

    piss off, whinebag. it's an option, not a fucking demand. you don't want comments and suggestions from people outside the uk, then don't come here.
  8. Re: London January

    European forums, U GTFO and enjoy your aids.
  9. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London January

    ^^^THIS. We're not telling your cell when they should have their protest. Personally I couldn't care less. Go leaderfag somewhere else.
  10. basil Member

    Re: London January

    Seconded. We don't want him in London either.
  11. amaX Member

    Re: London January

    oh noes...will you be reporting me to the mods for daring to come to your britfag thread? lighten up, jimmy. April 16th=beginning date of Cult Watch and also coincidentally the date your very own UK doper Stu Wyatt chose to start protesting.
    perhaps you would be more comfortable engaging in dissemination so you don't have to think about there being a "rest of the world?"
  12. amaX Member

    Re: London January

    you all must protest on january 10th! i will not allow you to protest any other day! you have your abide by them or suffer the consequences!
  13. Re: London January

    DIAF plox.

    A few points:

    • Cult Watch - not our issue. Never affected us here, his death was undoubtedly suspicious, but its not got any resonance to the UK public (same as 9/11 - moan to someone who cares - you shouldnt of funded the IRA, or we might have cared a bit more)
    • Stu Wyatt - He does well for himself in Plymouth. That isnt our issue either. He isnt the leader, he isnt any more important than the rest of us. See, here in the UK, we arent 100% celeb-anon-worshipper free but we are a billion times better than America.
  14. Re: London January

    oh dear...

    You realise how much of a twat you sound, so you go and try to be jocular. So much fail. Too little too late
  15. Bluebell Member

    Re: London January

    AnonMomAnon2 if London want their protest on 17th then London will, get over it not every protest city in HAS to have it on the same day as each other.

    So what about Shawn Lonsdale's Cult Watch, London has their own "Cult Watch" thing, as do Plymouth, Brighton etc etc

    London lot want to do their protest on 17th, London has spoken
  16. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: London January

    I shall be there with 2 or 3 other extra Anons rather than going to Plymouth since it's rather full of moralfag aids at the moment (Stu's trial is the 17th - don't wanna be around for that). Bringing flyers and flag - possibly my mini-megaphone too.
  17. Re: London January

    You're one to speak...
  18. Re: London January

    Ill just leave this here...
  19. Re: London January

    Careful nao, I've just had a warning because Bluejob baaaaaawed to a mod about me making apersonla attack.
  20. Re: London January

    awwwwwww come on!

    What did you say?
  21. basil Member

    Re: London January

    Perhaps then you'll learn not to...?
  22. Re: London January

    For the sake of lulz I'm tempted to ask you how you reach that conclusion, but then I remember what you are like RL.
  23. basil Member

    Re: London January

    Be grateful that I don't know who you are or what you are like in RL. Because you and your trolling is really pissing me off now.
  24. Re: London January

    Pissing people off is pretty much the standard definition of a successful troll.

    Back on topic, why should I be grateful? Are you planning on hitting me when you see me next? Please clarify your threat/promise of future crimes.
  25. basil Member

    Re: London January

    You aren't worth the satisfaction, so you can fuck off back under your bridge and go wank or whatever it is to do to validate your pathetic excuse for a life.

    I suppose at least if you're a good troll it's something you can consider an achievement in your otherwise bland existance.
  26. Re: London January

    Satisfaction of what?
  27. Re: London January

    /r/ miniraid EVERY fucking weekend in Jan.

    Three people with 20 minutes on their hands can shut down TCR for several hours. DO IT FGGTS.
  28. basil Member

    Re: London January


    You certainly aren't capable of satisfying anything, let alone anything female.
  29. Re: London January

    I know you are not the smartest person around, but that doesn't follow from your threat earlier.
  30. Re: London January

    This is true
  31. basil Member

    Re: London January

    Smarter than you could ever hope to be, actually.

    But feel free to live within your dreams. It's all you have left.
  32. Bluebell Member

    Re: London January

    Well I have to say, some what in defense of James Fucking Philips. He is not all that bad a kind of guy really, just an overgrown kid.

    No one is gonna smack anyone James Fucking Philips
  33. Re: London January

    Dude, you are a fucking cultie, hardly smart. You are also clincally obese, again not many smartie points there.
  34. Re: London January

    Quoted because nobody would otherwise believe it.
  35. basil Member

    Re: London January

    I am a 'cultie'?

  36. Re: London January

    Yes you are a member of a cult, to the point of working for it.

    Personal attack noted.
  37. xenulondon Member

    Re: London January

    Try to hit Queen Victoria Street as well. TCR is fertile recruiting ground, but more and more potential recruits are being directed to QVS
  38. anomilly Member

    Re: London January


    Stop BAAAAWWINNGGG basil and let us get back to he point of the thread. An stfu james, it's not worth it even if you're right.
    petty bastards.

    ANYWAY, all that aside, i shall be there in january, sans santa girl costume but plus some other sort of costume if a theme is decided. If not, bugger it. I'll still be there.
    Don't care about the date as long as its not on the 28th, which its obviously looking not to be.
  39. Re: London January

    They are directing to QVS precisely as they know TCR can be raided at any moment.
  40. Bluebell Member

    Re: London January

    basil go have a cup of tea PLEASE, you're getting stressed out
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