London - April

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ebeneezer_Goode, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Re: London - April

    Oh god...just... ... XD
  2. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    She also didn't get why she was b&.
    But then, she's only had 13 years in this world.
    Probably less in a developed one :)
  3. Re: London - April

  4. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    Hi Fred.
  5. H e r e t i c Member

    Re: London - April

    oh hai gang just a quick hello as im stuck at work :)
  6. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    i bet ur heretic lol 8D (^.^)'
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: London - April

  8. Re: London - April

    WAFFLE! :D
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: London - April

  10. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    I want AnonymousTipster and HatMachine back in here :(
  11. Jables Member

    Re: London - April

    What happened to HatMachine?
  12. Anon-007 Member

    Re: London - April

    Hi Jables aka Shadow ;)
  13. lol9000 Member

    Re: London - April

    sorry, no trolley canon or me this time...
  14. Re: London - April

    Oh, I had you confused with someone else.

    I like Brazilian Jujitsu but all the styles seem to be very ineffective against multiple opponents, I've trained in some Brazilian for my MMA, though (debuting at the next Only the Strong)
  15. Re: London - April

    what the hell, i go away for like 10 days and half the posters get b& and everything else has just disintergrated into madness...

    but i expected more, see y'all tomoro, dragging a guess along for the lulz
  16. XanonX Member

    Re: London - April

    is everyone meeting there or at the station?
  17. Re: London - April

  18. Heretic Member

    Re: London - April


    nice permabanned sue

    question why is mod that been banned in the past allowed to lecture like they are god? obviosuly they aren't ones to be trusted permaban for dropped my own dox? lulzy

    but as i said not quite permaban as ive now been unbanned and sues orignal ban was over ridden with a shorter ban by some-one with an actual grip on things

    well done

    now i can go back to being the london ego


    hi guys who missed me

    and azn loli nice face fagging of me i will remember this... watch what happens on saturday and remember you're also in line for something

    anyway thx4this london see you when i get home
  19. Re: London - April

    I got a job. :(
  20. Spangly Member

    Re: London - April

    Meet at the actual locations. There are no official "walking bus" groups for the directionally retarded - but this is Anonymous, so there's no official anything.

    If you've made specific plans to meet other people somewhere else, then do those things. But the default is, make your own way to the party zones. We generally move mob-handed from QVS to TCR by tube though, so you probably won't have to do that part on your own.
  21. fimoman Member

    Re: London - April


    See Y'all there.
  22. afternon Member

    Re: London - April

    Brazilian J J I've not done- though wrapping the opponent on the ground does seem to work in the cage fights- one on one (which is what it was meant for).

    I did "Waregachi ju Jitsu" mostly, less ground work than Brazilian. There are a few moves for multiple opponenents- usually holding one to use as a shield- trying to fend off three opponents is probably a fantasy..!
  23. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    She has azn school on Saturday [STRIKE]un[/STRIKE]fortunately. She got 98% in an exam, which obviously wasn't good enough. Azn school 'til she's back to 100% in all of them.
  24. Namenlos Member

    Re: London - April

    I'm aiming to get to Waterloo for 10, I'll wait under the clock 'till 10:15 if no one else is there.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: London - April

    waterloo? Why not to St Pauls?
  26. Namenlos Member

    Re: London - April

    Because I get in at Waterloo :B
  27. Re: London - April

    I'll be at St. Paul's at 11:00 if anyone wants escorting from there.

    Also, looks like it's going to be a nice day, and not shitty and grey like today was: BBC Weather | London

  28. Namenlos Member

    Re: London - April

    11 is a bit late, isn't it?
  29. XanonX Member

    Re: London - April

    I'll be leaving my cave at around 9:30, probs get there at 10:30?
  30. Spangly Member

    Re: London - April

    Not really - the Queen Victoria Street part of the day is always quieter, with people arriving during the course of the morning.
  31. Re: London - April

    Meh, it's only a 5 minute walk. Saying that, I have just had an idea for some en-route enturbulation tech, so I'll revise that to quarter to.
  32. Heretic Member

    Re: London - April

    there will be post raid pictures showing it
  33. ANONXXXXX Member

    Re: London - April

    If she goes to special weeaboo school just go there and fucker her right up
  34. clum Member

    Re: London - April

    Ah yes, of course.
  35. Re: London - April

    Hopefully hers will be permanent...
  36. Namenlos Member

    Re: London - April

    Fuck, D batteries are EXPENSIVE.
  37. Spangly Member

    Re: London - April

    Yep - even more so if you have to buy them in packs of 2. Argos do 4-packs of Philips Powerlife D's for £3.89 which makes reloading a megaphone slightly less expensive.

    The only comfort is that they last a pretty long time in megaphone if you're only using it for occasional voice stuff (rather than solid music-blasting).
  38. Re: London - April

    You *can* get them in packs of 8 (which is what you need to reload a JVC Trollcannon)

    The important thing is to buy the pricier Hi-Power "Electronics-Use" batteries that last LOTS longer. Cheapo batteries are a false economy.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: London - April

    Just in from Spais - London clams getting on Twitter

    Also, individual scilons on Twitter

    XTX, if you can't make the raid, have fun with these instead ;)
  40. Namenlos Member

    Re: London - April

    Fucking hell. In Sainsbuggers they had 1 for £2.99.
    I'll make sure to get to Argos for next month (I need 4 for my megaphone).

    Edit~ Also, COMEONGUYS2000GET!
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