London February

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Theanonymoustipster0, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. London February

    Say what now?

    planning goes here


    February the 7th is the placeholder date

    First Location
    11:00am until 1:30pm

    Church of Scientology London:
    146 Queen Victoria Street,
    London EC4V 4BY

    Second Location
    2:00pm until 5.00pm

    Scientology & Dianetics Centre:
    68 Tottenham Court Road,
    London W1P 0BB

    Look, its only a bloody map with both locations on it!!! How very handy. And thoughtful of me. I love me.

    Google Maps
  2. Tiure Member

    Re: London February

    Def coming to this one. Never been to one before and I don't know anyone but that wont stop me. I think I should be able to get one of my other mates involved too. Where are the nearest tube stations?

    e: ah they're on the map haha
  3. TheEmoAnon Member

    Re: London February

    should be coming to this run I'll probably run out of money though after this one ah will have to start getting job seekers again. but with that I only get paid every 2 weeks so probably won't be able to come to little raids but try.
  4. TCbulldog Member

    Re: London February

    Me, Me, Me .. Im defiantly coming again, I hope this time we will have more people turn up and have more fun ..
  5. Macroballs Member

    Re: London February

  6. Re: London February

    Am totallyz making this one.

    just to say if anyone needs to travel in a group, depending on my financial situation I may well be arriving in Victoria and would be willing to help out any newfags needing to pass that way =)
  7. Re: London February



  8. TheEmoAnon Member

    Re: London February

    Me too hopefully by summer they will all come out lol. Also if we film what we did at the film raid we might get more people intrested youtube me thinks lol
  9. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London February

    Feb is going to be fun. Really looking forward to it. *Now to plan the epic...*
  10. Vinonymous Member

    Re: London February

    Well, a few notes on my plans...

    Will be bringing video camera; will not be dressing up; may be dressing down (weather permitting); am currently attempting to shoehorn some of my flatmates out of their comatose states to get them to come along; contemplating making a birthday caek.

    That is all.
  11. Tiure Member

    Re: London February

    I'll be coming through from Maidstone via Victoria. No stranger to the tube but if you're meeting other people there I might as well join you.
  12. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London February

    I think this would be the perfect time, given the chaniversery, for what I call 'the counter raid' where we turn up and pretend to be scientologist promoting the church and act in a manner that exposes the bat shit insanity of the scientologists for what it is

    Offer people 'free gullibility test' where we ask them questions like
    what is your credit card number?
    if they've ever felt sad even for the slightest moment? to be responded with a look of shock if they say 'yes'

    after the test tell them that all their problems stem from the ghost of Archduke rammesses niblick the III who was dropped into a volcano 75 million years ago and a marcabian rapist.

    the test is to be administered with two bake bean cans tied together with string and a pointer going from :D to :'( which is being obviously manipulated by the anon

    leaflets and posters that say
    'psychiatrists did the holocaust'
    'if stung by a jellyfish/ stinging nettle/ police you should rub yourself against them before seeing medical attention ('contact assist') failing that you should have some one poke at the wound ('touch assist')
    The problem with china is it's full of chinks
    epilepsy medication is used to control people

  13. Jables Member

    Re: London February

    Gentlemen, i like your idea, I think we should wait until after the chaniversery though.
  14. Re: London February


    We are doing that... I reckon if we got permission from the council, we could set that up literally outside their door and they couldnt do a damn thing! We gonna need us some McDianetics shirts and caps
  15. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

    You mean, the probrem with China?
    Get your Chinglish right you Jew!

    Anyways, L. Ronald McDonald anyone?
  16. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London February

    Moar Mankinis?

  17. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

    ^^ THIS

    Moar Ali G, and Borat too.
  18. Macroballs Member

    Re: London February

    girls wearing mankinis ftw
  19. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

    Hah, doubt it mate.
    We just need Basil to squeeze into one.
  20. basil Member

    Re: London February

    ... absolutely no chance, sorry.

    I couldn't inflict that on anyone, even Scientologists.
  21. TheEmoAnon Member

    Re: London February

    hell yeaz!! FTW!
  22. Re: London February

    ^ @ Planned-Basil-Mankini-Mission: THIS!!

    C'mon Basil! You're the King of Lulz. DO EEEEEEEEEET!
  23. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

    Remember that calender BlueJob suggested?
    Basil and his mankini for February if there would ever be one.
  24. basil Member

    Re: London February

    One word.

  25. Re: London February

    Forget Scientologists, it would bloody hurt ;D

    All we need to do Gentlemen's idea is about four people and a table plus faux stress test cardboard thing. It sounds pretty easy. Who's willing to bring a table?
  26. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

    Scientologists might baw on us for not carrying liscences.
    Reply "We're Scientologists! We never carry a liscence!"
  27. An0nand0n Member

    Re: London February

    I've got a table, and it's really, really crappy. Can be made crappier with the addition of a shitty red tablecloth, which I also own.
  28. Re: London February

    I have an ironing board we can use.

    Or a coffin.
  29. Re: London February

    Would we need permission from the plod at all to do this? I personally think the idea would be absolutely epic. Tables to be set up at QVS/TCR or both? Because if so bigger pen needs to be negotiated.
  30. Re: London February

    I don't know if the Plod needs to know as it's just purely for lulz. Hopefully the pens will be bigger, in particular for TCR, if moar numbers are expected.
  31. Re: London February


    If we phone the council and get a permit to do it, then it would be epic
  32. basil Member

    Re: London February

    Suit... check
    Red tie... check
    Table... check
    Red cloth... need to get.
    Fake e-meter... easy to build
    Free guillability test... priceless.

    I wonder if we could set these up in other places when we hear of stress test tables out, like Trocadero?

    The big problem is the table - the paste table I have is quite heavy after about an hour on public transport.
  33. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

  34. Re: London February

    ^ this
  35. Re: London February

    Fuck it, you know what, Im willing to get v&/beaten

    I am throwing flour at Tom Cruise. Then Im jumping the barrier and tackling him in a V mask.
  36. Re: London February

  37. basil Member

    Re: London February

    ... in a mankini?
  38. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London February

  39. Re: London February

  40. TheEmoAnon Member

    Re: London February

    surly it wud give us a bad name though lol not that we already dn't have one
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